Investing $ 11.3 billion, China built 873 kilometers of railway for Thailand, why haven't I open it yet?

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Investing $ 11.3 billion, China built 873 kilometers of railway for Thailand, why haven't I open it yet?

2022-01-17 18:02:36 97 ℃

The picture shows the first starting ceremony of Zhongtai Railway.

In recent years, China not only develops traffic in China, but also repairs the railway, China and Old Railways is an electrified railway for China to build a speed of 160 kilometers. At the end of last year, the railway has been opened to traffic, and Laos entered the railway transportation era. In addition, China is also built in Thailand, the railway is about 873 kilometers long, with a total investment of $ 11.3 billion, and this railway has already begun to plan, why haven't I open it yet? China Thai Railway is a two-track standard railway in China and Thailand, with a maximum speed of 250 kilometers, and Kunming and Bangkok will be connected in the future.

In fact, China Thai Railway is in the contemplation of Pan Asian Railway. In the 1960s, the United Nations relevant organizations proposed the railway system associated with Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is called the Pan Asian Railway. After many years, Malaysian Prime Minister put forward New Asian Railway, built in Kunming, Yunnan, after Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and final to Singapore's international railway, but because of the economic level and actual situation of countries, the Pan Asian railway program has not been implemented. .

Photo is China high-speed rail

In 2005, China once again mentioned the Pan Asian railway, and the old railway system of Thailand restricted the economic development, so the latter high-level, I would like to take this opportunity to carry out the reform of domestic railways. In the next few years, Thailand has served. Prime Minister has expressed his hopes to cooperate with China. This is the high-speed rail change rice plan.

Then, due to the Benchi, this plan was put on hold, so after the efforts of both parties, in 2014, China Thai cooperation building the railway was basically determined, but at the discussion of specific construction technology, the Vice Premier Thailand proposed high-speed rail Changed to a fast railway, this adjustment made the starting ceremony to December 2015, according to the original plan, the Zhongtai Railway is a human glyph, the total length is about 900 kilometers, through the country's 10 provinces, Northeast Thailand, the gallery in the northeast of Thailand The old railway is connected, and it extends north to Kunming, Yunnan.

Photo shows Thailand's fast railway

In March 2016, Thailand also said that no longer raised funds from China, but still used China's technology, and said that the previous route was shortened to 250 kilometers, and only built Bangkok to Nalast, I didn't expect it. This modified plan has been opposed to the domestic opposition. Everyone believes that if the railway does not turn to China, the economic value will drop sharply, and the risk of bear is higher. After repeated discussion, the two sides finally decided to build Zhongtai Railway in 2017. A total of two projects are divided into two phases. The first phase is Bangkok to Narium, the second phase is from Nakhon to the air, connected to the middle and old railways, and now the first phase of the project has begun, it is expected to be completed at the end of 2026.

Photo is China high-speed rail

In summary, the advancement of the China Thai railway project is really an abnormal twist. After everyone's unremitting efforts, it is finally started. It is the so-called good matter and multi-grinding. After the construction of the railway, it is very significant for China and Thailand. For Thailand, it can help the country. Update the railway system, improve traffic status, due to a wide range of railways, helps the balanced development of the region, will also strengthen the links between the country and other countries, promote exchange cooperation, so that the national economic development enters the new stage, for China The success of the China Thai railway will once again show China's infrastructure strength, and provide demonstrations for future cooperation with other countries.