A large number of Sino-US flights suddenly canceled!After the Chinese decisively tightened the country, the United States was really anxious.

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A large number of Sino-US flights suddenly canceled!After the Chinese decisively tightened the country, the United States was really anxious.

2022-01-16 18:04:27 91 ℃

The new crown virus has been varied, and the current O'Kek poison lapeter has once again made global panic. In order to consolidate their difficult epidemic prevention results, they have to cancel the "viral hidden dangers", but the United States has recently accused China "violation" China-US flight guidelines, and will cancel the entry and exit flights; but do not mention the US own There is a serious epidemic in China.

For the people's livelihood, China may not have canceled overseas flights.

China's current immunity is not easy. Although there is still an emergency in the domestic epidemic situation, it is good to control the national control. However, if the epidemic will not be expected from abroad, it can not be expected, so China has to cancel the relevant flight to break the existence of safety hazards.

According to the latest notification of domestic airlines, there are 7 new crown pneumonia patients in the East Airlines Mu220 (Frankfurt to Shanghai), January 5; 11 cases of January 7, China Southern Airlines CZ348 (Paris to Guangzhou); 10 cases have found 10 Southern Airlines CZ312 (Toronto to Guangzhou) from January 8th

From China Civil Aviation Corporation, the fuse policy announced last year, whether the immigration flight depends directly on the diagnosis case in 7 days, if the flight has five diagnosed and columns, the flight fuse policy will be directly triggered.

The US epidemic is serious, but accuses China's cancellation flights

The United States is extremely "put" in the control of the new crown epidemic. The previous diagnosed new crown patient has not been properly treated, and the new crown virus has changed to the O'K poison strain, which makes the American diagnosed cases once again surged. Recently, China may not have canceled 6 US flights to China. For the trigger of the flight blowing instruction, the first reaction of the US government is not reflected on his own control, but to China "splaish and dirty water", accusing China's "non-compliance" China flight rules, this is the "retaliation behavior of the United States" ".

In the face of the large area cancellation of Sino-US flights, China threatens China will conduct "sanctions". The relevant personnel of the US Department of Transport claim that "China's actions are not compliant with the obligations under the US Air Transport Agreement. We are in contact with (Chinese government), and we reserve the right to adopt appropriate regulatory measures."

In fact, China cancels overseas flights in safety hazards, which fully meets current international epidemic prevention policies, without any country is willing to destroy their epidemic prevention results, harm their own safety. The United States also doesn't want to think that at the beginning of China's outbreaks, close their own national gates, cancel the Chinese and American flights are not themselves, but now, there is no such thing as a "thief".

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