The Chinese Embassy in Russia, the Chinese Embassy in Japan issued an important reminder!

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The Chinese Embassy in Russia, the Chinese Embassy in Japan issued an important reminder!

2022-01-15 06:03:49 13 ℃

According to the China Member of China, the WeChat public account is reported on January 14, according to the Russian media report, the Russian new chalkhood is serious and complicated, and the Okocia virus spreads rapidly, the future or has a new round of outbreaks. In order to reduce cross-infection, ensure that it is safe and family epidemic prevention, and the Embassy in Russia solemnly reminds all Chinese citizens:

First, be sure to be highly vigilant, do the necessary protective measures to ensure your health and safety. Adhere to the wearing mask, keep social distance, and develop good personal hygiene habits. Try not to go to personally intensive venues and do not participate in large aggregation activities.

Second, adhere to "non-necessary, do not travel", try to avoid traveling long distances or travel in public transportation.

Third, pay close attention to your own health, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. If you are unfortunate to diagnose infection, please contact the residential pavilion in Russia in the first time, we will provide the necessary assistance to Chinese citizens in need.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Japan, the WeChat public account is reported on January 14. The current Otcock poison strain accelerates the spread of spread, the new crown epidemic is strongly rebounded. On January 13th, there were 18,859 patients in Japan, including 3,124 new diagnosis in Dongjing, and the new year of Shenchuan County, Yumu County and other places. The Chinese Embassy in Japan solemnly reminds the overseas Chinese to attach great importance to a new round of epidemic, overcome paralyzed loose emotions and luck, and continue to strictly strengthen self-protection, actively cooperate with all epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively safeguard your own and relatives and friends. Health and safety.

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First, adhere to "not necessary, not going out, do not travel". Try to minimize the "three secrets" behaviors of outning and cross-regional trips, force gain, gatherings, etc.

Second, do a good job in the prevention and control of the Spring Festival holiday. The Spring Festival is approaching, it is recommended to avoid large-scale aggregation activities, actively adopt cloud club equial lines to communicate with friends and family. There is also a compatriot to return to China. Please strictly do a good job in check-in, self-health monitoring and management, and take strict protective measures to ensure peace.

Third, adhere to the daily good epidemic prevention habits. Please persist in wearing masks, wash your hands, often disinfect, more ventilation, pay attention to daily killing, maintain a safe social distance.

Fourth, do a good job in emergency preparation. It is recommended to prepare an essential drug, mask, disinfectant, etc. in advance. Pay close attention to their own health, if there is a suspected new crown symptom, please visit the doctor in time and notify the local health care. If the condition suddenly or seriously deteriorated, please call 119 First Aid Telephone.

If you have diagnosed, you can read the "Notice on Posting the Release of New Edition New Edition Naggong Pneumonia confirmed compatriots" and scan the code to fill in the information, we will send you a health package as soon as possible and provide active assistance.

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