Hauri is just right, "the beauty biological laboratory is occupied?" Chong Search, Harfire emergency statement

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Hauri is just right, "the beauty biological laboratory is occupied?" Chong Search, Harfire emergency statement

2022-01-12 00:10:27 42 ℃

Global Times news, with the help of the Ji'an Organization, Kazakhstan riots just sailed, recently, from the social media out of the "American Biological Laboratory near Almati, is an unidentified person occupied". In this regard, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Health came out, this is a false message.

According to the report, in addition to spreading the American biological laboratory, the news also said that some experts who wearing protective clothing are working, it is likely to have some dangerous pathogens to leak. Subsequently, the Kazakhstan Health Department said this is a fake message that the facilities mentioned in the message have been protected.

In addition, the Secretary of the Russian Safety Commission has also stated that the United States established a biological laboratory in many countries, and the environment of each biological laboratory is very closed, and the content inside is also extremely confidential. The US also stipulates that researchers in the laboratory are not allowed to use.

It is understood that the United States has opened more than 200 biological laboratories in the world, which is located in the US Bioplaborator of Almaty is the largest biological laboratory in Central Asia. In 2010, the US began to build and cost $ 60 million. The US also said that "the most dangerous virus" will be saved here.

On the 2nd, Kazakhstan has burst protests in Kazakhstan, reporting that thousands of protesters held protests in the door of the Municipal Government of Almati in Kazakhstan, the gunshots and explosives continued to pass, a large number of demonstrators and local Law enforcement officers have conflicts. On the 5th, President Kazakhstan Todayev announced that the country entered an emergency. On the 6th, Tosayev urgently issues a aid request to the Jian'an Organization. On the same day, Ji'an Organization dispatched peacekeeping forces arrived in Hadakstan.

With the help of the peacekeeping forces sent by Russia, Kazakhstan's riots were finally calm, 7th, the President of the country announced that all regions of Kazakhstan have basically resumed order.

It is worth mentioning, 10th, the State Secretary of Kazakhstan, said in an interview that criminals in this riots, there are Kazakhstan citizens, and there are foreign citizens, obvious, and there are internal and external sites behind Kazakhstan. Conspiracy for forces. Two forces "combined" together, worry that Kazakhstan has the possibility of riots again.

When the reporter asked Kazakhstan once again violent possibility, Carling said that Kazakhstan still has a lot of risks, all departments have prepared to respond to unexpected conditions, and also hope that Kazakhstan is always vigilant Protect your own life and property safety.