The Democratic Party's voting right is blocked, Trump is called the white people, and the beauty is ushered in Martin Luther Jin Japan in the public opinion.

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The Democratic Party's voting right is blocked, Trump is called the white people, and the beauty is ushered in Martin Luther Jin Japan in the public opinion.

2022-01-18 12:08:09 49 ℃

[Global Times, special reporter Yingchen Global Times Special Reporter Yuxiang] The United States ushered in the 27th Martin Ludder Jinder, including the President Biden, thousands of people to participate in volunteer services American Civil Rights Campaign Pioneer. According to the US media, the Democratic Party's "Voting Rights" was encountered in the US Senate. In addition, the American society "black life is also a life" movement and the increasingly serious racial contradiction, and the United States has to tear a serious public opinion. Martin Luther Golden Day in the crack.

According to the "Washington Post" on the 17th, the day of the day, Martin Luther Golden and Washington DC Mayor Milil Bowau and more than 100 federal and local civil rights organizations, in Washington participated in Peace Parade Through the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge. As a previous day, US President Biden and the first lady Gil were volunteers in Philadelphia, making food for people needed to commemorate Martin Luther Gold. In January 1986, the US President Ragan signed a decree, which requires Monday, the third Monday of Martin Road, January 3, and set this day as a federal statutory holiday. From 1994, this day was also set as a national service day.

On the 17th, Reuters said that Martin Ludder Gold's elder Martin Ludder Golden Third, the wife and daughter led the parade in Washington, DC, and urged the Biden and the Democratic Party to promote protection of polling rights. By passing on the bill (Figure). Biden has recently been run for "voting rights", called for the revision of the "Perilowant" rules of the Senate to allow the Democratic Party to drive more easily. These two bills prohibit state councils to restrict minority voters to protect voters. Biden went to the National Senator on the 13th, trying to convince the Party's Senator, but due to the two Democrat Senators - Arizona's Shifen, Arizona, Magnin, the Western Virginia, is against this matter. . Shu Mer Semordian leader Shu Mer said that the Senate will be considered on the 18th. US media said that if the voting bill should pass in the Senate, you need to reach the threshold of 60 votes. In the case of the current two parties, it is equal to at least 10 Republican Members to support, "almost impossible tasks". Martin Ludder Golden Thirteen began to be commenced on the 17th: "My daughter's voting right is not as good as she is born. I can't imagine my parent's underground, I think, they are sure to worry."

According to the Associated Press, Martin Ludder Jin Day came, the former US President Trump is still advocating racial opposition, making race hatred "sowing seeds". On the 15th, Sinai Londe claims to express a speech in Arizona, the US public health department refused to provide new crown vaccines due to the white race. "The left wing is now based on race, discrimination and destruction, and quantitatively distributes medical materials to save lives. If you are white, you can't get a vaccine, if you are white, you can't get treatment ... in New York, if you You are white, you have to be ranked into the tail to get health care services. "The Associated Press reported that the US minority has continued to fell. In December last year, about 70% of Americans expressed support from Biden, and in April last year, this ratio was as high as 90%. Among the Hispanic Americans, Biden's support rate has dropped from 70% to about 50%.

"Washington Post" 16th comment, the United States is "exhausted" Martin Luther Golden Heritage. The image of Martin Road, Martin Road in contemporary American society has been "softened" sharp edge, "set up goldenbenge", more "free distribution" rather than "radical" image. In fact, if Martin Luther is in the contemporary American society, it is expected that it is likely to be criticized to incite social riots and spread "non-American". "New York Post" on the same day: How do Martin Ludder Golden Today's US? The media believes that he will definitely be shocked for decades, especially the facts hidden behind the surface on the surface, for example, although African American children will not be refused to enter school, But they often have high quality education. "New York Post" believes that Martin Luther Golden will appreciate the enthusiasm and essence of "black life is also the life" sports, but he should call on the activities of the sports leader to constrain the party to avoid violence. Resulting in social chaos.