Wang Room Expert: Kate 40th birthday Harrygen gave her a private phone

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Wang Room Expert: Kate 40th birthday Harrygen gave her a private phone

2022-01-15 18:05:41 9 ℃

According to a royal expert, last week, Meigen and Harry contacted Kate in California.

When Kate celebrated the 40th birthday, this couple had talked with her. Queen expert Christopher Anderson told the "Royal Room" of American Weekly, and the Duke of Sussex contacted her privately. He said that this is a consciously of the couple who live in California to decide not to publish any public statement on the birthday.

This video call is royal to the royal family relationship, especially between Harry and his brother William.

Anderson is the authors of the royal family "Brothers and Wife: William, Kate, Harry and Meigen's private life", saying that there is a news that there is this call.

He said: "As far as I know, they conducted a video call, I wish her a happy birthday, this is very private. However, Harry and Meigen will not release anything like 2 years ago."

Anderson added: "Harry and Meggen have publicly expressed their feelings to Kate. This time is confidential."

Then, he talked about the birthday celebration of Kate last weekend, called its "very low".

The 72-year-old US reporter said: "As far as I know, the birthday is just a small family event. Event is held in the Amner Hall, only family and friends participate, they bake the cake."

The incident is small, partly because of current epidemic and restrictions.

However, because William is 40 years old in June this year, people think that a joint celebration of this summer is already prepared.

Although the birthday celebration is low-key, Kate open three photos, pay tribute to the Queen of British and the late Diana.

In the photo, the mother of the three children wear her late mother-in-law's Corinwood earrings and three-wire pearl bracelets.

Kate wearing a red Alexander McQue, wearing a diamond frame earrings to show the respect of the Queen.

These photos will be exhibited in the national portrait gallery.

Robert Jobson, Wang Huan, pointed out that Kate and William task is to maintain the "relevance" of the monarch, and the prince Charles is working hard to "streamline" families.