"The United States should thank China"!After Latin America suddenly reversed to China, experts said to the United States.

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"The United States should thank China"!After Latin America suddenly reversed to China, experts said to the United States.

2022-01-18 00:02:00 48 ℃

According to the global network news, with the economic cooperation in China and the Latin America, the US Congress, the military also has some media "sour grapes", and the endless rendering has started "China Threat", and it also puts normal The pull-up is contaminated into the Chinese side to "take over the Latin America, the latest 2022 fiscal national defense law" in the United States will focus on China's influence in Latin America. Behind the drumming of this grass, is the arrogance of the United States for ten years, the arrogance and overbearing.

First of all, the US accuses that China is intended to "take over the Latin America". The subtext is actually "Latin America." This is a great disrespect for the Latin American countries, showing the arrogance of the United States ignored the sovereignty and arrogant. As we all know, the United States has long been regarded as "post-garden" in the United States. It has not been self-defeating "Lord" in these countries without the agreement of Latin America. Who is "scourge" Latin America, the US should have a few in his heart.

Second, the United States has always likes to hang "the rules-based international order", but there is no international rule that allows the United States to override the sovereignty of Latin America and control the Latin American countries. The United States never checked what he brought to Latin America, but to distinguish between "enemy", once the Latin American political power is friendly, the United States will use a variety of means to sanction and even overthrow the country's political power, who is that Only "Circles in Central America", the United States should also have a few people.

In addition, the US has been screaming that China and Latin American trade have risen, which is the "influence" of China to expand in the Latin America, but the reality is growing in most of China and most of the world. Because this is China's economic volume continues Increase natural results. And the Latin American countries have their own sovereignty and development is its justice, more and more Latin American countries have established cooperation with China. It is also the "fast train" of China's economic development. What else is eligible?

In addition, the United States should think about one thing, and China has deepened economic cooperation in China and Latin America, which also has a great advantage for the United States. Because any of the lattice countries have turmoil and deep poverty, they will cause tens of thousands of refugees to enter the US border, which will not only manufacture a large number of humanitarian disasters, but also provoked split political disputes in the United States. The United States regards cooperation between China and Latin America as "heart disease", it is better to put it from selfishness and give up selfishness.