Another country's president sworn in the job, in the inquiry ceremony, I still don't forget to thank China.

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Another country's president sworn in the job, in the inquiry ceremony, I still don't forget to thank China.

2022-01-14 00:04:13 29 ℃

With China's development, more and more countries are willing to establish diplomatic relations with China. China has brought hope for these countries. Many countries have achieved effectively develop interests in communication with China. China played by China in the international community is getting bigger and bigger. On January 10th, local time, the Nicaragua President Daniel Alt announced in the election.

President Nicaragua thanks to China's help

Olgate said in a speech, I would like to thank the people of Nicaragua, he will continue to lead the country. During the new championship, China gave a lot of help from Nicaragua, expressed gratitude to China's aid, and agreed with China's "one way". Nicaragua is known as the "backyard" of the United States. After choosing to cut off with the Taiwan authorities, resolutely choose to resume diplomatic relations with China, which makes the United States feel uncomfortable. The United States naturally uses consistent means to limit it.

US Take measures to sanction in Nicaragua

On January 10, local time, according to the peninsula news, the United States announced that the new round of sanctions in Nicaragua officials were carried out by these people were accused of committing "national violence, spread false information and pressure independent media." The United States will also implement visa restrictions on 116 Nicaragua citizens, including mayors, prosecutors, etc., they can't enter the United States.

On the same day, the EU also announced the assets of Algart and their family members and police and other relevant personnel. Sanctions are a usual means of Western countries, they always try to use this way to achieve the purpose of restricting other countries. The sanctions in the United States Europe agree to the days of the president of Nicaragua, visible to these countries, and always think about political struggle.

Hegemony has no foothold

Nicaragua maintained a so-called "Banglion" relationship with Taiwan, with time, Nicaragua chose to establish diplomatic relations with China, which is unable to block, a Chinese principle is not changed at all times, and has gradually become one International consensus. The US sanctions on Nicaragua showed the side of Western national hegemony, and they should not interfere with other countries, so that the situation can only be increasingly unstable.

Hegemony has no foothold, and countries must strengthen cooperation so that they can promote the development of the country. More and more countries choose to develop relations with China is because they are based on mutual benefit, and China completely respects the sovereignty of various countries, and will not interfere with his national government, which is completely different.

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