The OSC holds a willingness to meet the discretion of the meeting

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The OSC holds a willingness to meet the discretion of the meeting

2022-01-15 06:03:39 19 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, Vienna, January 13 (Reporter Yu Tao Li Xuejun) European Safety and Cooperation Organization (OSC) Permanent Board held a meeting in Vienna, Austria, Western countries, in the United States, unable to be in the meeting Get alleviated, but Russian representative expressed the willingness of dialogue.

The meeting was held by the Note Minister of the OS Organization, Poland, Poland Foreign Minister Raew, representatives, representatives of the Member States of the OSCO. Raew said that the current war risk in the European Organization area is much larger than any time in the past 30 years. Poland as the European Organization President of the OSW Wish ISO to launch a comprehensive security dialogue, including Russian and Member States, including Russia, and Ukraine can express their concerns and ideas.

Schmitt, Secretary-General of the OSO, said that Europe's current situation is "very dangerous", urgent need to restart the debate on European security issues. The urgent task is to find a way to mitigate the situation through diplomacy and start "rebuilding trust, transparent and cooperation."

The US Department of Permanent OSCLO said that Carpenter said that the US has a wish of dialogue, and it is also preparing for the crisis may further upgrade.

Russia's resident OSCLILILILILILL said after the meeting, Western countries have disappointed the Russian side of the Russian and European security recommendations, but Russia will not give up diplomatic efforts. On the contrary, "Diplomacy is accelerating".

Lukakhevich said that the negotiation between Russia and the West is at a critical moment. He called on the West to make a constructive response to the proposal of the Russia, otherwise Russia will have to take the necessary measures to ensure strategic balance and eliminate national security. "Unacceptable threat".

In December 202, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement with the US and other Western countries, requiring the United States and NATO to provide legal protection for the possibility of excluding NATO further eastward expansion. In the same month, Russia submitted the US and US Safety Treatment draft Russian Security Treatment Treaty and the security measures agreement of the Russian and NATO Member States. The content includes requiring to exclude NATO Further Eastern Expansion, NATO promises not incorporating Ukraine and other countries into NATO. On 10th this month, US Russia held a new round of strategic stability dialogue, but both sides did not make progress on the main issues of negotiations. On the 12th, the NATO-Russian Council held a meeting, but both parties were still in NATO East.