US military in Japan caused Japanese epidemic proliferation

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US military in Japan caused Japanese epidemic proliferation

2022-01-18 12:07:58 52 ℃

Recently, Japan's new new crown pneumonia confirmed cases more than 20,000 cases per day, and the epidemic is rapidly spreading. The Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng held a press conference on January 13 that the new crown virus infected in the US military facility may lead to the expansion of the epidemic in the surrounding area.

According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association TV, as of 12th, the infected persons have been confirmed by 4,700 people. In particular, the US military base is located in Okinawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi County and Hiroshima Prefecture. The number of new diagnosed cases in these three regions has been new and high, and there is currently a high-risk area in Japan's new crown virus infection. According to the survey of Okinawa Government and the Japanese National Infectious Symptoms, the many viral strains of a virus strain in suspected community were highly homologous. The Yamaguchi County Government also announced that the new crown virus found in the US Rock Base and the commercial street discovered by Rock Country is the same type. A number of Japanese experts scholars believe that the US military base epidemic appears "spill".

In mid-December last year, after the new coronal pneumonia epidemic of Hansen military camp in Jinwu-cho, Okinawa Prefecture, Japanese media exposed from September last year, and the US armed personnel have not conducted nucleic acid detection. The US military has not been restricted after entering Japan, and can be free to move in the base. There is a Japanese media that is still constantly photographed, and there is still no mask to visit the city after the epidemic has been expanding.

Japanese public opinion is generally believed that tens of thousands of US military, based on the privileges given by the "Japanese-US Status Agreement", which are free to enter Japan, not subject to Japanese epidemic prevention policy, causing epidemic overflow, threatening the safety and health of Japanese ordinary people. At the same time, the US military still does not publish information such as O'Kwell infection, so that the Japanese central government and local governments "do anxious". Okinawa Premier Yumheng Danny said, the US military stationed in the Japanese army to the Okinawa, and he felt angry. Yucheng Danny pointed out that the "Japanese-US Status Agreement" gave the privilege of the Japanese military privilege, leading to the relevant epidemic prevention information without providing and sharing. He once again called for the modification of the "Japanese Status Agreement".

Japan's Japanese news published a editorial on January 7, requiring Japan and the United States to prevent the epidemic prevention and control "Vulnerability" caused by the "Japanese Status Agreement". Okinawa's local "Ryukyu New News" said in the editorial, the US military not only could not prevent his soldiers from being infected, and more completely regardless of the health and safety of the local nationals. On the 9th, the Japanese Foreign Affairs province's statement statement said that from the 14th day of the 10th this month, the US military personnel shall not leave the base in addition to the necessary activities.