After the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chen Gang was arrested, and the prosecution will revoke the allegation.

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After the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chen Gang was arrested, and the prosecution will revoke the allegation.

2022-01-15 12:02:42 11 ℃

[Wen / Observer Net Ding Yue] The Massachusetts Institute of Science and Technology is arrested for one year, and now we have finally ushered in the dawn.

On January 15, local time, Comprehensive "Washington Post", Reuters and other media reported that three familiar cases were discounted, and the prosecutor expected to seek to revoke the allegations of Chinese professor Chen Gang. During the review of Chen Gang, many so-called "pass" accusations in the prosecution book can't stand.

"Washington Post" said that this marks the "most distressed setbacks" in the US government's so-called "China Action Plan" (China Initiative). In September last year, Hu An Ming, a Chinese Professor, a Chinese Professor, Noxville, known as the first case of China Action Plan, has been pronounced.

"Washington Post" report screenshot

On January 15, local time, Comprehensive "Washington Post", Reuters and other media reported that three familiar cases were discounted that the prosecutor expected to revoke the allegations of MIT's well-known Chinese professors Chen Gang.

Informed people said that Based on the latest information, the Boston Prosecutor has given an idea in recent weeks, and it is recommended to revoke the case. This week, the Boston Prosecutor has sent a dismoximate to the Department of Justice, Washington, and the Ministry of Justice has not signed, but it is expected to be signed. The withdrawal may occur in the next few weeks.

It was arrested by Professor Chen Gang, January 14, 2021, the official website of the US Department of Justice, Academician, American Academy of Engineering, Professor Chen Gang, Professor MIT (MIT), failed to disclose it to China's work and The rewards are prosecuted and arrested.

Chen Gang is a Chinese (graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology), serving as the Director of Paprado Micronian Engineering Laboratory and Solid Solar Energy Conversion Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From the beginning of 2013, his research in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has received more than 1.9 million US dollars awarded by the US Federal agency.

MIT Machinery Engineering Department Chen Gang Professor Picture Source: MIT Website

However, Chen Gang's crime has not been related to "spy guilty", but the wirefast fraud (when applying for the US Department of Energy), it is not reported to cooperate with China's scientific research institutions), and the false statement on the tax payment order. Submit a foreign bank account report.

However, many allegations in the prosecution can not stand up. "We insist that he is innocent", Chen Gang's lawyer Brian Kelly said, "His application has no major omissions, and the government's allegations are completely wrong."

In the review, it was found that the appropriation applications as one of the evidence were significant defects because the above information was confusing and blurred, and Chen Gang intentionally missed relevant information. The prosecutor referred to that Chen Gang did not disclose and disclosed with the cooperative relationship with Southern Science and Technology University in Shenzhen. However, the funding management personnel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that in 2017, the application forms of Chen Gangfiltered did not request disclosure of relationships with foreign institutions.

A senior official of the US Department of Energy also said that the application form in 2017 does not require Chen Gang to disclose the relationship with other universities, or other Chinese government organizations. Informed people said that the conversation with the energy officials is the key to deciding to revoke the allegations of Chen Gang.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology also stood in the side of Chen Gang. The prosecutor claimed that Chen Gang and his research team have received $ 19 million from China Southern University of Science and Technology. In this regard, Rafael Reif, the Dean of the Massachusetts Institute, released a public letter in January last year, and the openness of Chen Gang and clarifying research funds are not used for personal cooperation, but a series of cooperation. The research task of the Provincial Institute of Technology.

"In other words", Liff wrote, "these funds are to promote the work of a group of colleagues, and the research and education tasks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

"You are an indispensable member of the Massachusetts Institute," Lake continues to encourage the school's Chinese teachers and students, "We pay attention to your contribution ... We value your personal value as a friend, just as we pay attention to Mao Every member of the National Family of Polytechnics, including Professor Chen and his family. "As a support, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also paid all the litigation costs for Chen Gang.

More than 100 Massachusetts Institute of Science and Technology also publicly published a joint letter, clarifying the facts, and supporting Chen Gang. The Lianxin said that the mission of cooperation with Southern Science and Technology is to encourage scientific and education exchanges, and the University of Massachusetts and universities in other countries have similar relations. And this is a widely disclosed and disclosed issues, and anything is impossible to hide the public.

On January 6-7, 2017, Southern University of Science and Technology is jointly a joint seminar with the US MIT (MIT) Machinery Engineering Department. The eighth place in the left is Chen Gang.

"Washington Post" said that the Cantang's aceration of the case marks the "China Action Plan" (China Initiative) "The most striking setback". This notorious program was launched by the Trump government in 2018, in order to prevent China from engage in "economic spy", and the so-called "stealing research results".

So far, 20 researchers have been innocent, most of which are Chinese scientists. "New York Times" said that the data released by the Miraceari Science and Technology Review, 90% of the defendants are all Chinese, and the proportion of the defendant finally convicted is about one quarter. In fact, in the case of China Initiative, only 25% of the defendants are prosecuted by the "violation of the commercial espionage", and the rest is related to the violation of the instrument, such as "not complied with the declaration process." "Relationship between" reporting to China "and so on.

However, about how to declare cooperation with China, the provisions of US agencies are often unknown, so that the academic community is confused, in fact, it is "no heart".

The acute circle against the American Academic and Asian Community against the "China Action Plan" is unprecedented. Since September last year, hundreds of teachers, Stanford, Princeton, California, Berkeley, Tianpu and other universities, and more than 90 members of Members of the Ministry of Justice, requiring termination or re-examining the "China Action Plan". Asian Organization "Asian Justice Alliance", "Asia Scholar Forum" and other organizations support. The opponents said the "China Action Plan" has exacerbated racial discrimination against Chinese scientists, but also lets American academic research and China-US academic cooperation are in a dilemma.

This week, the US Chinese Federation organizes the demonstration protest in the US Department of Justice, requiring to stop the "China Action Plan". 192 Professor of Yerewa, this week, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, said that there is a fundamental defect, there is a problem in multiple levels such as racial qualities.

In the wave of waves, the "China Action Plan" was adjusted. In the past year, at least 8 defendants have been revoked or released.

The US government's approach has made the academic people from danger, but also accelerated Chinese scientists. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than six Chinese top researchers said in an interview that they either jumped back from the position of the University of America, or they are looking for such opportunities.

For the so-called "China Action Plan", Wang Wenbin, a spokesman, China Foreign Ministry, clearly states that this is a tool for the US anti-China power abuse of national security, and has a tool for containing China. The US should listen to the sound of the justice of all walks of life, and effectively correct the wrong practice, stop working with China for the imaginary enemy, stop making the excuse to punch, stop the interference, China and the United States in the field of technology, etc..