Another country became "cannon gray"?Beauty proposes an unreasonable requirement, they really agreed

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Another country became "cannon gray"?Beauty proposes an unreasonable requirement, they really agreed

2022-01-09 18:07:54 39 ℃

According to the Global Network, due to the opposition position between China and the United States, this has made many countries under the oppression of the United States, there is only a choice between China and America.

In recent times, another country or will become a "cannon gray" in Sino-US game, this country is Israel. The US puts forward a unreasonable request to the country, so that the country revealed the major trade cooperation between China and China, the country really agreed.

Beauty proposes an unreasonable request

Israel is a native country, but they have fully realized that cooperation with China is very important, especially in terms of infrastructure, China is able to provide great help. However, Israel is the most trusted country in the Middle East. It is naturally unwilling to cooperate with China, which will cause the United States to generate the "crisis sense of the Chinese intervened Middle East".

At this time, the US direction proposed a unreasonable request, that is, it is hoped that the country can report important trade cooperation between Washington and China in the following time. It seems that only this will be able to make the United States complete peace of mind.

Israel is clearly a balance between China and the United States, the country does not want to lose China's partners, but at the same time, the country's political tendency is inevitably still in the United States. In the end, the country still made a decision, that is, not on China's issues, with the United States to dry, so I agree with this requirement.

In the next time, important trade cooperation between the country and the Chinese will report to Washington, but will also maintain low-key, and hope that China can continue to carry out business. In Israel, it will not lose business and investment from China as long as it is too high in China 's issue.

In fact, Israel is also helpless, in the case of possible, the country is naturally a more willing to cooperate with the US, in fact, the country has repeatedly requested requirements to the US, I hope that the US can increase investment in Israel. Especially in some important areas. If this is the case, Israel naturally does not need to cooperate with the Chinese side, but the US is not responding to the country's requirements.

Obviously, the United States wants to hold Israel, but it is not willing to give the core technology to the country, and finally strategic to the country's choice between China and the United States. This situation is not only in Israel, but also in other countries.

In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hua Chunying made a response. She stressed that there are now many countries in the world to choose from between China and the United States, and I hope that between China and the United States can more friendly. Any country should have qualifications for trade cooperation with China and the United States.

All along, the Chinese are all principles of friendly coexistence, and treating any country is equal and never interferes with trade between any country and other countries. So I also hope that the United States can show their own big country, do not continue to threaten any country, let them choose from between China and the United States, which is not any benefit for countries.

If Israel is really cooperation between China, it is completely reported to the US. Is the country really thought that he can be alone? This is impossible. As the trade between two sovereignty countries, other countries should not involve other countries, which will lead to serious impacts between cooperation between the two countries, and Israel is likely to eventually become the "cannon gray" between China and American games. Therefore, we also advise Israel to make the right decision.