The shipping period is tight: the price of Southeast Asia has risen two times, the North American line maintains high

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The shipping period is tight: the price of Southeast Asia has risen two times, the North American line maintains high

2021-12-04 00:02:27 90 ℃

The capacity is reduced, and the superimposed demand has risen, causing the Southeast Asian ship freight all the way.

A few days ago, a Shanghai cargo generation, Sun, said that the news reporter will start this year, and the freight rate of Southeast Asia is beginning to soar. In the first hand of the ship company, the domestic ship prices of China to Southeast Asia have risen by 500 to 1,000 US dollars. It has increased by 80% to 200% compared with the first two weeks, of which 20gp (GP: standard height Container) / 40GP / 40HQ (HQ: High box) standard cabinet price is $ 1,530, US $ 3060, US $ 3060.

(Ship East Haifeng International During the early December, Southeast Asia route implementation price)

The hot price of North American route is still maintaining high. As of December 3, the latest data of Freightos Baltic Index (FREIGHTOS BALTIC INDEX) shows that this week, Asia to Meixi coast is $ 14924 / feu, up 286% year-on-year, up 2% from the previous month. Asia to the US-East coast is $ 16865 / feu, up 244% year-on-year, up 2% from the previous month.

Unsapping, congestion, hanging port, Southeast Asia rising up to twice

As in October Vietnamese city gradually unsatched, consumer demand is strongly driven. In addition, according to the latest November Asia Pacific market report released by Maersk, there is a serious congestion in the port of Southeast Asia, Danjong Palapas, and some of the goods in Southeast Asia have delayed.

"Southeast Asia's annual end of the year is the delivery season, plus the universal 'consumption" once makes the manufacturer to explode, but mainly due to capacity, such as Vietnam COSCO 2011, there is no boat hanging Shenzhen. "A Shenzhen freight forwarding Wu Fan said to the news reporter.

After the capacity is tight, the cabinets in the hands of the agents at all levels, the price is also "smelling the wind".

"Southeast Asia is a few hundred dollars in front of the epidemic, now almost every month in innovation, this two weeks have skyrocketed." A Guangxi freight forwarding Yang Zhonghua introduced the news reporter, from the end of November, Southeast Asia route Sope up. The original Vietnamese route is worth 400 US dollars a 20-foot cabinet, and it has now risen to more than 900 dollars. The Malaysia route has a 20-foot cabinet for a 20-foot cabinet, which has now risen to 1300 to $ 1,500. Thailand original $ 550 a 20-foot cabinet, now rising around $ 1,100.

For the reasons why the capacity reduction, Wu Fan pointed out that the Vietnamese epidemics will once again, many shipowners will be exhaustive. However, foreign countries continue to congest, and many ships will come back half a half. The original ship is disrupted, plus the stop, and various temporary jumps (referring to the way the company has changed the previous planned voyage, some of the ports plan to do now do not hang, directly skip the destination), leading to Southeast Asian route currently a monthly ship may become 2 classes, or even one class.

In addition, according to multiple goods, the new news reporter said that Southeast Asia can reach the destination for the fastest 3 days. If you encounter a transfer, the voyage will be longer. Compared to the ocean route for one or two months, the short Southeast Asian route usually ran back in a few ships. Therefore, once the port congestion is started, the ship cannot rely on port, and a voyage behind will not pick up, resulting in tension in capacity.

The price of the North American route steadily rebounded to the high

Before early, due to the "fried box" price, the US Dollar, the US dollar, the Meixi route, and the virtual high price in the hand of the agent in October dropped to the waist. With the arrival of Black Friday and Christmas, the US East, the US West Route has risen steadily, maintains a high level.

A Shanghai freight forwarding Li Min said in the news reporter. At the end of October, the price of the Meidio route fell to rise. When the Mei Xi route from the agent is the highest, a 40-foot high box container is about 17,000 US dollars, and the price of the container in September this year begins to fall, 40 feet high box prices are around $ 11,000, falling to 0.9 million US dollars at the end of October. Around, there is currently around $ 12,000. When the US East route is the highest, a 40-foot high box container is around $ 22 million, and the current price is flat at the end of October and remains around $ 14,000.

According to the weekly report released on December 3, the Words of the Baltic Freight Index is shown that due to the continued rise in demand (especially from Asia to the United States) and the resulting port congestion, shipping prices is high. Among them, the Harbor of the Los Angeles Port and Long Beach has improved, but the ship's waiting for ships have not been reduced, and the average water time continues to sustain, which indicates that potential demand still exists.

In addition, the weekly report also pointed out that the port congestion in the past two weeks was transferred to the sea, some shipping companies were suspended or adjusted to open the West Coast routes. In particular, with the recovery of Vietnam manufacturing, some shipping companies transfer capacity to an insufficient Asian internal route.

According to the November Asia Pacific Market Report released by Maersk, the intensification of North American port congestion has deteriorated, and the traffic in Los Angeles Port and Long Beach is still very serious. There are approximately 80 container boats in the near future waiting to rely on Hong Kong. The waiting time is up to 25 days. The overall demand for routes from Asia to North America will remain strong in December.

On November 29, Los Angeles Port and Long Beitang have released further postpains of "container residence fees" on the official website, saying that they no longer consider the charge before December 6.Since the appointment of this fees on October 25, the two ports have passed multiple times to formally charged the fees.At present, the container retained by the port of Los Angeles and the Long Beach has dropped a total of 37%.For global shipping situations, the Maersk market report shows that there is a new container ship delivery in the third quarter, and the rated capacity increased by 4.2% year-on-year, reaching 24.7 million tanks, but there are about 12% to 15% of shipping capacity in the world.Introduce normal use.Due to the problems such as port congestion and latching delays, shipping capacity will continue to be adversely affected.It is expected that the cabin is still very tight during the Chinese New Year.However, compared to 2021, it is expected that the growth rate of global container demand in 2022 will slow down.