Nicaragui people were sanctions, the EU followed it, and the key moment of the niji moved out of China.

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Nicaragui people were sanctions, the EU followed it, and the key moment of the niji moved out of China.

2022-01-18 06:03:05 52 ℃

According to media reports, the US State Department announced the list of sanctions against 116 Nicaragua, including the mayor, prosecutor, university administrative personnel, police officers, and officers, etc. of Nicaragua.

It is worth noting that within 24 hours of the disclosure of the sanctions in the United States, the EU also followed, released a prohibition of Nicaragua, and frozen the President of Nicaragua Ort and Nicaragua Electoral Committee, State-owned Group Corporation And other relevant personnel assets.

The United States and the EU Sanctions Nicaragua news have been reported quickly. In this regard, many international observed people believe that from the United States and the European move, it can be seen that the US sanctions are very large, it is unprecedented, it seems that the United States is really angry!

However, why will the United States be angry? For this problem, the analyst believes that the reason may be related to China Taiwan. The United States is in an angry Nicaragua and China Taiwan's "broken", and it will take this kind of ally, take this harsh sanctions. To revenue "Nicaragua. But it is obvious that the United States did not take into account this, which is a courageous, air-free country, which can be thrown by Nicaragua, can you be intimidated by their sanctions? It is inevitable that it is impossible, so at the critical moment, President Nicaragua's President Ort has moved out of China.

It is understood that, in the evening of Nicaragua, Altga publicly made a representative of the representatives of the countries and claimed to be very grateful to China and other countries to Nicaragua, and praised China's friendly behavior, and Olt It is also said that he is supporting multilateralism, and it is also very agreed with China's proposed "all way" initiatives.

From Ni President Olta, we are not difficult to see that Ortea does not care about the US and EU sanctions against Nicaragua. That problem is coming, why do Altega still choose to cooperate with China?

In this regard, I believe that President Ni may be that the Western countries do not believe in the characteristics of the Western countries will be firmly selected to establish cooperation with China; and I think that the United States and the "retaliation" behavior of the United States and the EU will make Ol Specially seeing their true face, future Nicaragua will will work harder to cooperate with China.

At the same time, I think Nicaragua's wind change may also explain a little, that is, this world is not the calculation of the United States, nor all the countries will succumb to the United States, and even I do a bold prediction, Nicaragua this shift Will affect other countries in Central America.

So some moments of the future, these countries see that Nicaragua and China cooperation have gone, there will be more countries to stand up, choose to give up the United States, and turn to China? This problem, I think it is worth a headache! (Yu Haihua)