The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be staged in a rare scene: publicly reflect the US crime, the West is dead

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be staged in a rare scene: publicly reflect the US crime, the West is dead

2022-01-17 18:02:46 56 ℃

In recent years, the Western countries headed by the United States have attacked China to the "Xinjiang Human Rights" issue to accuse China, and the Chinese government is stitched in "Forcing Xinjiang People's Labor". In response to such a paradox, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy has repeatedly refuted, but it still can't stop the turbulent attack of the West. In the face of some of the obsesses of Western countries, my Ministry of Foreign Affairs has publicly showed the video of the US "how to make China's chaos" at the press conference, and Western media fell into a quiet quiet.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on January 14th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said that since a period, American political guys has been excluded with some anti-China institutions and individuals, and the "race extinction" " Labor "lies in order to achieve its political purposes. In order to help everyone know the true face of the break, I want to spend some time to share some experiences in how to understand the lie, not being blinded.

Wang Wenbin showed a slide, while said, lying is a need for camouflage, and the lie manufacturer of the belongings often give himself "coat." For example, "Academic" coat is the name of a scholar or academic institution, and its representative is Zheng Guowei. Zheng Guowen claimed that there was "900,000 to 1.8 million people in Xinjiang by system", his source is a one-stop report for the Turkish media. This media and extreme molecular relationship is closely related, and the "East Iraq" head of the United Nations "East Iraq" is the unusual person. The facts show that the so-called "Chinese expert" Zheng Guowen is just a university-free pseudo.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Wenbin also mentioned the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which is agency jointly funded by the US State Council, NATO and some armors, and its largest two foreign government funding funds are from the US State Council. After the agency issued the so-called Xinjiang "Forced Labor" report in March 2020, some US Members have begun to encourage the development of Xinjiang products, and launch the so-called "Uyghur Forced Labor Preventive Act until signing the method." It is not difficult to see that the true artillery and "beneficiary" of the lie believer are it is the US anti-China.

Wang Wenbin finally said that the times were progressing, the world was developing, and the identification of the world was improved. The newland of the US anti-China power can not destroy Xinjiang stability unity, harmonious development, and the happiness of the people, covering can't support China's justice, only the liars, conspiracy, the real face of the world, clear exposure to the world before.