Harvard people discover accidents, and many interviewers believe that the United States will explode civil war, and will also disintegrate

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Harvard people discover accidents, and many interviewers believe that the United States will explode civil war, and will also disintegrate

2021-12-03 18:05:59 61 ℃

Global Network News, according to Russian media reports, Harvard University conducted a national civil key in the United States. According to data, more than half of respondents lost confidence in the United States, nearly 40% of respondents believe that the United States is now in trouble And 13% of respondents believe that the current US will fail. In addition, there is an unexpected phenomenon that 35% of respondents believe that the United States may explode the second civil war, and one quarter respondents believe that the United States will disintegrate.

The object selected for this study is a young man in the United States. They think that in the year of birth, you can see the US broke out civil war and disintegration. In other words, the United States broke out the civil war and disintegration in the next few decades. If it is a two people think so, it can be said to be a joke, but more than 3% of respondents have such an idea, indicating that Americans have found that the current situation is very unhappy.

At present, the internal contradictions in the United States are very sharp. There is a direct relationship with racial contradictions in the United States. The last civil war in the United States is related to the contradiction between racial, in the past 100 years, and racial contradictions are still the United States. Two things happening recently are the best proof. After the white teenager, Tenghaus has been sentenced to no guilty, causing serious racial contradictions, if Tenghaus is a black man I am afraid it is killed on the spot.

There was a black man killed during running, just because the murderer doubt that this black may be stolen. Why the US police will always kill the black, because they first think that black people are criminals.

In addition to the Renhaus case, a black driving car hit the crowd case has recently happened, causing dozen people. The nature of this case is extremely bad, and it is also a knife to whiten-to-pendarism, so that they have more reasons to attack and even kill black people. Since the United States has erupted civil war due to ethnic contradictions, there is a second time. In the same background, it is entirely possible.

As for the United States, this basically has formed a consensus. It is not only the Americans say that the Russian President Putin also said that the United States now walks with the Soviet Union in the same year. The ending of the Soviet Union is to disintegrate, the old road to the Soviet Union, and ultimately naturally it is difficult to escape the fate of the body. This disintegration is not only because of the contradiction between race, and there is also a direct relationship with the interior of the United States. California, the state has been independent, and the possibility of disintegration is still very large.

United States There is Now this version of the Soviet situation is some similar, such as Texas, the predecessor is the Republic of Texas, in essence, is the United States to franchise, this is the innate factor of disintegration, original It is not in the US version of the US, when the United States tears the ultimate, these countries that have existed independently, that is, it is a chapter.

Considering the current extreme torn, the United States is disintegrating, and the civil war is afraid to use et al. for decades. During the election of last year, it was very close to the civil war. Later, I had an impact Congress Mountain incident. It can be said that if the US president is really out of the US, it is not manufacturing riots, but the creation of armed conflict, the civil war has started. Therefore, the final ending of the United States is likely to be a civil war to add disintegration - divided into two in the situation of civil war.