Foreign media: US refusal to disable the killer robot agreement

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Foreign media: US refusal to disable the killer robot agreement

2021-12-05 00:03:17 28 ℃

Reference Message Network December 4 Report According to AFP, Geneva reported on December 2nd, Washington rejected an initiative of a binding agreement that controlled or disabling killer robots on the 2nd, but proposed to formulate relevant "Code of Conduct" ".

According to the report, the meeting was held in Geneva to reach a consensus for the so-called "automatic killing weapon".

However, an US official opposed its use of "legally binding instruments".

The report pointed out that at the meeting, governments were prepared for the high-level talks on the "Specific Conventional Weapons Convention" review meeting from December 13th to 17th.

US official Joish Dorin said at the meeting: "In our opinion, the best way to make progress ... is a bad behavior of a non-binding."

According to reports, the United Nations has been holding diplomatic dialogue in Geneva since 2017 to reach an agreement to solve the use of killer robots.

Actors and many countries appeal to systematically disable any weapons that can be monitored without personnel supervision and getting the final action instruction.

According to the report, in November 2018, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutrez joined the ranks called disabled, but so far, countries did even need to control such weapons and did not agree.

The report pointed out that in the 2nd debate, Many countries such as India and the United States were all incuting the idea of ​​signing legally binding agreements.

Doronin is named, and the Code of Conduct will help to promote responsible actions and comply with international law. But actors don't agree.

Klel Kangboi, blocked the killing robot, told the AFP reporter: "Now, countries have a historic opportunity to ensure that humans can effectively control the use of force, and do not let the machine do something to fight for life and death."

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