The EU discussion "The relationship between the balance", the President's foreign affairs consultant: Ouzhong should not be opposed, more should not be confronted

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The EU discussion "The relationship between the balance", the President's foreign affairs consultant: Ouzhong should not be opposed, more should not be confronted

2022-01-15 12:02:27 11 ℃

[Global Times Special Journalist Li Meng in Germany, Li Meng in the ultrafan Chen Xin] 13th to 14th, the Foreign Ministers and Precautions of the EU held informal meeting in the northwest of France, major issues included Discuss the draft EU "Strategic Compass" draft, developing "more balanced China relations". In the Lithuania, I want to take the "chariot" of the EU to fight against China. How will the EU "examine" to China? US political news network said on the 14th that the Ministers of the EU state discussed "China's huge political, economic and commercial pressure applied to some member countries", but in addition to fierce words, they are difficult to take practical actions. The French President Marcro said, although the EU should unite, the overall policy agenda of the China and Europe should not be significantly affected. "There should be no opposition in Europe, and it should not be confronted." On the 13th, visit China's French Presidential Foreign Affairs Adviser Bona said. Cui Hongjian, director of the European Director of China International Problem, interviewed by "Global Times" reporters, said that in dealing with Lithuania and other issues, France and other EU countries face a test: how to take a balance between non-gentle and pro-far.

Drawing desk defense file

This is the first time to hold an EU Foreign Ministers and Polish Meeting, the French EU Foreign Ministers and the Conference of the European Union and the French Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Giants. EU 27 Foreign Minister and Defense Cultivation How to establish a more "independent" Europe in the international stage, including the draft "Strategic Compass" draft, the European Union's neighboring countries, more balanced China relations, and adjust the EU and the African Union Partnership, etc.

"Strategic Compass" was called the EU "Defense White Paper" by foreign media, and the EU Diplomatic and Safety Policy Senior Representative Breil is drafted and is interpreted by the outside world as a desired to deal with China Russia threat. According to the "French Department" report, French National Defense Minister Palic said that it will help the "Strategic Compass" will help the EU integrate strategic power. "For a long time, Europe is an ignored power."

According to the governor report, the "Strategic Compass" is listed in the new challenge of the European Union, and the way to carry out the way, and propose to quickly mobilize and deploy 5,000 people in the crisis moment, identify and grade the threat and grade and strengthen the military industry cooperation. Waiting for measures. The "All Europe" website disclosed that this document describes the four major issues of crisis management, strategic toolbox, capacity building and partnership, and its final text is expected to pass during the March of the European Council.

However, EU member states are different about how to coordinate joint policies and NATO and the role of US security issues in Europe. The French "Telecommunications" 13-day column articles said that EU member states are studying their favorite and most controversial topics in Brest, and the defense, especially the United Nations Security Council. The German "of the permanent members of the Permanent Directors and the German" of the United, and the German "" "" ""

The EU united test?

According to the German "Business Daily", at the 14th meeting, the Foreign Ministers of the EU member states talked about "China's huge political, economic and commercial pressure applied to some member countries." According to the press release released by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting also discussed how China "promotion mode" in the multilateral system and how the EU should respond.

"Business Daily" said that because Lithuania set up a "representative office" as the name "Taiwan", China's "fierce response". The article claims that some containers from Lithuania can enter China's specific port, but other ports are "completely blocked", Lithuania will sometimes be named by China Customs. There is an EU Diploma believe that these measures in China will affect the entire EU internal market, so "unacceptable". In response to the so-called China Customs "blockade" Lithuania, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has previously said that China has always acts in accordance with the rules of WTO.

The EU is tied to the "chariot" to China, apparently the hope of Lithuania wants to see. In an interview published in the UK "Financial Times" on the 13th, Lands Belgis, who is pressed against China, and the EU must "resolutely confront". "China is testing EU unity", US political news network 14th, said China and Lithuania disputes have been put on the EU agenda, at this Foreign Ministers, the EU plans to openly express support against Lithuania. French "Returning" mentioned that France plans to accelerate the "anti-stress tools" proposed by the European Commission last December last year, it will give the European Commission to quickly make counter-system power to prevent third countries from adopting or threat Take measures affecting trade and investment to apply for EU member states. However, according to foreign media, there is questions in Sweden, Czech Republic and Estonia's necessity of "anti-stress tools". Scholar: EU is trying to coordinate

The Swedish Foreign Minister Linde said on the 14th, fully supporting Lithuania, but the United States Bloomberg said that not everyone believes that the EU will show a strong pose. Some sources said that in recent days, at least one EU member state said to the German government, the latter performance "too timid" on the Lithuanian issue.

Political News Network said that French President Marcro has clearly stated that the relevant intense situation should not cover the overall policy agenda of the European Europe, "We have to unite, but also to promote the topics discussed in Central Europe."

On the 13th, China State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yiong French Presidential Foreign Affairs Adviser Bona hosted the twenty-second middle and law strategy dialogue in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The two sides agreed that the mid-law has the same or similar views on a series of major issues, and the strengthening bilateral relations have a common expectation. "Europe will continue to adhere to strategic autonomy, and should not be opposed, more should not be confront, but should further enhance mutual trust, promote cooperation, and continue to do high standards." Bona said, "The Important of the" French understanding " Sex and sensitivity will abide by a Chinese principle. "The above series of developments show that there are differences in China's internal policies." Cui Hongjian, director of China International Problems, 14th, 14th, said, some The country is more powerful, such as Lithuania, but there is also a country that wants to develop relations with China. "Today, this difference is more publicized."

Cui Hongjian believes that the EU is trying to coordinate against Hua's position and look for a "balance". For example, the foreign ministers involve the so-called "China's pressure" topic, in fact, it is because Lithuania is mentioned, while France needs to be Respond. "A test of" France and other EU countries are currently facing, how to reach a balance between non-ridiculous and pro-long; they can't accuse Lithuania, can not be smooth; can not let the EU member states like Lithuania have no trustworthiness, also It is impossible to affect the overall relationship between China. "

It is analyzed that the Lithuanian government is now keen on the "China Threat", which is also transferred from the line of sight - more and more people are dissatisfied with the government. According to the Lithuanian National Radio and Television, the 13th, the government held a "Free Defender Day" commemorative event on the Parliament Building, requiring the government to step down, and the speech of the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ximonit is almost whistled, the snoring cover . These demonstrators are primarily opposed to the government's epidemic prevention policy.

Lithuanian event, "test case"?

Brussels Public Affairs Website 13-year report, the EU has been striving to balance the relationship with China, in some fields, and become competitors in other fields. However, how to achieve this balance depends on the practices of Member States, as well as coordination between the EU policy.

In the German "Berlin Daily", the EU must also know how to deal with the conflict in China, this Lithuanian event can be a "test case", because the dispute between the Baltic country and China is not just " Water War, its essence is the United States to support Lithuania.

For China-EU relations this year, Cui Hongjian analyzed that China and Europe's "瘩" still did not unlock, but after a series of confrontations last year, both sides had a certain understanding of each other's bottom line, and the relationship is unlikely to appear like last year. Obvious deterioration trend. He believes that in some issues with different disagreements with China, Europe may be more tough in verbal, "But we must also distinguish the 'say tough words' and 'do tough things'." Cui Hongjian reminded that the EU should learn from the lesson of last year, there is a "reasonable expectation" in front of the statement and action, to avoid substantive damage to China-EU relations.