3 breaks on one day?India's new diagnosis of diagnosis is high, 13 infected people escape

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3 breaks on one day?India's new diagnosis of diagnosis is high, 13 infected people escape

2022-01-09 18:07:38 40 ℃

One wave is not flat, one wave of rise!

In the blink of an eye, the new year has passed the time.

When the countries around the world are fighting with the epidemic, the number of new diagnosed people in the United States has more than one million people, India actually makes international jokes.

This time, Moti received three bad news, each of which was very unfavorable to the government.

First, the Indian epidemic is upgraded, and the number of new diagnosed people in one day innovation is high.

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, on January 7th, in the past 24 hours, India has added 117,000 patients with new crowns, and 302 new deaths.

This number, almost breaking the highest record of the number of people in India since June last year.

Of course, the data is officially released in India, and the record is also a record of India's official announcement.

What is the situation in India's domestic existence? Does the Modi government's epidemic prevention measures are in place? This has to raise a second message.

Second, the Indian government's anti-vloys policy has a loophole, and 13 infected people escaped.

On January 7, the Global Network reported that a flight containing 179 people from Italy to India, after arriving in Amrit, India, was found to be positive.

Such a large infection ratio, immediately aggravated the attention of the local government, but the government of Amre was just shot, and 13 infected people escaped.

It is understood that in 125 new crown positive patients that have been infected, 9 people have fled from the airport. There are still 4 people, deceive local health officials in the hospital, and also succeeded.

So far, Indian police have not figured out their specific orientation. The Indian government said that if they are not returning to the isolation point in time, the police will revoke their passports and publish wanted information on the media.

Look, India will be serious, after all, 13 new crown infected people don't see trace, this is a great hygiene in the local people.

However, what should I do if I know so?

The 13 passengers escaped, part of the airport disappeared, and the other is in the hospital, running away by deceiving health officials.

This is exposed to the management level of India's airport, but also means that Indian health officials are derelicant, there is no "anti-fraud" ability.

Even if the 13 infected people were "catching the case", but they have already caused viral spread, such a large-scale epidemic proliferation problem, should it be responsible?

More importantly, this matter also has seriously consumed the trust of the Modi government.

A flight from Italy to India, with more than two-thirds of passengers diagnosed, and 13 passengers have escaped, no isolation.

Such a ridiculous thing, it is inevitable that the local people have doubts: have you happened before? How did Mode managed? Can he guarantee the safety of the people of India?

The answer is obvious.

In fact, in the ridiculous things, India, in addition to the new crown epidemic, Moti is also facing another problem.

Third, Indian local armed forces, the gunshots of the Indian Kashmir region continue.

On January 7, local time, the police in the Indian Kashmir regional said that they had crossfire with local armed elements last night, and 3 members were killed.

Not only that, the Indian police have seized a number of weapons and ammunition, which is currently confirming the identity of 3 deceased.

On the surface, the Indian police have won a small victory this time, but in fact, behind the victory hidden huge chaos.

It is to know that the armed forces in the country in India have been rampant. After the emergence of new crown, more opposition people have joined armed organizations.

Recently, such crossfire events occur frequently. Just a week ago, local time on December 31, Indian police and local armed molecular intensive incidents occurred in the Indian police and local armed molecules.

In crossing, three militants were killed, 3 police and 1 military unit injured.

This is only a few days, the same conflict occurs again, and it can be seen that India is chaoting and the security environment is challenging.

To put it bluntly, in front of the number of armed conflicts, occasionally a small victory, can't represent anything. On the contrary, this time another friction and intersection, more indicated that India is not too safe, and local armed forfeas is more than not.