Biden wants to block China?American politicians replace the Biden: 2022 is in Asia!

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Biden wants to block China?American politicians replace the Biden: 2022 is in Asia!

2022-01-15 06:03:50 65 ℃

According to media reports, the United States has continuously increased the "penetration" of China, and frequently sent officials to visit China, trying to make these surroundings to the United States and fight against China. The United States has repeatedly applied various sanctions to China. In the early days, the efforts of the relationship between the two countries have been exchanged in exchange for the United States "from the status of strength".

This allows China to completely see the United States, China has begun to strive to fight against the United States, unite the harvest of the people of the country, overcome difficulties, and make the United States have a small amount of pressure, but the United States has a heavy loss. However, politicians who have never had a deep enemy, there is still no recognition of reality, and there is a US politician named Campbell to express the highly hostile dispute comment on China.

Is it in Asia in 2022?

Campbell said in an interview with media that the United States hopes to "coexist" in Asia. However, "coexistence" in Campbell is not a friendly relationship between China and America, but the United States hopes to replace China's economic status in Asia, and vigorously squeeze China's interestspace. Campbell claimed that this is the 2022 plan in the United States. He said "The United States is unintentional with China". The United States just hopes to play the influence in the India. Campbell admitted that China's huge influence in the region, but also said that the United States needs strong strengthening of military existence and diplomacy in the Indian area.

These contradictory remarks are ridiculous, Campbell belongs to the boy who wants to give US face, and wants to use the "just" excuse to look for China. At this point, Campbell is fully presenting on climate cooperation, and he declares that Sino-US can effectively cooperate on climate issues, and suggest that China is the maximum hindrance to the climate problem. This face is not teeth.

The United States has "sit still"

The United States is now in the United States, in essence, it is inherently through the formation of "small circles" to try "Iso2" China, soft and hard to make other countries to stand in China. But in other countries, China and the United States can give them what they have given them very clearly, can promote China's economic development, China's economic development, and far more suitable for the United States, which cannot be compressed in the country, and cannot bring more economic benefits. Be a friend.

Campbell smeared in China's normal international exchanges, and at the same time tried to create a "victim" image for the United States. Advise these politicians in the United States do not do their deceived performances, in addition to please yourself, there is no benefit to promote regional peace and stability.

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Some Message Reference Source: Guangzhou Daily