[Iran] Abdullah Yang: New chapter in cooperation between two major Asian civilizations

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[Iran] Abdullah Yang: New chapter in cooperation between two major Asian civilizations

2022-01-15 18:06:03 19 ℃

Iran and China are both civilizations in West Asia and East Asia, have a good, stable and strong relationship in history.

Confucius, ancient Chinese famous educator, said: Have friends come from afar, it is not easy. With the beautiful wishes of the Iranian people, I will visit China on the eve of 2022. The two countries are about to welcome the 51st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations, open the second 50-year bilateral communication, which will uncover a new page for the relationship between the two countries. Especially in the Chinese Communist Party to open the second hundred years of journey, this visit will promote and develop all fields to open up new prospects.

In the past 50 years, Iran and China have signed a comprehensive cooperative program through the two states, high-level interactions, bilateral and regional issues, and sign a comprehensive cooperative program, and have played a positive role in the international stage, to reduce international tensions and conflicts. effort. The two countries cooperate in various fields, including the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic, support each other's position in international agencies and organizations, and China support Iran to become a formal member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and put a new road for the next 50 years of bilateral relations . Iran and China jointly resolute defend territorial integrity and national sovereignty, maintain multilateralism, against single-sidedism. The two countries jointly condemn the practice of democracy as the "super big country patent", and show the world's common values, justice and freedom of human society with their national primary system to show the world. Iran and China jointly condemned the "long arm jurisdiction" sanctions and opposed dual standards on human rights issues. The two sides called for fair implementation of international law and promoted the establishment of a fair governance system. The two countries opposed the development of politicalization, emphasis on commonality and total human common values.

Now, in the second 50 years of relations, Iran is stationed as strategic partners and China, through the foreign policy based on wise and balanced diplomatic foreign policy, which is also global. The incentive of the development initiative. Over the years, Peppiness and Stability in the Persian Bay and the Middle East have been in danger because of some superpower control and greed, and they claim to adhere to international law and on the other hand violates international law and international rules. In such a difficult environment, maintaining regional peace and stability have always been one of Iran's special priorities.

Through the implementation of the Iraqi Agreement, 2015, "Joint Comprehensive Action Plan" (JCPOA), Iran issued a message to the world, ie the pursuit of regional benefits is its priority. Even after the agreement with the United States, Iran has been abundant in two years, and even sacrificed some of the rights and interests of their own unsubstable, this is evenly, and Iran is unswerving in this direction. As a member of the Council and the active participants on the international stage, China promotes the reconciliation process in the negotiation process, and promotes the return of the agreement violates the regression of the agreement, and admiration. Regardless of what happens in the field of international relations, China and Iran and other trade and regional partners will always stand in the right side. Iran will not allow hegemonic countries to dominate the Middle East, or from some camouflage, causing regional tight, turmoil and confusion. We believe that peace and stability in each region will be protected by the regional behavior. It is really unite the national and civil economic and trade cooperation between political dialogue and win-win, not an arms race or military security alliance.

At different stages of history, Iran and China showed this fact to the world as a trading partner and reiterated that in the new era, confrontation, force, and exquisite practice were excluded and outdated. This unpreteential policy has lost effectiveness, leading to negative reactions of other acts on the international stage. In this regard, Iran welcomes China's proposed global development initiative and puts forward a partnership mechanism for the implementation of the initiative. It can be the core of this cooperation by China 's call for the establishment of a global development partnership in the United Nations.

At the beginning of the second 50 years, various cultural and political intersections between Iran and China laid the foundation for the continued cooperation in the following high priority fields:

- Develop economic and trade cooperation, implement a comprehensive cooperation plan

- Appellent and negotiate with international issues, play a positive role of mediation relations, effectively solve challenges and tension

- Anti-new coronal pneumonia epidemic, cooperation with vaccine joint production projects

- Strengthen cooperation mechanisms to promote the world's future development

- Through the initiative to reform international governance system, promote multilateralism, oppose double standards

- Help terrorism and extremism, help all oppressed countries return to the international community

- Constructive and effective cooperation in the field of "all the way" initiative project

- Continue to make procedures for Iran's official members of Shanghai Cooperative Organization, and use the opportunity to cooperate with other Member States in accordance with global development initiatives

We hope that during the second 50 years of relations, we will see cooperation in the new cooperation chapter of the two leaders' consensus. As a great civilization with the history of seven thousand cultural history, Iran is willing to work with China and is responsible for the development of international social culture. At the same time, Iran will play a role in the development of global development and construction of human society through economic cooperation.

A common future with human common values. (The author is Iranian Foreign Minister)