Japan 36 demonstrates food restrictions!Tokyo will open a tourism subsidy, don't spend money and earn?

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Japan 36 demonstrates food restrictions!Tokyo will open a tourism subsidy, don't spend money and earn?

2021-12-05 12:04:38 26 ℃

Although the newly arbitrary O'K tunain virus triggered a lot of panic, but # 日本 # Domestic # # # has been significantly improved, no more than 160 new infections in nearly half a month, Newly increased many days.

In order to resume economic activities, the Japanese government decided to relax the actions restrictions of the people, and the county of the county from December 1, cancel the number of dinner and residence time of the county diet store. Plus the area where the previously released restrictions has been released, and 36 countries have canceled the food restriction in Japan.

On the other hand, there are still 11 Dufu County to adopt a restriction policy, and Osaka's government will continue to limit in December to "1 table 4 people";

Both Tokyo began on December 1st, the requirements of the certified store will relax the "1 table 4 people" requirements to "1 table 8 people", if it can be proven to be proven to be proven, the number of people will not be restricted.

Control catering is the most important epidemic prevention countermeasures in Japan, canceling the business restrictions and relaxation of dining shops is the wind direction of the infection, and the key to restoring urban vitality, improving the economic level, and improving people's lives.

Limiting the catering industry has caused a lot of small and medium-sized restaurants in Japan and indirectly affects the accommodation and tourism. It is reported that the epidemic has continued for two years, and there is at least 2 million jobs in Japan, most of which are dining and tourism.

The tourism industry has also seen the hopes of recovery. The Japanese government stated that the "Goto Travel" will be restarted according to the beginning of the year in the year.

If all goes well, it is expected to reopen in mid-January next year, and the government lists the total budget of 1.3 mega, supports regional economic-related industries.

All local autonomous body have also launched a travel support policy in its travel support, Tokyo is planned to restore the travel subsidy of travel last year: Tokyo Dubei, the Tokyo, the Tokyo Dubei, the stay is issued by 5,000 yen, and the day-to-Thabitation is issued 2500 JPY.

The Government proposed a $ 33 billion yen subsidy business budget for $ 6.3 billion nights to the Parliament on November 30, and the implementation time will be carried out with the country to open "GOTO Travel".

In other words, using the tourist discount of Tokyo, plus "Goto Travel" subsidies 30% of the accommodation fee + 3000 yen / holiday 1000 yen coupons, you can achieve "Tokyo 0 yuan two-day tour", and even Pour the benefits, instantly, have you!

From November 12, Tokyo has increased infected with 30 consecutive days than 30 consecutive days, and the medical providing system in Tokyo has dropped to the lowest alert level.

However, in order to cope with the advent of the sixth wave, Tokyo will start the third vaccination from mid-December. It is expected to set up 6 collective vaccination venues in theductions; PCR detection.

So IJOB reminds everyone, even if Japanese is released in domestic travel, everyone should do their own protection while "薅 毛", in addition to active vaccination, it is necessary to keep wearing masks, hardworked, and reduce people's aggregation.

Japanese epidemic improvement, do you have a travel plan at the end of the year? Let's talk to us!