Finally, Lithuan officially announced!

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Finally, Lithuan officially announced!

2022-01-15 18:05:39 12 ℃

China's core interests can't touch, China has more than once "friendly tips". But there are always some countries "don't believe in evil spirits", and they have a sword to take a short. Lithuania did the first person to eat crabs, and Lithuania did not think of her move will anger China. After China's counter-system, Lithuania developed still has been affected.

A Chinese principle will not change at any time

There are different sounds inside the Chinese Lithuania, and the President of Lithuania has criticized the approach of the Lithuanian government on January 4, and considered such practices to accelerate the deterioration of neutral relations. On January 10th, Lithuania opposition the Democratic Party leader Viria Brinkaivi, also said that Lithuania should consider changing the name of the "Taiwan Representative Office", so that the relationship between China, and hopes that Lithuanian Foreign Minister resigned .

In less than 48 hours, China also responded to the domestic call of Lithuania, a Chinese policy spread all over the world, and Wang Wenbin, a spokesman in China, said: The problem of neutral relations is very clear. The Lithuanian government is abandoned, and it is necessary to pay attention to the principal of the Chinese and the people of the Lithuania and the people at home and abroad. We urge the government to correct mistakes, do not act as "Taiwan independence" and anti-China's chess pieces, make the choice of its own interests and international relations guidelines, returning to the correct track of a Chinese principle.

China is zero tolerance to split behavior, Lithuania wants to look back in time

Lithuania calls for governments to improve the sound of China's bilateral relations, and the Lithuanian government should comply with public opinion and correct our mistakes in time. The Lithuanian shadow cabinet also issued a statement that hopes that neutral relations have developed in the right direction and recognize "Taiwan is part of China", I hope that the Lithuanian government will correct their mistakes.

In the development of China and Lithuanian relations, the Lithuanian government does not take into account China's warning, still insists on China, such behavior will inevitably cause Chinese ackoon. The Taiwan issue is China Red Line. This time Lithuania tasted China's "power". China does not allow any split behavior, China sovereignty is sacred.

It can be seen in the Rocked Tag Lithuania that China is zero tolerance to split behavior. Taiwan authorities should also correctly study the situation, do not bury the development of Taiwan. Cross-strait unity is the right direction. China is also zero tolerance to "Taiwan independence" molecules, hoping that these splits can converge their own behavior, do not have any behavior.

The Lithuanian government should also look back in time, do not continue to follow the United States, so it is possible to achieve the development of Lithuania. Lithuania should have a stable development environment, but the Lithuanian government is not awkward, trying to climb this big tree in the United States, and did not expect that it will not only climb the big tree, but let Lithuania have encountered difficulties. The Lithuanian government is profound, and other countries don't take Lithuania's old road, otherwise you can only carry out your own feet.

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