William supports mental health activities are dissatisfied with Meggen Hari: You have no right to talk

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William supports mental health activities are dissatisfied with Meggen Hari: You have no right to talk

2021-12-05 12:04:09 21 ℃

For the latest move of William's support mental health, Meigen and Harry's fans broke out, some people said that he "did not have the right" to talk about this problem.

The UK's future king and Apple announced a mental health cooperation plan as part of their #TimeTowalk event, which is designed to encourage people to walk more for mental health. The Kendon Palace announced this partnership at the press conference. Kensington Palace said: "Prince William will appear in the" Time "weekly holiday in Monday, December 6, encourage people to take some time to go out and protect their mental health during Christmas."

"Time to Walk is an audio walk experience of Apple Fitness, aims to encourage people to walk frequently and get psychological and physical benefits from one of the healthies."

It also mentioned: "Prince William often walks, he will pass Norfolk's Sandlinham Manor - from Sandlin Ham Palace, after the Church of St. Mary, eventually arrived in Ank."

"Here, the prince said that the importance of maintaining mental health, recalling the moment when he came out of comfort, and a period of explanation of mental health."

However, Meigen and Harry's fans quickly criticized this event, and many people said William is plagiarging them.

A user said: "This imitation behavior has been out of control."

Another netizen agreed, wrote: "Every thing to do in Kate and William is the same as Harry and Meigen."

Other users slam William lack "credibility" in mental health.

Leji Kur said: "This is a great idea (I like to take a walk in the lunch break), but his mental health is unreliable."

Another user said that the Prince William "did not talk about mental health".

William and Kate have been carrying out activities on mental health problems for many years, encouraging people to say loudly, seeking help when needed.

This couple has launched an initiative called "Heads Together" with Harry to address the shame of mental health.

However, earlier this year, Mergen talked about her own and mental illness in an interview with Opra, the royal family faced controversy in their mental health.

In this controversial interview, Megan admitted that his mental health is worsened to a certain extent, so that she has a suicide idea.

She said to Opra: "Listen, I really embarrassed it, I didn't want to think to Harry, because I knew how much harm he suffered, but I know if I don't say it, I will be so Do it. I don't want to live again. This is a very clear, real, fearful sustainable idea. "

Meigen also claimed that when she went to the royal family to seek help, the result was rejected.