Why do Chinese friends get more and more?Russian media

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Why do Chinese friends get more and more?Russian media

2022-01-15 12:02:47 10 ℃

Recently, according to media reports, with the continuous development of China's economy, two different ways of development between China and the United States are more concerned with more and more international media, and compare comparisons.

China's economic development caused US worries

It is worth noting that with the development of recent years, China has established friendly and cooperative relations with more countries, and more and more countries are willing to make friends with China, and they can disclose the United States, with the US power political and hegemonic behavior The more excessive, many US allies, began to grow far with the United States.

For this situation, the Russian media should take advantage of the reason. China has brought opportunities to the world, and the United States has always been self-centered. In the world, the world is implemented, and other domestic Policy, Guangjian military base.

American hegemony

There is media report that the United States has established approximately 750 military bases in the world. This data has aroused extensive attention in the international community. It is ridiculous that the United States also promoted the "China Threat" in the international community. It truly caused threats to be the United States, and China has been developing itself in peace. Not only that, in the development of globalization Under the pattern, share opportunities in harmony with other countries, develop together, and have a great contribution to the development of the world economy.

Instead of saying that China's "threat" world, it is better to say that China's development affects the power politics of the United States. After World War II, the United States is only exclusive, self-centered, arbitrarily oppressed individual countries, but also don't involve the country, try Provoke a conflict. When China's development economy in China

The United States deliberately provoked disputes

Not long ago, China's neighbors, Kazakhstan suddenly happened "riot", which has caused serious impact on Kazakhstan. According to relevant media reports, there is a large number of "non-governmental organizations", and funds 70% from the United States from the United States. For example, recently affecting huge Ukrainian events, the new President Boloshenko has always been a pro-grace. It is reported that Boloshenko has been bought by the United States before going to step. From many incidents, it can also be discovered. It is all in consolidating his ridiculous hegemonic rule.

In combination with the performance of China and the United States in the international community, it is not difficult to see that China is always adhered to the concept of peace, will not take the initiative to oppress the country, and the United States is the opposite of China, and there is rumored China, nothing more than feelings. The impact of China's rise in the status of US hegemony.

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