The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the "US Democracy" report

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the "US Democracy" report

2021-12-05 12:04:09 26 ℃

The New Beijing News Foreign Ministry has released the "US Democracy" report on the 5th, with the following:

US democracy



First, what is democracy

Second, the alienation of US democracy and triple disappointment

(1) The system is difficult to return

1. American democracy is "money politics"

2, named "one person and one vote", real as "a few elite rules"

3, power balance change into "veto politics"

4. Electoral rules defect damage fairness and justice

5, democratic system failure to trigger the crisis

(2) Democratic practice chaos

1. Congress riots shocked the world

2, racial discrimination root deep

3, the epidemic is out of control

4, the rich and the poor is constantly intensified

5, "freedom of speech" is not true

(3) Output so-called democratic caus

1. "Color Revolution" Hazardous Area and Stability

2. Push the so-called democracy caused the humanity tragedy

3, abuse of sanctions and destroy international rules

4, "Democratic Lighthouse" to incur a global criticism



Democracy is the common value of all humanity, is the right of people of all countries, not which country's patents. There are many ways to achieve democracy, and it is impossible to be a thousand. Use a single scale to measure the world's rich political system, examine the colorful political civilization with monotonous vision, it is not democratic. The political system in each country shall be determined by the people of the country.

The US democratic system is the result of the practice of the United States, with uniqueness, not universality, and even more beautiful. However, for a long time, the structural defects of the United States ignore their own democracy and the lack of domestic democratic practice are "democratic models". Frequently in the banner of democracy, the banner of the democracy, to interfere with his national government, launch foreign war, trigger region turmoil and humanitarian disaster .

This report is designed to list the facts and expert's point of view, combing the disadvantages of the US democratic system, analyzing the chaos of the United States and the dangers of exporting democracy, and hopes that the United States improves its own democratic system and practice, and transform the truth. This is both beneficial to the American people, and it is also beneficial to the people of the world. If no country tries to monopolize democratic standards, there is no country to try to put the political system to people, no country tried to put democratic trees to fight the country, and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, and the world will be better.

First, what is democracy

The democratic word originates from ancient Greek, which is interested in "people's rule", "sovereign in the people". As a political form, the democracy has been more than 2,500 years of history, covering a variety of forms of direct democratic governments from ancient Athens citizens to modern representatives, and is the result of the development of human political civilization.

Democracy is not ornament, not a publicity, but to solve the problem that the people need to solve. A country's democracy is not democratic, the key is that it is not really the people who do their people. It depends on the people if there is any voting right. It depends on the people's extensive participation rights; we must see what the oral promises have been got in the election. What do these commitments have achieved after the election; what do you want to see what the system and law have The political procedures and political rules should be, but it depends on these systems and laws to be truly implemented; to see if power rules and procedures are democratic, and whether power is truly subject to people's supervision and constraints.

An effective democratic system not only has a complete system, but also has a complete participation practice, can do process democracy and results democracy, procedures democracy and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people's democracy, and the country's will Uniform. If the people are only awake when they vote, they will enter the sleep period after voting. Only when they are searched, they listen to the slogans of the sky. After the election, there is no speech, only when the ticket is sent, it is favored, and the election is cold, such democracy is never really true. Democracy.

A country is not democracy, should be judged by the people of this country, rather than being a few people to finger.

There is no set of democratic systems in the world that is perfect, there is no political institutional model applied to all countries. The establishment of democratic systems in various countries and the development of democratic processes have their own historical and nationality. They have their own unique value. The international community should exchange dialogue on democracy on the basis of mutual respect, equality, and make greater contributions to all human progress.

Second, the alienation of US democracy and triple disappointment

Historically, the development of US democracy has its progressive, political parties, representative system, one person, one vote, three rights discrete, etc., for the denial and innovation of European feudal autocracy. French famous thinkers Takville also actively evaluated this in its "The Democracy" of the United States. "Independent Declaration", "Rights Act", waste slave sports, civil rights movement, and flat movement, etc. have become a highlight in the US democratic process. Lincoln's "People, Minzhi, and People Enjoy" three principles are more popular.

However, over time, the US democratic system has gradually alienated and transformed, and it has become more and more out of the original intention of the kernel and institutional design of the democratic system. Money politics, identity politics, political parties, political polarization, social tear, racial contradiction, rich and poorer differentiation, etc., the function of democratic system has declined.

The United States also has a democracy that has frequently interfered with his national administration, triggered regional political bureaus, and the people who are not talking, and destroy the world's peace and stability and social stability. Many people in the United States and the world are asking, is the United States or a "democracy"? The world needs to be in-depth view of the US democracy, the United States does need to be self-esteem. (1) The system is difficult to return

The United States has always been "the city", "Democratic Lighthouse" claims to be a political system to protect democratic freedom since its birth. However, the concept of democracy is already in the same way as today. From money politics to elite rule, from politics to the system failure, American democracy has dyed.

1. American democracy is "money politics"

American democracy is based on the "rich game" on the basis of capital, and has the essence of the people's democracy.

More than 100 years ago, the US Republican Federal Senator Mark Hanna described American politics: "In the political circle, there are two things very important, the first is money, the second one will not remember." More than 100 years later Money is still a "hard-selling" in American politics, and the role is not alternative. Taking 2020 US President and Congress as an example, the total expenditure of the election is $ 14 billion, which is 2 times in 2016 and 3 times in 2008, known as "the most burning in history". Among them, the presidential election costs a history record, reaching 6.6 billion US dollars; Congress elections spend more than $ 7 billion.

The fact that the American people have to face is that money politics runs through all the circumstances of US elections, legislation, and governance, in fact, limit the public's participation, inequality has changed into political status, only pockets Sufficient Capital people can enjoy the democratic rights set by the Constitution. Money politics is increasingly becoming a "cancer" of American society to eradicate, making it an innate iron of US democracy.

A US federal Senator pointed out: "Some people believe that the US Congress controls Wall Street, but the truth is Wall Street controls US Congress." According to statistics, 91% of the US Congress elections have won the candidates supported by the most funding, and large companies, minority and interest groups have become a major source of election funds. These so-called "public opinions" successfully elected, often serve the Golden main service behind it, but not to vocalize the ordinary people.

In March 2020, the University of California Berkeley, Professor, US Labor, Robert Lake Publishing "System: Who manipulated it, how to fix it. The book believes that in the past 40 years, the US political system has been minimally operated. Political dedication is almost considered "legal bribery", so that the rich has a more powerful political influence. In the mid-term election in 2018, huge political princes accounted for more than 40% of the campaign funds, which mainly came from 0.01% of the US total population. Money political and lobby groups are distorted the channels of the American ordinary people. Most people express the true willingness has been covered by a few interest groups. These oligarchs have been enriched in their hands in their hands to enrich their wealth, and the interests of ordinary people are thrown back.

On September 23, 2020, Matthew Steinsen, a professor of the University of Harvard, said in an interview with "Today Harvard Law", the United States is not a world leader, lobbying, political dedication and other practices in other countries, is considered a corruption in other countries. But the United States is not only allowed by the Constitutional legal.

The United States is a typical country dominated country, "multivariate political" is just a surface phenomenon, and elites will hold political, economic, military, etc., control national machines, formulate rules and regulations, grasp the wind direction, leading business Company, exercising various privileges, etc. Especially since the 1960s, democracy, the Republican two parties have been "sitting in Zhuang" to share state powers and multi-party system. Ordinary voters put the votes to the third party or independent candidate equivalent to waste voting opportunities, and can only make a choice between the candidates launched by the two parties.

In the context of the "Strong Strike" context, the two parties have always limited the political participation in a narrow range. For ordinary voters, the election is called, and when the election is elected, most people are only electing the "masses", "Minzhi" is difficult in American political practice.

The Political Reviewer of the Massachusetts Institute of Middle School, Nom · Xumski, pointed out that the United States is "real capitalist democracy", and the Americans are positively correlated with the influence of policy development and their wealth levels About 70% of Americans have no effect on policy development, they are disadvantages in income levels, wealth, etc., which is equivalent to being deprived of the right.

Jalalaja, Professor, University of Massachusetts, said in the "Atlantic Monthly", said that the current democracy in the United States is only a formal democracy, not a substantive democracy. The national election of the presidential election is fully affected by the manipulation of the rich, celebrity, media and interest group, and the presidential election of the people's voting support often does not really represent public opinion.

3, power balance change into "veto politics"

Francis Fushan, in its special "political order and political recession", the United States has a deep-rooted political paralysis, there are too many balances in the political system in the United States, so that the cost of collective action has increased, sometimes even inch is difficult . This is a system that can be called "veto". Since the 1980s, the "veto" of the United States has become a "spiritan medicine" leading to the political stalemate. The US democratic procedures are scattered, long, there is a lot of veto points, and individual veto can affect the system actions, and the preset of the so-called "mutual balance implication and correction ability" is increasingly subjective. US political polarization intensifies, the two party appeals are very different, the consensus constant compression, and even "the most free republicans are also more right-to-right than the most conservative Democrats," veto politics "become a political ecology "I can't let you do it", "I can't let you do it."

Washington's politicians pay attention to keep the party interests, and the Hong Tu, the national development, has already been thrown. The opponent will strengthen its own camp identity. The strengthening of identity and rapid consolidation of its own camp support, the United States is obsessed with "veto", which is difficult to self-extricted, and the result is inevitable to be weakened, fair rule of law is trampled Development progress is hysteresis, and social division is amplified. Today, the United States, "I am American" is gradually being "I am Republican", "I am Democrat", "I is the" Decree "" Tribe Politics "to" veto politics "to the United States.

In October 2021, the US Zhicu Eucen Research Center survey on 17 developed economies, including the United States, Germany, South Korea showed that the US is considered political polarization, and 90% of US respondents believe that different parties There is serious differences between supporters, nearly 60% of US respondents believe that the public is not only in the policy area, but also difficult to reach a consensus in terms of basic facts.

Xu Zhengjian, a professor of political academics in Qingxi, South Korea, pointed out that US political polarization has become more intensified, and the democratic self-cleaning procedures that rely on electoral promotion reform cannot work properly. The US Capitice Senate is in a "lengthy debate" procedure trap, and cannot play legislative response to social changes.

4. Electoral rules defect damage fairness and justice

The US presidential election follows the ancient electoral community system, presidential and vice president is not directly elected by voters, but voted by the electoral chart. There are 538 electoral votes in the United States, win more than half of the elections (270 photos) candidates are elected presidents. This kind of electoral system is very obvious: First, the president may not be able to win most of the Putong tickets, representative of representative; the second is that the specific election rules shall be decided by the states, and it is prone to chaos; the third is "winners to eat" system intensified all state status Inequality, all party status is unequal, causing huge votes to waste and suppress voting rate, dark blue state, and deep red state voters are often overlooked, and the swing is a relatively non-symmetrical importance, which has become the object of the two parties.

There have been five times in the history of the United States to win the national Putuity, but the presidential election is lost. Recently, the 2016 general election Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won more than 62.98 million Zhang Pu Vote, with a ticket rate of 45.9%. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received more than 6.58 million bill of tickets, and the ticket rate was 48%. Although Trump lost the Purchase ticket, but won 304 electoral votes, Hillary only won 227 electoral tickets, Trump's exceptions were elected as presidents.

Another major illusion of the American people recognized the election system is "Juri". In 1812, Massachusetts Governor Jayli signed an extremely irregular shape of the state in the state in the state. After this approach, it is known as "Jalenti", which means that the party will help the party to win as many seats as possible and consolidate advantage. The United States conducts a census every 10 years, and then re-seizes the selection according to the principles of "Each Selection Population" and combines population changes. The US Constitution will partize the power of the selection to give state legislature, which provides operational space for most Party "Julei" in the state council. "Jiali," mainly relies on two operations, one is "concentrated", which will focus on the opposition voters into a few specific constrapers, sacrifice these constituencies to exchange the other constituency absolute security; second is "scattered", will be against the party The voters are divided into the surrounding different constituies, thus diluting against party votes.

The Democratic Participation in Oregon in September 27, 2021, in the United States, the first part of the selection, the democratic party firmly controlled by the original two increased to 4, "swinging selection" by 2 minus, this It means that the party can account for 57% of the actual voters to control 83% of the State. Conversely, the Republican Controlled Texas determines the new constituency division on October 25 this year, and the selection zone, which is firmly controlled by the original 22, "swinging selection" by the original 6 minus, the Republican With 52.1% of actual voters, 65% of Congress House of Representatives in the state.

In August 2021, Yougov Owner's Investigation Network, showed that only 16% of voters believe that the state is fair to partition or 44%, and the remaining 40% indicate uncertain. With the determination of the US political polarization, the two elements have tried to maximize their own interests, "Juri" becomes a choice. The "Super Representative" system of the Democratic Party also hinders the election fair. The "Super Representative" is composed of the main leaders of the Democratic Party, members of the National Committee, all Democrats Members of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Governor of the Democratic Governor, and the "demonstration" is produced in advance, and the voting intentions are completely based on personal preferences and the party's high-rise will not reflect public opinion. "Congress Mountain News" Political Experts Mark Pltin wrote, the "super representative" system in the first election of the US presidential election Democratic Party is neither fair and Non-democratic. Such "elite practice" should be immediately abolished.

5, democratic system failure to trigger the crisis

American democracy is like a fake-in-Hollywood deliberately arranged, and it is a well-created person, and the people are shouting the people. Behind the big trading, the party is thased, and money politics, and veto politics can't bring the high quality governance of the people. The American people have more and more confrontation of American politics, and more than American democracy.

In October 2020, the US Holup Polico Company survey showed that only 19% of the US respondents who were very confident in the presidential election were only a minimum record from 2004. In November, the "Wall Street Journal" website pointed out that in the 2020 election, people fell to the secret of the US democratic system to the lowest point in 20 years.

According to a public opinion survey of the Associated Press-Norc Public Affairs Research Center, only 16% of Americans said that democracy is good or very good, 45% of Americans believe that democracy is not working properly, while 38% of Americans think democracy It is not good to operate. The US Pest Research Center survey shows that only 20% of Americans have always trust the federal government.

In May 201, the Broins Society website wrote that after the 2020 election, the United States all 50 state certification elections, but still 77% of the Republican voters with voting fraudulent, the legitimate, the election of President sex. This is the first since the 1930s. In September, the US Cable News Network (CNN) poll showed that 56% of the United States believed that US democracy "was attacking", 52% considered that the election did not or few reflected the public opinion, and 51% considered that US officials may be due to the next few years. The party will overthrow the election results.

In 2021, the results of 16,000 people and 2,500 Americans in 16 developed economies showed that 57% of international respondents and 72% of Americans believe that the United States is not available to his country. ".

(2) Democratic practice chaos

The alienation of US democracy is not only manifested in structural levels such as institutional design, but also in their practice. The United States is not a democratic quality, more about "democratic model". The gunshots of the Parliament Mountain have completely uncover the gorgeous coat of American democracy. Black Freud's death reveals the long-standing systematic racial discrimination in the US society, aroused in the United States and even the world's protests. New crown epidemic continues to be out of control, wearing masks, vaccines become social split and opposite new guides. The economic development dividends are uneven, and the income of ordinary people has long been stagnant. American democracy is difficult to effectively maintain public sequins, and they cannot fully provide public well-being.

1. Congress riots shocked the world

On the afternoon of January 6, 202, thousands of American people gathered in Washington Capitol Mountains and forced into Capitol to prevent the US Congress from confirming the US new elected president. The incident caused the US Presidential power transition process to interrupt and caused 5 deaths, more than 140 injured. The event was the most serious violent incident since the British House burned by the British army in 1814, has been occupied by the Capitol Building for more than 200 years. The Republican leader of the US Congress is called "failure". The United States exclaimed that the United States is exclaimed. The United States is not as different as many Americans think, and the Congress riots should give "American Example Theory" and "The City of Mountain".

Rushing the Congress eventually shakes three major cornerstones in the American democratic system. First, the so-called "democracy" is not democratic. Some politicians in the United States refuse to recognize the results of the election, their supporters violently rushed to the Capitol, and fell to the US Democracy "credibility." Second, the so-called "freedom" is not free. Twitter, Facebook and other social media frozen some of the individual accounts of some politicians in the United States, announce their "social death" and poke the illusion of "freedom of speech". Third, the so-called "rule of law" is not ruled. The US law enforcement department treated "black people 's life is also a life" demonstration protest and rushing the incidental attitude of the Congressional event, and the different law enforcement scales are once again exposed to the US "Rule of Law" double specimen.

Chongqing Congress event shocked the international community, "mourning his misfortune, angry and not fighting." The British Prime Minister Johnson has stated that the incident occurred in the US Congress is very shameful. The French President Marcro said that the universal value of "one person and one vote" in the world's oldest democracy is being hit hard. South Africa President Ramfortard said that this was shaken the foundation of US democracy. Former Indonesia President Susilo Haoting said that the American political farce is worthnecting, there is no perfect democratic system, democratic practice is more intimate.

2, racial discrimination root deep

Racism issues are shame imprints that are unable to abrasive in US democracy. The United States's open country is said to "people live and equal", but it retains the ingon system in the Constitution implemented in 1789. Today, although the United States abolished the racial isolation system, the white-to-earth-champia is very stunned, and the discrimination against black people is still systematic.

The racial problem in the United States will "recurrence" every other time. On May 25, 2020, the police violent law enforcement in Minnesota, causing the black Freud to be dismissed. The desperate "I can't breathe" before the death of Freud, I went to ignite the old people, and hundreds of cities across the United States were subsequently broke out of the demonstration, and the Raved is just right, protesting racial discrimination. It is still going on until more than 100 days have taken more than 100 days.

The encounter of Freud is only a minority of the American black people. As Shurman, Chairman of the American Psychology Society said, the United States has always been in a racist's epidemic, the dream of Civil Rights Campaign leader Martin Ludder is not realized. The mainstream media "Indian Express" in India has published an editorial, and the American racism subverts the US democratic system.

In February 2021, Stanford University News Network issued an article inspection with systematic racial discrimination in the field: in the field of education, children with colored people were more closely monitored in schools; in the jurisdiction, colored people, especially black people more easily Targets are targeted; in the field of economic and employment, from applicants to obtain loans, other minor ethnic groups, such as loans, and black people are discriminated against in the workplace and overall economic environment. The University of Washington, the University of Washington showed that about 1980 and 2018, about 30,800 people were killed by police violence, and this number was more than 17,100, of which African-repetable violent death is white. 3.5 times.

The anger outbreak out of the United States is not only from black, and has across racial boundaries. The III "Jerusalem Post" website is pointed out that the US Jews are worried about the right-wing anti-Semitism and violence driven by the white-to-law group. The US Jewish Committee has shown that 43% of the US Jews believe that their safety is lower than the previous year, and 41% of people in 2017 believe that anti-Semitism is a serious problem in the United States. This ratio is much higher than 21% in 2016, 21% in 2015 and 14% in 2013.

The bullying of Asian groups in the United States is also increasing. Since the new crown epidemic, Asian Americans have suffered from humiliating and even attacking events in public. The data released by the US Federal Investigation Bureau shows that the number of the United States has risen by 76% in the United States. From June 2021, 2021, "Stop Hats Asian Americans" organization received more than 9,000 complaint reports. A survey of American Asian young people's website shows that in the past 1 year, a quarter of American Asian young people have become a race bullying, nearly half of respondents say pessimistic about their own situation. One quarters of respondents expressed fear of the situation of their own and their families.

3, the epidemic is out of control

The United States claims to have the most abundant medical resources in the world, and it should be confusing in the new coronary pneumonia, becoming the country in the world's number of people and the most dead.

As of the end of November 2021, according to the statistics of Johns Hopkins, the US accumulated reports of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed with more than 48 million cases, and more than 770,000 deaths were accumulated, and the two data were ranked first. On January 8 this year, the United States has a new case of new crown pneumonia confirmed 300,777 cases, and the epidemic has been the highest in the United States. On January 13th, 4,170 Americans have died due to infection with new gown, far exceeding the "9.11" terrorist attack. The number of incidents is killed. At the end of November, the number of new diagnosed cases in the United States has more than 70,000 cases. More than 700 cases of new deaths have been added. There are 1 average of 1 per 500 people in the United States died of new crown pneumonia. Up to now, the number of new crown diseases has exceeded the number of people in 1919, and the sum of the death of the United States in the World War, World War II, North Korea War, Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghan War. If the United States can scientifically respond, many people don't have to pay life. William Fogg, formerly person in charge of American epidemiologists, disease control and prevention center, believes that "this is a slaughter".

The epidemic has entered the US economy. The speed and scale of the US enterprises and unemployment can be more imagined. The large number of people have long-term unemployment and social instability have increased the anxiety and weakness of Americans. The "New Crown Difficult Report" of the US Budget and Policy Priority July 29, 2021 shows that although the situation is improved in December 2020, American life difficulties are still very popular in the first half of 2021, still 2 million Adults do not have enough food, 11.4 million admissions can not pay housing rentals on time, facing the risk of being driven by the house. The US Census Bureau shows that as of July 5, 2021, at least one person with at least one person in the family of minors is still as high as 22%. The consumption confidence in the United States has fallen sharply, and the recovery of the employment market slowdown. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Oxford Economic Research Institute and other institutions have significantly lowered the US economic growth expectations. At the same time, the epidemic, three-wheeled large-scale economic stimulus programs, etc., causing the United States and port congestion and supply shortages, which in turn pushes up the US inflation. In October this year, the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 6.2% year-on-year, and the increase of over 5 consecutive months has increased or more than 5%, and the biggest increase in 2008. The epidemic is in the United States, and the crux is not in the United States, but does not believe in science, no science. In order to elect, some politicians put the party interests on the national interests, and the politicalization of the anti-vangence, and a heart thinking "Pot". The US Federation and the states of the state are shaped, not only do not form, but they fight each other. In this context, the anti-vlorative measures have been seriously politicized, and the vaccine is not hit, and the mask is worn and does not wear the focus of political parties, the people's disputes, and the anti-mining mismate is very mad.

The French "World News" report pointed out that the new crown epidemic crisis reveals the vulnerability of the US democratic system. The United States left the expensive health care system to the rich, and the poor is deprived of social security, so that the United States has become a classic case that is unable to control the epidemic in the world. Stanford University News Net pointed out that in the field of medical and health, new crown epidemic has caused a more serious impact on colored people, highlighting the health level gap between white and colored people.

4, the rich and the poor is constantly intensified

The United States is the most devastating Western Countries with a poor and poor. In 2021, the US Niki coefficient rose to 0.48, almost almost half a century. According to a report, the US Zhi Tank Policy Institute reported that 1990 to 2021, the overall wealth of US billionaire increased by 19 times, while the US mediterraneur wealth increased by 5.37%. This reveals the cruel reality of the US "rich" rich and poor.

Fed, in October 2021, as of June this year, the US revenue has 60% of the "middle class" of the "middle class" in the middle, accounting for 26.6% in the national wealth, and has a new low in the past 30 years, and before the income 1% of its rich people have 27% of national wealth, exceeding the "middle class".

According to statistics from EMUIUE SAS, EMUs, California, University of California, showing that 10% of the top 10% of the United States have more than 90% of the men, and the top 1% of the rich people have an annual income. After 90% of the 90% population, the top 0.1% of the rich people's income is 196 times the 90% population.

Since the new crown epidemic, the United States implemented the "Da Water Ranzer" policy, and further brings more gaps in porising the stock market. The total assets owned by US billionaire have increased by 1.763 trillion US dollars, up as high as 59.8%. Top 10% of US rich people hold 89% of US stocks, create a new high history.

The decision of the United States's rich and poor is determined by the US political system and the capital interests represented by their governments. From "Occupy Wall Street", the recent "gorilla" is opposed to Wall Street copper cow events, and the American people have never stopped from the decline in the rich and poor, but the status quo has not changed. American governance is a gap between the rich and the poor, under the epidemic, the capital is preferred, and the social rules of the rich will be more rampant.

5, "freedom of speech" is not true

In the United States, the media is called "fourth power" with administrative, legislation, and judicial three rights, and the reporter is known as "King". Although the US media is based on politics and freedom and truth, it has already served money and party politics.

Minority Media Group monopolizes the US journalism industry and become a political force that covers the sky. In 1996, the United States promulgated the "Telecommunications Law", requiring the federal government to relax the media ownership supervision, thereby set off an unprecedented mergers of history, causing devastating strikes for the diversity and independence of American media. As the number of US media is sharply reduced, a few companies continue to be large, form a monopoly giant. Today's US, a few companies control more than 90% of media, annual benefits, and even more than the economic volume of certain developing countries. These media "Giant Mac" expanded the business verse, while stretching tentacles to the US politics, through the political process of the public relations and campaign.

The monopoly American media became the "invisible killer" of civil political rights. The United States disseminates the political economics representatives, and the University of Illinois is concerned that Robert McChens pointed out in the book of "rich media poor democracy". For the nature of chasing profits, media companies block people in the world of entertainment programs. Enable the people to lose the channels of obtaining diversified information, concerned with the interest of public problems, and the ability to distinguish between non-distinctive, and gradually vocal in the process of social policy development. The democratic political culture has become extremely shrunk in the highly developed American society, "political alienation" leads democracy to become a "no citizen" political game. Miami's "New Pioneer" report, under the induction of the media controlled by elites and consortium, the people have not been able to distinguish what is the truth, which is political propaganda. The US media is no longer a "goalkeeper" of democracy. The "left and right disputes" in the media industry has deepened the clutch and disagreement between the United States, elite and civilians, causing "left more left", "right right", and leads to extreme ideas and poppism Dennant in the United States.

The Korean Zhugu Institute published, indicating that more than 80% of the US conservative voters regard the mainstream media such as New York Times as false messages, and the trust of the media is biased. Voters only listen to the specific media, ignore the communication of the national level, shouting, and negative party compete for calm discussions and consensus. Oxford University - Reuters News Research Institute issued the "2021 Global Digital News Insight" pointed out that after investigation of 92,000 news consumers in 46 countries, the US people discovered to the media's trust ranking, only in the investigative population 29% of the people trust the media.

In the information age of traditional media fading, social media leaps to become the public "new pet", but they will not copy traditional media by large capital and interest groups. In order to earn traffic, social media companies use the algorithm to weave "information 房" for users, and do not use the extreme contents of the supplier, resulting in increasing self-cure, identity political and public opinion tear.

In October 2021, the front Facebook employee governor gave a 10,000-member explosive documents on the internal operation of the Facebook. The Governor revealed to the United States Columbia Broadcasting Company, and the Facebook Company did not hesitate to sacrifice the public interest. The Facebook Platform is the main position of social extremists, full of hate speech, false information, and error messages, and only 3% to 5% of hatred and about 0.6% violence and inflammatory speech are controlled.

(3) Output so-called democratic caus

The US government does not care about the huge differences in economic development and historical culture in different countries and regions in the world, and push their political systems and value philosophy, implement "democratic transformation", plan "color revolution", and interfere with his national government And even subverting the political power of the country, causing catastrophic consequences. In accordance with its own image, the "output democracy" behavior is not democratic, fundamentally violates the core value concept of democracy. American democracy grafted, not only did not produce "chemical response", but triggered "water and soil refuge", causing many regions and countries to influence, conflict and war queen.

The United States is used to hit the flag of the so-called "democratic value", and the big deal is involved in the national government, and even the policing regime has changed, and supports the gods. Former US Central Information Bureau senior officials once claimed that "it has made people think that we need it, let them listen to us. As long as we disrupt the brain, we can do not know how to change people's values ​​and force them to believe a steal Change value concept. Former US Secretary of State, Pengpeio, was publicly said: "I have served as Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency. We lie, we deceive, we have steal. We also have a course to teach this. This is the glory of the United States."

The United States has formed a set of routines for implementing "peace evolution": first borrowing so-called "cultural exchanges", economic assistance, control public opinion, etc., in order to launch a "color revolution" to create public opinion atmosphere, try to exaggerate the wrong, drawback of the current regime, Separate the dissatisfaction of the masses and anti-governmental emotions; at the same time, instil in the people in the United States, which makes people agree with the US economic and political system; cultivate a large number of non-governmental organizations, all-round training against opposition leaders, seize important elections or emergencies The timing, through a variety of street political activities, overthrowing the local regime.

Historically, the United States has pushed "Xinmen Luo" in Latin America in the name of "promotion democracy", inciting "color revolution" in Eurasia, in West Asian Non-state remote control "Arab Spring", bringing chaos and disasters to multi-country Severely damage world peace, stability and development.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, "American Democracy" beauty filter has been broken, and the "Democratic" self-performance is full of embarrassment. In 1823, the United States issued the "Monroe Declaration", claiming that "America is the Americas of America", and the drum noise "Pan American". Since then, the United States has played the banner of "dissemination of democracy" in countless times, and the political intervention and political intervention and regime were subversive to Latin America and the Caribbean. Whether it is hostile to block the socialist Cuba in nearly 60 years, or subvert the Chile Arande government, etc., all the hegemonic acts of "Shun Xi Chang, the Defire of myself".

Since 2003, Eastern Europe, Central Asia has emerged in Georgia's "Rose Revolution", Ukraine "Orange Revolution" and "Tulip Revolution" in Kyrgyzstan. The US State Department publicly recognized "central role" in these "regime changes". In October 2020, Russia disclosed American plans to set off "color revolution" in Moldova. The "Arab Spring" begins in 2010 caused the strong shock in the Middle East, and the United States plays an important role in "trader" after the scene. In 2011, "New York Times" disclosed, a few core organizations funded by the US government is promoting democracy in "autocracy" Arab countries. Several organizations and individuals participating in the "Spring of Arab" have been trained and funded from the "International Affairs Democracy" and "Free House" of the International Republican Institute. Ethiopian Africa and International Affairs Expert Mosta Ahamadi published in the "Pyramid Online" website "Promotion" pointed out that the Egyptian people in Obama "now mean the present" slogan to overthrow Mubarak However, the Egyptian people also pay a heavy cost due to the political changes. What the US is to make the Arab people recognize that the United States hopes to impose a square democratic model to the Arabs, regardless of their will.

Take a country that is forced by the United States, the real democracy, freedom, human rights are not visible, lasting chaos, development of stagnation and humanitarian disasters are everywhere. The United States is output to multi-country values, blocking the normal development processes of these countries, hindering that these countries explore the development paths and patterns suitable for their national conditions, bringing political, economic and social integrity to local, destroying a beautiful The home, breeding terrorism, etc. For long-term, threats and destroying areas and even global security. As France's "Da Evening News", "democracy" has long been a "large-scale anti-person weapon" in the United States in the United States.

The United States is coming to the different standards in the evaluation of domestic and foreign democracy. On January 6, 202, after the United States had a Husband Mountain incident, a US politician was compared to the "9.11" terrorist attack, claiming that this is a shameful attack on the US Congress, Constitution and Democracy. Surgery, in June 2019, this person will occur in the Hong Kong Legislative Council's violent demonstration to "a beautiful landscape", and appreciate the "courage" showing the thug, exposure to naked " Double standard".

2. Push the so-called democracy caused the humanity tragedy

The United States enforces the so-called democracy and makes multi-country disasters. The United States launched the Afghan war for 20 years to make Afghanistan full of sore, people's livelihood. According to statistics, a total of 47,245 Afghan civilians and Afghan soldiers and police who have nothing to do with "9.11" incidents were killed in the US military, and more than 1 million people were disappeared. Afghan war destroys the development of African economic development, so that the Afghan people have a poor to wash.

In 2003, the United States launched a military blow to Iraq with a so-called Iraq. The number of civilians caused by the war is 200,000 to 250,000, including more than 16,000 people who have done directly to death and causing more than 1 million people. The US military also seriously violated international humanitarian principles and frequently manufacturing "abuse" incident. Today, the United States also can't take evidence of the so-called "Iraq holds large-scale anti-injury weapons".

From 2016 to 2019, Syria recorded 33,584 civilians died in war. Among them, the United States leadership bombarders directly killed 3,833, and half are women and children. US public TV network reported on November 9, 2018, only the US military's so-called "the most accurate air strike in the history" in Lakama, led to 1600 sarin civilians killed.

In 2018, the United States was once again exploded by the Syrian. But later the so-called Syrian government's evidence of chemical weapons, proved that it is only a self-suction video of the "White Helmet" organization funded by the Chinese intelligence department.

3, abuse of sanctions and destroy international rules

Unilateral sanctions are the United States. For a long time, the United States has abused its own financial hegemony and technical advantages, and frequently taking a single-sided tyrant. The United States has developed the "International Emergency Economic Power Law" "Global Magnitzki Human Rights", "San Sanctions against the US Enemy Law" and other domestic evils and cannon a series of administrative orders directly to specific countries, organizations or individuals. Sanctions, with the "minimum contact principle" "effect principles" and other scope of jurisdiction, but also abuse domestic judicial litigation channels to engage in other countries and individuals "long arm jurisdiction", the most typical case is " Alstom Cases and "Meng Liangzhu Case". According to statistics, the Trump government has implemented more than 3900 sanctions, equivalent to averaged 3 times a day. As of the 2021 fiscal, the US net sanctions entity and individuals are 9,421, an increase of 933% compared with the 2000 fiscal year. US implementation illegal single sanctions and "long arm jurisdiction", seriously damaged the sovereignty safety of other countries, seriously affecting the national stategite students, serious violations of international law and international relations basic guidelines.

Since 2021, the beauty of foreign sanctions has not been closed. The US government is in combination with the European allies to increase the compression of Russia, in Navar incident, Russia to the US network attack, intervention in the United States, etc. In the "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline project and digital tax, the US sanctions European allies are also unfair. Since the first phase of China and the United States, the United States has continuously adopted compression containment measures to China, and more than 940 Chinese entities and individuals will be included in various limited listings. According to the US Department of Finance, the US Department of Finance, as of October 19, US sanctions include Chinese entities and individuals, including Hong Kong, Macau reached 391. Daniel Dresner, a senior, Bruins, a senior researcher of the Bruins, published an article in "Diplomatic" magazine in September this year, criticizing the preferred plan of the United States as a solution to diplomatic issues, but not getting effective It also causes humanitarian disasters, called "United States" has become "sanctions the United States".

The United States implements unilateral sanctions, continues to seriously violate their human rights in their countries and their people. The worst example of these is to continue to perform blockade to Cuba. For more than 60 years, the United States has considers a number of resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, based on the construction of the overall blockade system of Cuba based on domestic laws such as the Administrastore Policies and "Torrichi", "Helmes Burton Law", implemented The longest-lasting systematic trade embargo, economic blockade and financial sanctions in modern history, seriously damage the ancient economic and social development, and the ancient champion is over 100 billion dollars.

Since the end of the 1970s, the United States began long-term blockade and sanctions against Iran. For more than 40 years, the United States and the United States are continuously increased, gradually forming a strict system of sanctions such as financial, trade, energy and entity individuals, etc. pressure. In May 2018, the US government unilaterally exited the Iranian nuclear issue, then restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iraq. Many countries and related entities were forced to give up cooperation with Iraq, a large number of foreign oil companies have been withdrawn from Yi, and the manufacturing industry is difficult to run, and the economic growth rate is declined.

The United States also implemented multi-year sanctions in Belarus, Syria, Zimbabwe and other countries, and increased the limit pressure on North Korea, Venezuela and other countries.

4, "Democratic Lighthouse" to incur a global criticism

The eyes of the global people are bright. For the various defects in the US democracy, the hypocritical sexuality of "democratic values" and the name of the US Democracy can be seen in the world.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the United States has long been accustomed to the "World Democratic Lighthouse", requiring other countries to treat peace, but in their own domestic, the opposite practice, the United States is not illuminated by the lighthouse. The US government should first listen to the voices of their people. Don't engage in "Huhu Xun Action" while in China. The United States is fundamentally unqualified to other national fingertips on the issue of human rights and citizens.

In May 2002, the German Mills Agency Latana and the NATO Secretary-General, the Denmark's Democratic National Alliance founded in 53 countries in 53 countries, 2021 democratic cognition Index "survey results show that 44% of respondents worry that the United States threatens the country's democracy, 50% of US respondents are concerned that the United States is a non-democratic country, and 59% of the US respondents believe that the US government only represents the interests of a few groups.

In June 201, Kras, Associate Professor, University of London, University of London, published in the Washington Post, "US Democratic Failure Orders Shocked". The articles arrested by the article show that the United States is no longer "City of Mountain", and the US allies regard American democracy as "broken past", New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands and the United Kingdom 69% respectively. 65%, 60%, 59%, 56% and 53% of the people think that the US political system is not very good or very bad. In France, Germany, New Zealand, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, etc. have more than a quarter of the people think that "the United States has never been a democratic model."

The report of the "EU ON" issued by the Political Agency showed that the EU fell on the confidence of the US system, and 52% considered that the US democratic system was invalid, this ratio was 65% and 61% in France and Germany.

In September 2021, Martin Wolf, a famous British scholar, published in the Financial Times, "The Singular Democratic Division of US Democracy" pointed out that the US political environment has come to the extent that the Democratic Republic will further transform the democraticism.

In November 2021, the "International Democracy and Election Assistance Research Institute" International Democracy and Election Assistance Research Institute "issued an annual report" 2021 Global Democracy ", which first included the" retreat of democratic countries "in the United States. The organization secretary general said that the US democracy is significantly deteriorated, reflecting the trend of challenging the trusted election results, and is increasingly changing, the pressing of the election and the increasingly serious polarization.

India's political activists Advent pointed out that the United States is not a "democratic model", the world recognizes that American democracy is urgent to reflect on it, and the United States needs to learn from other democratic countries. Mexico "Process" magazine commented that under the appearance of democratic freedom, there is a huge defect in the US democratic system. Senior Lecturer, South Africa, Senior Lecturer Mbte, wrote, free and equitable elections, such as universal voters, unified rules and regulations, such as universal voters, unified rules and regulations, In fact, it is missing in the US system. Good electoral line in democratic training in Africans has never existed in the United States. Conclude

The city of the city is no longer.

- "Israel Times"

In the case of the United States, it should effectively protect the democratic rights of the people, improve their own democratic system, and should bear more international responsibilities, provide more public products, rather than talking about only procedures in democracy, form democracy and ignoring substantive democracy and Results democracy, the United States democracy is imposed on people, divided into camp with the value of value, and the banner of democracy is interfering, subversive, and aggression.

At present, the international community is responsible for global urgency such as new coronal pneumonia epidemic, economic growth, and climate change crisis. In the face of these risks and challenges, no one can be alone, united cooperation is the most powerful weapon. Put the democracy, absolute, instrumentation, weaponization, and human-beal manufacturing group politics and camps, which is back to the spirit of the same boat.

Countries should go beyond different systems, abandon zero and game thinking, practice real multilateralism, carry forward peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, freedom, respect each other, respect each other, seek common, cooperation, and build humanity Destiny Community.