Why is the United States to impose sanctions to China from the topic of Xinjiang?Egyptian front deputy head

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Why is the United States to impose sanctions to China from the topic of Xinjiang?Egyptian front deputy head

2022-01-15 12:02:37 12 ℃

On the 13th, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the 67th Press Conference in Beijing, and the former deputy director of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ali Hifny said that there is no one in recent years, no one is right to charge China. "Teachers", relevant sanctions related to the overall relationship between countries with these strong plus sanctions, and intense competition, especially those with science and technology, and China's unprecedented achievements in recent years.

"My observation, judgment and opinion is based on my 4 years of working experience, and I have experienced the experience of China's domestic affairs and foreign policy for more than 20 years." Ali Hifny said, no Any country has experienced so many challenges and difficulties like China. China has one-fifth of the world in the world, and there are more than 10 neighboring countries, which can be said to be a continent. China also inherits and faces many various challenges. We must admit that China's generation leaders have achieved great achievements in most countries in the world since the founding of New China in 1949, which can be said to be A miracle.

"The Communist Party of China has suffered some other countries to have an isolated in China, and have experienced too long, this is just because several countries do not agree with the Choice and Development of the Communist Party of China." Ali Hifny said, but China found Your own development model, and did not request international financial institution assistance, and did not cause burden to other countries in the world, especially if they requested relevant assistance from the United Nations and their special agencies, but rely on their own resources, regardless of these How much resources are resources.

Ali Hifny pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party and China's generation leaders are most concerned about how to meet the needs of the vast people's constant improvement of living standards. "We all know that China is involved in signing the World Human Rights Declaration, signed an agreement through a series of other international human rights, China is also strictly complying with the implementation of human rights-related agreement, especially the economic and social development of the Chinese people. Right. In the practice of all parts of China, everyone has also complied with the relevant guidelines of the World Human Rights Declaration, according to the situation and challenges facing the situation, especially in the security field. In this way, All localities have also maintained their sovereignty, territorial integrity and social peace stability. "

"The situation in China's western border areas, especially the situation in Xinjiang is a question that is very concerned about the Chinese Communist Party, because the local area has been infiltrated by some foreign organizations, and this problem has affected local peace and safety. And stability. "Ali Hifny said, in fact, the Chinese government has also adopted a lot of action to maintain local peace and stability, and the purpose of these actions is to achieve local development and ensure that the area is also like Like other parts of China, you can enjoy the bonus of development to ensure that this area can be accessed and supported as other provinces in China.

"No one has the right to charge China's' teacher ', how to maintain peace and stability in the region, all relevant acts" The attempt of "Teachers'" is in order to press China, and such behavior is also destined to fail. " Ali Hifny said, there are also some countries to try to disperse China's image, damaging China's reputation, destroying China's peace and stability, these attempts will fail, and these maps, especially sanctions should not continue. "Because these sanctions will also affect the interests of the whole Chinese people, will also have a negative impact on the development process we have witnessed today, and this sanctions will also turn over to affect foreign entities and individuals. This also exposes its true purpose, which is related to the overall relationship between China and these strong sanctions, and intense competition, especially those with science and technology, and China's unprecedented achievements in recent years. Some countries have seen unprecedented achievements in China in high-tech, space technology, and military fields, so they feel anxious, but they try to hide their true purposes. "

China has proved to cope with such huge, severe challenges and tests. The core of this problem is that the Chinese people in Xinjiang and other provinces are all to understand, they must be clearly behind these sanctions behind China. The real purpose, and in the near future, we must continue to unite. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the gods of the Chinese Communist Party will develop, and the gods of the gods realize the Chinese dream, making China become a more livable country, continuously raising the living standards of the Chinese people, and continue Strive for China's development, so that China has become a more prosperous country, thank you.