After the riots saved, Tosayev did three things, and said that the old president said that he was deep and long.

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After the riots saved, Tosayev did three things, and said that the old president said that he was deep and long.

2022-01-15 06:04:03 17 ℃

Under the cooperation of the Kazakhstan government law enforcement department and Ji'an organizational organization, the current riots in Harbin have basically calm, and nearly 10,000 people have been arrested. According to Kazakhstan President Tosayev, in the next two days, Ji'an Organization will begin to retreat. The next question is how to handle the domestic contradictions, after the evacuation of Ji'an, continue to maintain Kazakhstan's domestic stability. In response to this problem, Tosayev did three things, respectively gave riots, establish a new government, and announced the treatment measures for domestic rights expensive. It is inevitable to touch the interests of the old President Nazarbayev family in handling, so the prior Todayaf said that the old president said that it is deeply long, and it is also possible to make everyone.

According to the report of the observer on January 12th, after the storm, the President Kazakhstan President Tosayev announced that this riot is a "unsuccessful policy", and the official gives this incident, not only There is an external force interference, and there is also "inner ghost" internally, and the treason of traitor is punished. The second thing is to form a new government. The original government framework was dissolved by Tosayev after the riots, and now he wants to build a new government system. At present, Smelov has been appointed New government prime minister.

The last thing is more troublesome, and Tosayev has to do its in China, which is the oligarch that is slowly formed after more than 30 years after Kazakhstan. These titles are basically formed during the old president, and they are surrounded by the old President Nazar Bayev, and these people are actually touching the interests of Nagzarbayev family. However, this time, in the past, now Kazakhstan's power is in the hands of Tosayev, a veritable leader, and he is fully capable of handling these power.

In the recent public speech, Tosayev first thanked the old president for the contribution of the country in decades, saying that it created a batch of entries and a batch of huge rich in Kazakhstan, which made a huge impact of this country. Contribution. This is not fake, Kazakhstan can maintain 30 years of stability, old Nazarbayev's power, after all, stabilized for 30 years, and the country has far-reaching. Then Totakayev is turned, saying that these companies and rich people are time to start "feedback" people, they need "pickup" systematic and habitually help people, this sentence is implies that they will have the original power The class started.

In fact, Tosayev has already shot, and the old president's small daughter business company is canceled in the past few days, and claiming that such companies should be home. This is beautiful, who opposes who is right with the domestic people, is to stand in the opposite side of the people. Nazal Bayev has lost his power, and now it is also in absolute disadvantages, and he can do only with Toyayev compromise.

Sometimes I really doubt that when I study in China, I should see the "Three Kingdom Romance" when I studied in China. He has been amazing in these days. Although he deny himself and Nazar Bayev has contradictory, it is seen that Kazakhstan is now experiencing real power transitions.

The old president has created a 30-year political framework that was all tawn in less than three years after Tucakayev. In the future, Kazakhstan will not continue to play "three eggs to dance" this kind of trick, Tosayev's relationship between China and Russia is better, and after the incident, it is almost inevitable. .

Maybe someone will think about a problem, will Tucakayev will become the second Nazarbayev? After the national collection of old power is expensive, will it produce a new power with Tosayev as the core, and the historical week is beginning? In fact, this possibility is relatively low. The reason is very simple. Todayaf is different from Nazar Bayev, he doesn't have so much time, he is 71 years old this year. In the end of the political career, it is difficult to handle more than 30 years, don't say yourself and go to the old road of the old president.