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"China's diplomatic scene!"

2022-01-15 12:02:14 20 ℃

According to reports, at the invitation of China State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal, Kuwait Foreign Minister and Cabinet Division Ahmed, Oman Foreign Minister Badel, Bahrain Foreign Minister Zamie, Hordess Secretary Changpajv will visit China from January 10th to 14th. There is Arab media say that the Visiting of the Secretary-General of the Fourth External Minister and the Secretary-General of the Holy Association showed the attention of the Middle East and the Hoji to China. At the beginning of the New Year, I also showed a good relationship with China.

Previously, the United States was very popular in the Middle East. Through diplomat pressure or military action, the United States plundered the oil resources in the Middle East countries, so that many countries were suffering. In recent years, due to strategic steering, the United States will put more energy in China, relaxing against the Central Eastern countries. China has always adhered to the interaction in the Middle East and regional countries, and has won the appreciation of many countries. The current positive value of the United States increased the intensity of the China, the intensive visit of the foreign ministers of the Middle East.

China has influenced in the Middle East

China has continuously developed trade cooperation with the Middle East for many years to promote economic development. At the same time, China has adopted a fair position in many Middle East, and it is not as best as the United States, and it is better in the Middle Eastern countries. However, because the United States deliberately manufactured confusion in the region, it is greatly dissatisfied with good China - Middle East friendly and cooperative relations, and countries in the Middle East have strengthened cooperative relations with China. As a result, China's influence increased in the Middle East.

The China invited foreign ministers of the Middle East and the Secretary-General of the Horizontal Committee to visit China, but also to the outside world, China is now the influence of China's impact on the Middle East.

The United States is not happy in the Middle East

It is realized that after China's influence is increased in the Middle East, the United States has begun to apply regional countries to regulate regional countries and China.

Not long ago, the United States actions made in Israel, in Israel, in cooperation with China 5G construction and port construction, forcing Israel to terminate and cooperation with China. In terms of Israel, it has shown signs of the United States because of the serious reliance of national defense safety.

But not all the Middle Eastern countries will succumb to the US pressures, and the UAE is very tough on the issue of Chinese business cooperation, not only being intimidated by the United States, but also suspended the US military purchase in the United States to indicate the anti-Afensive attitude .

The Foreign Minister of the Middle East is conducive to China to strengthen contact with the Middle East countries and give energy security more guarantees.

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Some news reference Source: China News Net