Close to the end of the year, the world's refugee problem is worried

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Close to the end of the year, the world's refugee problem is worried

2021-12-05 12:04:21 19 ℃

Near the end of the year, the winter cold wind is raging in the north hemisphere. Several bad news about refugee problems is once again, people are worried. Moreover, in the future, the global refugees seem to be still unprofitable.

On November 24, after the departure from France, a departure from the France, I was sinking on the way to the British Geely Strait, causing 27 deaths. The tragedy of the boat turned the death, often happened to the Mediterranean refugee channel, and now the cross-strait in the English-Decidial Strait, further illustrates the complexity and severeness of refugees and illegal immigration issues. In the face of this tragedy, British Fa's two countries accuse each other to deal with illegal immigration.

The Belarusian - EU refugee crisis continued in a deadlock, four or five thousand refugees stayed in Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries and Belarus border areas, Poland has sent a large number of military alarms to the border areas of white booms and strictly guard against Illegal immigration. The good news is that the Iraqi government has recently sent a plane to Belarus, which will try to enter the European Union country's unregistered Iraqi refugee batch transport back to China.

The absence of the Atlantic, the Western media is very deep, but the actual situation is very bad. According to US media reports, the US law enforcement department was arrested in the United States and the Mexican border, and the record of the 2000 fiscal year, highlighting the pressure and embarrassment of the Biden government in combating illegal immigration matters.

What is a little gratifying that the Italian government has recently announced that the famous "National Geographic" magazine cover "Afghan girl" She finally has a good destination after the hardship.

Refugee and illegal immigration problems have plagued the international community, and some are refugees, some are economic refugees, and they say that there is a geopolitical and national horn, and they say that there is a snake head and gang tissue into it. It is very complicated. Take the refugee event of the British Geely Strait, from the northern part of France traversed the illegal immigrants to the British British Britain for many years. These people often cross the British Geely Strait through dangerous ways such as trucks, ferry or boats. 39 smugglers have been frurly dead in container trucks in October 2019, and the British police believed that 39 victims were Vietnamese. Recently, the number of cases that stealing the UK suddenly increased. According to the British Broadcasting Company, the number of illegal immigrants in the Crossing Strait appeared in November this year's 1,000 historical high history. The accumulated number of people since this year has exceeded 25,000.

A large number of refugees and illegal immigrants choose to go to the UK, there are many reasons. First, the UK's economic development is better than the EU, especially the free medical and other welfare systems. Secondly, English is more common in the world, and refugees who speak simple English are easier to find opportunities in the UK.

After the tragedy of the smuggling, the United Kingdom pushed each other with France. The British Prime Minister Johnson also loses a letter to the French President Markon, especially mentioning that the UK and the EU, France reached an illegal immigrants, allowing the UK to send a smuggler back to France. The French party is extremely dissatisfied, and even does not invite the Britain to participate in the European countries' meetings on the meeting of illegal immigrants, and the law enforcement of repatriation and joint coastal patrols is also not possible.

From the perspective of civilian perspective, illegal immigrants have become a business. According to AFP reported that the criminal gang provided by the British sneak route existing "grass root route", as well as "VIP route." The so-called "grass root route", generally refers to the smuggling passengers follow the snake head to the land, which is going to go to the UK; the so-called "VIP route", including fake passports, tickets and even lawyers, translations, etc. "One-stop" service, stealing passengers generally Passports enters France, Spain and other countries, and then enter the UK.

Since several years ago, the French government will be removed from the illegal immigrant camp of the Ying Gee Strait, and the population traffickers turned to other lines to smuggle refugees to the UK. Almost all ports in France have become the departure.

In addition, the current European Union is "abdominal back to the enemy" on refugee issues. Just when the British Fa is noisy, the refugee crisis in the European countries and the Belarusian border in Poland and the Belarusian border remain continuous. Belarus President Luchenko recently inspected a refugee resettlement point in Bai Bo border, saying that if refugee still wishes to the EU country, the white government will not stop, he also called on Germany to accept refugees.

Compared with the European refugee crisis, it is more profound compared to the media exposure, and the attention of the long-lasting beauty crisis is very low. "Washington Post" is not reported, this year, the illegal immigration of the ink border has continued, and many people have been more prioruous after being repatriated, and only more than 200,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in August. Since this year, the Biden government has refused to apply for refuge and expelting refugees in border epidemic prevention. US law enforcement officers riding a horse whip to the picture of refugees, causing global anger. Some netizens commented that this reminds the scene of the slave period.

Chasing the roots, the root cause of refugees and illegal immigrants is the poverty and war of the country of origin, and this is a large extent, which is caused by the long-term transactions of these countries in the West.As Russian President Putin said, the refugee crisis "is the bitter fruit of the Western countries".From the global development, reduce the number of illegal immigrations, the key to reducing global inequality, promoting the sustainable development of economic and social undeveloped countries.Western can accept a Chaptri Dula, and it is impossible to accept thousands of "Afghan girls".(To the long river)