Malaysia has greeted a number of economic indicators last November last year.

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Malaysia has greeted a number of economic indicators last November last year.

2022-01-11 12:02:00 37 ℃

China News, January 10 (Reporter Chen Yue) Malaysia Statistical Department issued a number of single monthly statistics in November 2021, which increased in the same period and the ring. According to the statistical department, the country's economic and employment is expected to continue boosting in the coming months.

Data show that in November last year, the number of unemployed in Malaysia was 6.944 million, and since the first day, the first degree has dropped below 700,000 in April 2020. This unemployment is reduced by 9.2% compared between November 2020; 1.5% from the October last year.

The statistical department pointed out that the number of employment in the service industry, manufacturing and construction industry has maintained an increase in November last year; but the number of employment in agriculture and mining has continued to decline.

According to statistics, Malaysia has reached 142.4 billion Lingit in November last year (1 Lin Jiji Yes for 0.24 US dollars), which rose by 18.8% from November 2020, which also recorded 1.2% from the October last year.

Statistics show that exports have significant role in horse manufacturing, export-oriented sales increased by 22% higher than in the same period in 2020, and accounting for 70% of manufacturing products. According to the data released by the statistical department, the Malaysian exports reached 112.2 billion Lin Git in November, which increased by 32% compared with the same period in 2020.

According to the person in charge of the Malaysian economic activity, the labor market continued to improve with the country's labor market in August last year; with further recovery of economic activities, the Labor Market is expected to continue to improve.

However, statistical departments also reminded that the recent new crown virus O'Keri variant strains may affect the recovery trend of Malaysia's economic and labor market. (Finish)