In the early hours of the morning, the European Parliament was killed, and he called the Chinese European investment agreement, saying that Taiwan is "allies"

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In the early hours of the morning, the European Parliament was killed, and he called the Chinese European investment agreement, saying that Taiwan is "allies"

2022-01-15 12:02:25 12 ℃

The new crown epidemic has brought different degrees of impact on the development of countries. Under the influence of O'Keri poison, some countries entered a new round of epidemic. At present, many countries in Europe are very serious, and relevant government departments must pay high attention. The new crown pneumonia epidemic situation has caused serious threats to people's health and life safety, and may even lead to death. According to overseas networks, local time on January 11, 2022, the European Parliamentary David Sassoli or died in complications after infection with new crown.

Sassolie has shown tough attitude on the issue of China

In September 2021, Sassolie had suffered from new crown. After treatment of the body, it has recovered, but suddenly, the immune system disorder caused serious complications, and after the treatment, the treatment is ultimately lost life. From the perspective of European epidemics, Sassoli's death may be associated with complications after infection.

Sassoli is still very tough on the issue of China, and through a number of Chinese Acts during the ruling period. Last year, the European Union was publicly launched by "Human Rights" for China's sanctions. After the announcement of the European Union, Sassolley called the Central European Agreement. The Chinese and European agreement is mutually mutually beneficial, and the development of both China and EU has benefit.

Not only that, the European Parliament also chooses to choose the wrong political position on the Taiwan issue. The European Parliamentary Committee has said that Taiwan is "allies", trying to resist the Beijing Winter Olympics, and encourage member states not to participate in the competition. Under the leadership of Sassoli, the European Parliament has maintained an attitude towards the issue of China, which is not conducive to the development and progress of China-EU relations.

China-EU relations have benefited the two sides

With China's development, many European countries have realized the importance of maintaining a good relationship with China. Affected by new crown epidemics, some national economic development in Europe is in trouble, and they urgently need to improve the economy, and they will be undoubtedly the best choice for cooperation with China. During the Merkel, Germany continued to maintain a good relationship with China.

With the development of globalization, Central European cooperation is more closely, and after the Sino-European Agreement is signed, it will provide opportunities for Central European countries. I hope that the prophets of the new European Parliament can look at China's development and actively promote the cooperation of Central Europe. China's market has great development potential, many overseas companies have developed in China, even in the epidemic, overseas companies are affected.

China has no substantive conflict conflict between China and Europe, and there is no geopolitical issue. It hopes that European countries can actively develop relationships with China and promote the development and progress of the world. Central European cooperation is conducive to the progress of both parties, and I hope that European countries can be aware of this.

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