Russian Foreign Minister held an annual reporter meeting, Sino-Russian relations, Russian and Western relationships received attention

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Russian Foreign Minister held an annual reporter meeting, Sino-Russian relations, Russian and Western relationships received attention

2022-01-15 18:05:52 20 ℃

According to the Global Network reported, January 14 evening under the original plan, Russian Foreign Minister held phasor combination of online and offline time at the Russian Foreign Ministry over three hours up the annual press conference, Russia's diplomatic achievements of the past 2021 made and the participation of major diplomatic activities were reviewed and summarized, and on hand to answer reporters' questions as well as some of the proposed line. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zaha Petrova of Russia, Lavrov answered 28 questions were these reporter's question, a very large amount of information, but if the filter according to the degree of importance and the degree of concern, there are three most information points It is worth noting.

Russian Foreign Minister scene and then draw the red line, Russia and the US could talk

Currently three rounds of talks between Russia and the West has ended, according to reflect the situation after the meeting the two sides of view, basically the core of the problem is not the key to achieving results, but other issues to achieve a breakthrough, but it is for Russia still did not meet expectations. In the press conference this time, Lavrov was asked about the issue of negotiations with the West, Lavrov: Russia for the West's patience has run out, the current situation of conflict in the world is constantly increasing, Russia is planning to restart again security talks with the West, but it also depends on NATO and the United States to respond, as delineated in Russia last date for next week. Lavrov and Russia in the field delineation of the two red line to the West again: stop NATO's eastward expansion, Russia's neighbors not to deploy offensive weapons.

The Lavrov at the scene revealed the wishes of Russia and the US will hold security talks again shows a reconciled Russia, or expect to also solve Russia's concerns through diplomatic issues. In fact the day before the press conference held in Lavrov, to participate in the talks Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told Russian media interview, with a strong threat to propaganda to the West: President Vladimir Putin decided to give diplomacy time Chance. For Western countries, this may mean in a way ultimatum. The US and NATO have not yet respond to this, but for Europe as well as ease the security situation after the talks achieved some results considered, there is a strong possibility the two sides will talk. But if talk that Russia might re-look at the agenda of the talks, since during the talks due to the different core concerns of both sides, resulting in "NATO's eastward expansion," the Russian concern, and no significant, long talks, this will be after a Russian delegation expressed strong dissatisfaction, so if the talks turned on again, Russia may be related to the development of negotiation strategies, so that "NATO's eastward expansion" issue has become the focus of the talks, the United States and NATO can no longer be led by the nose.

2. Chinese and Russian heads of state meet again

The press conference, Lavrov spoke highly of the Sino-Russian relations, cooperation in the past and the future achievements of 2021 China and Russia had made certain conclusion, but at the meeting he also said that the current Sino-Russian preparatory meeting between the two countries are heads of state, time may attend during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing Putin. Currently, only 20 days from the Beijing Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony, President Vladimir Putin was the first foreign head of state to attend the Beijing declaration to the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. The "Winter Olympics about" Russia is a great opportunity to be the first meeting between the two heads of state in 2022, the New Year for the first time the summit meeting between China and Russia will continue to make significant impressive achievements in 2022 have a strong guide and boosting the role, it is of great significance.

3. Lavrov's visit to Japan, as before Putin's visit to Japan to play station

Turning to the agenda of Putin's coming visit, Lavrov said: he himself might visit two or three months in Japan. This is since Kishida came to power, the Russian foreign minister's first visit to Japan, and I actually landed Tianwen Xiong no stranger Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs had Fumio Kishida worked for several years in the Abe government, has repeatedly visited Russia during his tenure , we can say that he is quite familiar with Russia and Lavrov himself. But Kishida came on the eve of Russia has issued a strongly worded speech, especially in the four northern islands, showing a more hawkish than before Abe government's stance. So Lavrov's visit to Japan this agenda, but also much media correspondents attention. Some media estimates, the Lavrov's visit to Japan is likely to be Putin himself will visit Japan to play before the station, but this time the four northern islands to visit Japan will be Lavrov's visit to Japan, with the Japanese side talks about a non-open topic. But for Russia is concerned, the main purpose of Lavrov's visit to Japan, I also Lavrov at the meeting were revealed, he said: I hope that Russian-Japanese relations not affected by the US-Russian relations, in fact, on the other hand look understanding, is currently in Europe, Russia suffered the same time squeezing the West, hoping to stabilize the chaos in the Far East, this time for Russia, might prefer to be able to stabilize Japan, hoping to even torn US ally in the system a hole.

Russian Foreign Minister Putin's annual press conference, although not as the annual press conference attention, but diplomacy is an important sounding of a country, especially in the current tense situation in Europe continues to complicated background, this press conference is still the world's major media attention of , also spoke highly of China-Russia relations have again been Lavrov, throughout 2022, Sino-Russian relations forward-only to subside, the two countries also made great achievements even more remarkable.