Lithuania really "opponent" appears, one tricks and brains make it suffocated, the EU is harmed

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Lithuania really "opponent" appears, one tricks and brains make it suffocated, the EU is harmed

2021-12-03 18:05:59 81 ℃

In recent times, China and Lithuania have evolved sharply, which is concerned about the international community. The main responsibility of this phenomenon is in the cubic, the country intervene in my country Taiwan situation without the basis, this is already a great provocative for my country's sovereignty, and we have made corresponding countermeasures. . In addition to the relationship with my country, the country and Russia relationship are not harmonious.

Recently, Lithuania's true "opponent" has also appeared. A trick killer makes it suffocated, even even the EU is harmed. It is reported that this "opponent" is Belarus.

Lithuanian real opponent appears

Lithuania was attributed to the Soviet Union, but after obtaining the qualifications of the Independence, the country immediately went to the West, became a member of NATO, and the relationship between Russia gradually became more. For recent time, Lithuania's country's existence is still quite stronger, after all, the country has repeatedly provocatively provocatively challenging China's world, and China has also been severely counterproductive.

In addition to the Chinese side, the country's true "opponent" Belarus also shot, and the killing hand will directly let the country are hard, that is the refugee.

There are currently tens of thousands of refugees around Belarus. They all come from the Middle East, Africa and other regions. They tried to enter the surrounding Border of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and other countries. After entering these countries, they will enter Germany, France. Developed countries such as the United States seem to represent the hope of their new life.

However, the actual situation is that these countries around Baishi have tried to prevent refugees from entering, and even the border police have adopted a severe expelled means for these refugees, such as using tearboions and other devices, the safety of these refugees has caused a certain degree of life safety. threat.

Among them, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania also sugges Germany, saying that all of Belarus, so the EU also announced that the Belarus is sanctions.

A trick killer, let Lithuanses are unheasten

Lithuania is just a European small country that is not developed. The country tries to obtain a certain benefit of the United States by supporting the United States, thus making certain benefits for their country, but the country has hurt the rest of the world. Some countries.

Nowadays, Baishi will put refugee in the territory of Lithuania, will further increase the economic pressure of the country, which is very disadvantageous to the country's economic development, which is also a penalty for the country.

In fact, Lithuanian complaints is not reasonable. To know that these developed countries in Europe will be disclosed. It is willing to accept refugees into the country. White Russia is just to provide them with a way. Fundamentally, these developed countries are not willing to accept so many refugees, but it is just a show.

It is important to know that the number of refugees who are assembled around Baishi is already very small compared to the refugees in other regions, only two or three thousand people, is the Western countries not accept these two and 30,000 people?

What is worth paying is that these people will become refugees, and there is a direct relationship with Western countries to provoke around the world, and there is a direct relationship. Western countries should be responsible for these people.

Today, these countries, including Lithuania, but it is necessary to turn it with a harbor, saying that Belarus has planned all this, so that it is completely indispensable. It can be seen that Lithuania and other countries have very bad attitudes, and even some refugees have died, while Belarus has been providing tents and eating for refugees. After all, it is now in winter. Winter, if you don't give them The words of humanitarian assistance will lead to greater tragedy. It seems that the attitude towards the refugees have been judged.