European new crown epidemic urgency multi-country case surge

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European new crown epidemic urgency multi-country case surge

2021-12-05 00:04:23 30 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 4, European region, new crown epidemic is still rapidly rebounding, British, Russia, Belgium and other countries have surged, France and Norwegian reports many cases of new variants.

British and Russian epidemic

According to the statistics of Reuters, in more than 130 days, the European region has increased approximately 25 million new crown regulations. As of 3, European confirmed cases exceeded 75 million cases. In the second half of this year, the epidemic rebound in the European region has exacerbated, and the highest single new case has reached 359,000 cases, and the highest value in the first half of the year is 241,000.

On November 30, a passenger passed the epidemic prevention told in the Heathrow Airport in London, England. (Xinhua News Agency, Li Ying)

The new diagnosis case of the United Kingdom has more than 50,000 cases of new diagnosis, has been diagnosed more than 10.38 million cases. The number of cumulative cases is the highest in Europe; more than 143 cases of death, more than 145,000 cases of death.

According to the British National Bureau of Statistics, the new crown mutation virus Delta strain is still the "mainstream" strain in England.

However, in order to prevent new variants from spreading, the British government has asked people in England to wear masks in the store and in public transportation. Reuters reported on the 3rd, and the UK has diagnosed 134 O'Kyo infections.

Russia has a serious epidemic. The Russian Federal Bureau Statistics said on the 3rd that the country's new crown in October did nearly 75,000, and the "most deadly one month" since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Although the government repeatedly called on the people to vaccinate the vaccination, Russia currently only completed the vaccination of the vaccination.

Belgian new regulations

In Belgium, the number of new cases and hospitality is high. The Belgian Government announced on the 3rd will strengthen epidemic prevention measures, which is the third tightening epidemic in Belgium.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander Decro said at the press conference on the news conference, the current epidemic situation in Belgium is more serious than an estimate, one of the most serious epidemic.

In the past seven days, the Average increase of more than 17,000 cases of new crown confirmed cases in Belgium, an increase of 6% from the previous week. At present, Belgium has more than 3,700 people in hospital, of which 821 people receive severe monitoring.

On November 9, people were queued to vaccinate new crown vaccines in Brussels, Belgium. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Wei)

According to the new regulations, the students in Belgium must wear a mask in school. All extracurricular activities are suspended; elementary schools and kindergartens will be a week on the 20th of this month in advance, and the middle school is half a course; in addition to wedding, funeral and private residential gatherings, Indoor activities, the number of indoor activities within the allowable range must not exceed 200 people, and indoor sports events can be held without audience.

In addition, entering the Christmas market must show "New Crown Pass", which proves that the infected virus rehabilitation or has been vaccinated by the new crown vaccine or virus test is negative, and the market must wear a mask; the closed shop is unchanged, still at the latest every night. Sitting 6 people per table.

Otcock diffusion

Reuters reported that more than 15 countries were currently reported by O'Kki infections.

The European Union Public Health Agency said on the next few months, more than half of the above in Europe may be caused by O'Kek.

On November 9, the staff was busy in a new crown virus in the streets of Paris, France. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Jing Jing)

The Norwegian Health Department said on the 3rd that the capital Oslo appeared to aggregate infection, at least 13 people were confirmed to be infected with the poison, and they were slightly symptomatic. They had no hospitalization, but infection may rise to more than 60 cases.

This aggregated infection is related to a business gathering on November 26, at least one employee has just returned from South Africa. The first Oslo City, O'Kek confirmed cases, is a person who participates in a party. According to Reuters, all participants in this party have completed vaccination before the event, and accepted virus detection, and the results are negative.

A senior doctor of the Norwegian Public Health Research Institute told Reuters reporters through the email. This gathering is "super communication event". In addition, Norwegia was diagnosed with 4 cases of Okock infections.

The Norwegian government announced on the 3rd that the anti-vloception regulation in Oslo and surroundings from the 3rd: in the shopping center, shops, etc. can't keep social distances and public transport, taxi, people must wear a mask; May be home; indoor private activities gather no more than 100 people.

The French Ministry of Health said on the 3rd that France has found 12 cases of O'Kki diagnosis. The government new crown epidemic consultant has previously warned that although the new cases in French infection are Delta poison, it is expected to become a "mainstream" strain in China before the end of January next year. (Liu Wei)