Sanders launched the "National Mask Act" to all N95 masks for free

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Sanders launched the "National Mask Act" to all N95 masks for free

2022-01-15 00:09:10 15 ℃

According to the Comprehensive Report of the US Chinese Network, the US Congress Seners Sanders, with more than 50 democrat Members, proposed a bill on Wednesday, aims to distribute high-quality masks to everyone in the United States to promote the public OMICRON variants are better to protect during spread.

According to reports, the bill will allocate 5 billion yuan, promote masks production, and use the US postal system to issue three N95 masks to everyone. The bill also plans to set up a distribution point in schools and bus stations.

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Sanders said in a statement: "When we face fast spreading Omicron variants, we should remember that not all masks are the same. Congress must require large-scale production and distribution of N95 masks, this is to stop One of the most effective ways to spread new crown virus. As the world's most prosperous country, frontline employees, medical staff and all Americans cannot easily get high-quality masks, which is definitely a ugly thing. "

Some health experts have also urged the Biden government to take more measures to provide high-quality masks to the public. They believe that in view of the omicron variants having a strong infectivity, ordinary cloth masks are difficult to filter viral particles.

Wen Lina Wen, a public health department of George Washington University, wrote on Twitter last month: "The cloth hood is just a face decoration, should not be considered an effective mask. The United States should ask in crowded The medical surgical mask (and distributing to the public). "

The White House New Crown should expressed his in Jeffrey Zients at a press conference on Wednesday morning that the government is actively considering providing more high-quality masks to all Americans, but he has not described detailed description.

On the other hand, the Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, said on Wednesday that her institution will not change the mask guide, urge Americans to wear the N95 or KN95 mask with higher protection, she believes Although these masks are better, it is very comfortable, and it is very comfortable to wear.

During the epidemic, the mask has become a highly political issue, and the anti-mouth cover in the United States has exploded the anti-mouth cover. (Original title: Sanders launched the "National Mask Act" to everyone free N95)