On December 4th, Cambodia made the United States to gnove the United States; Pelosi replied anti-China; Russia really wants to play Ukraine?

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On December 4th, Cambodia made the United States to gnove the United States; Pelosi replied anti-China; Russia really wants to play Ukraine?

2021-12-05 00:04:13 75 ℃

If you can't bear it, you don't have to bear it!

On December 4, the three major hotspots were focused.

The first thing, the United States is inch, Cambodia angry: Yunan Navy Base no longer welcomes you!

For all, the United States frequently accused Cambodia unauthorized demolition buildings built in the US, and speculated in China in Cambodia construction "military base". A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Cambodia and the incidents of this, extremely disgusting, angry.

(Hun Sen)

He said that he has instructed the deputy prime minister and the National Defense Minister Dishi. If "Someone" applies for access to the Yunan Navy Base, it will not be allowed. Hong Sen also added. "The base is not a criminal place, knowing what is the meaning of access, allowing you to visit, not letting you search, please recognize this."

Obviously, Hun Sen is said to be listening to the United States. Previously, the United States was jealous of the development of the Cambodian relations, and many speculation have been "take over" Yunan Navy Base and asked to enter the base. In order to puncture the US lies, in June this year, Hong Sen special batch of American martial arts martial arts visited the cloudy base, which proved that all the allegations on the base were Ziwu.

(Yunan Navy Base)

However, the United States does not die, they actually bite Cambodia failed to let the US persons "completely visit" the cloud base, and further demand can be frequent and free access to the base. This completely angered Cambodia. The Cambodian army angered the United States to reverse it is right, and it is also immersive to visit the base, and do not respect the sovereignty of other countries.

Today, there is a statement of Hong Sen, and the United States wants to enter the microfa base to engage in "investigation". Cambodia said many times that foreign countries will not establish a military base in Cambodia, and the United States is still struggling. Hi Sen is so warning the United States, but also gives them a wake: Cambodia is not as strong as the United States, but it is not good to bully. The United States will not let it.

The second thing, is questioned is not anti-China, Pelosi is so busy to argue: In the past 30 years, I am the most popular person in China.

Recently, some US Republican President Pelosi "fireworks", the US Republican President, the "fireworks" of the House of Representatives. The reason is that the Senate passed a condensed China's "Forced Labor", this bill can only be submitted after voting before you can submit Biden sign. The House of Representatives is delayed.

So, the Republican Members were questioned in Pelocos, in order to let the Democratic Party cooperated with China in climate change, they stopped this anti-China bill. There is also a republican council member, as long as Pelosi feels favorable, it will immediately "cater to China".

I heard that I was questioned, I was not afraid enough, "I would like China", and Pelosi is not happy. She said, "I have been recognized in China's most unwelcome people in China, and the Chinese people have used it to attack me, so the Republican Parties said there is no reason."

Peloss also explained that the House of Representatives also developed his own discipline, and will then coordinate with the Senate on the differences between the two bills.

In order to "self-witting and white", Pelosi actually recognizes that she is the most annoying person in China. It can be seen that American politicians have more "inner volume" in the anti-China, how strong the US politics anti-China atmosphere. "Anti-China" seems to be a political correctness in the United States, which is very dangerous to Sino-US relations and world peace stability.

Third thing, Russia really wants to play Ukraine? The United States claims to be intelligence: Russian party will send 175,000 soldiers.

Recently, US media quoted the so-called "anonymous officials" and "intelligence documents", Russia is developing a plan to attack Ukraine. At present, the Russian army has set up four locations near the Ukrainian border, and has deployed 50 tactical groups, about 70,000 soldiers. And eventually meet 100 tactical groups and 1.75,000 soldiers.

(The Russian military transfer information published by the US media)

The US also said that Russia will mobilize armored vehicles and artillery to the border, and some weapons and equipment may have been left within the training facility so they should respond to conflicts at any time.

For recent time, the United States and Ukraine frequently speculated Russia will launch "invasion". However, Russia denied the attack of Ukraine and deploying the army on their own territory to belong to normal actions. In addition, Russia also accused Ukraine 12.5 million soldiers in the Donbas region, which is about half of the domestic troops.

The United States is extremely accused by Russia. It is actually deliberately inciting the situation in the Russian border, in order to suppress, curb Russia. However, in the face of the Ukrainian heavy strike pressure and the US "fire", Russia did not "invade" Ukraine integration, nor did they not prepare for conflict. Under this circumstance, once the gun is fired, the Ukraine that is treated as a chess will be a cannon, and the United States is hard to get the benefits, but may be fired.

(Editor: TSN)