Is the situation not?Canada increased Ukraine; Iran and Taliban played

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Is the situation not?Canada increased Ukraine; Iran and Taliban played

2021-12-04 18:03:47 77 ℃

The world is like a chess game, the change is fast, sometimes it is really unexpected.

On December 3, when the Russian conflict continued to upgrade, the US Russia expelled each other, and Japan was called "force to win the northern island", there have been three major events.

In charge of Germany for 16 years of iron, Merkel, I chose to bid farewell to the German Federal Defense Forces, Iranian and Taliban, who couldn't see each other, played. In order to stand in the United States, Canada chose from Ukraine.

Let's talk about the first thing first, it's better to hurt? Canada is involved in the Russian, Trodko, "lifting the stone, smashed his feet."

On the 3rd, Canada said that the "strong god" transport plane belonging to the Canadian Air Force has arrived in Lviv, Ukraine, after the Ukraine, "Hercules" flew to Romania, where there was a US base and Canadian soldier.

Prior to this, Canada has announced that hundreds of Canadian soldiers will arrive in Ukraine, and they have rushed to the local, and there are Canadian warships and fighters.

In fact, Canada has sent a so-called "training officer" to Ukraine, and in fact is the Canadian soldier, and Russia chose "one eye is closed."

In NATO, Ukraine deploys 125,000 soldiers in the Russian border. Putin warned NATO to rash, and Canada chooses to increase Ukraine. It is not far from the fire, and the result is likely to be fired.

Don't forget, the Russian army is fired to expel the US military ship, and in the Japanese sea "next Maway", Canada is forcibly energy, and it doesn't matter what is cheap.

However, if the words come back, Canada is indeed quite avengeous, the White House has just sorted Canada - the 4 Canadian timber exporters, Trudo actually chose to help the one arm, it is really incredible.

At that time, Canada was very angry, and once said that "will tell the World Trade Organization", now it is good, haven't come to the United States, but Canada, in the United States, the United States.

It is not helpful, Canada is still that Canada, except that the US is from the White House, there is no half of the autonomy.

Say good to listen, is a US ally, let's talk, but it is the American chess piece.

For Canada, the confusion has just begun, because Putin has not yet struck.

The second thing, Iran and Taliban have played. On the 3rd, Taliban confirmed that in Afghanistan and Iran border, Taliban had a conflict with Iran, and the two sides were played.

The Iranian media said that the Taliban armed attacked the Iranian whistle, and Iran chose the border of the Afghanistan and uses the artillery.

For a time, the smoke is filled, conflict upgraded.

Up to now, why is Taliban fighting with Iran, how is the casualties of both sides, there is no ignition of the outside forces, these problems are unknown, but after Iran is dispatched the ground forces, the Taliban has chosen to keep restraint, and the conflict has not been out of control.

After seized a large number of US weapons, after Kabul, Taliban can be said to be a large amount of gas, not only selling a large number of trophy for Iran, Pakistan, but also can't forget to warn India.

In Yemen, the Saudi League stilestly armed, in Syria, Israel did not undertakes, and the target directly refers to Iranian facilities. In addition, in the ongoing negotiations, it is the United States.

The signal released by the White House is clear that "the result is the result is the movement". In this case, the strength is in a disadvantage, lacking the Iran supported by allies, indeed, is really powerful.

Because Russia also faces the abdomen to be affected by the enemy, the revenue is difficult, the United States and NATO are picking things in Eastern Europe, and Putin is temporarily ignored and the Middle East situation.

Finally, let's talk about the third thing, Merkel bid farewell to the German politics. On the 3rd, the German Foreign Ministry said that on the evening of the 2nd, the German Federal Defense Forces held a farewell ceremony for Merkel, Merkel delivered a national speech.

This is considered to be the last speech within Merkel, December 8, Wyrz will become a new German Prime Minister.

Merkel said that in 16 years in charge of Germany, her career is "busy and full of challenges", time is filled with very full, and she chooses "humble" and "gratitude" in the same time. To describe your mood.

Merkel emphasized that trust is not available, so she must express my heartfelt thanks, Merkel thanked German medical staff, the German Federal National Defense Force payded during the epidemic, thanked a struggled colleague, family, and wish Everything goes well.

Finally, Merkel called on the German people to maintain unity, she firmly believed that if she works with her heart, Germany can have a better future.

Merkel's words, will be humble, grateful to show the fullest, through Merkel's speech, people can see Merkel rooted in the deep and diligent, and that "wants Germany to get better and better "heart of.

The history will eventually remember those heroes who do their best in the country.

Like Srgo, Merkel has brought a lot of real interests to Sino-German, Central Europe, which is indeed good.