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2022-01-19 06:03:59 51 ℃

According to the Chinese media, the King of the British royal family Andrew and the prince of Harry were humiliated.

After the Bilain Han Palace decided not to grant two people, the royal family is still considering the revocation of the "Counsellors Of State).

It is reported that this will be double shame for the prince of Andrew and Harry. Because the "State Council" status is distinguished, there are only four people in the British royal family to serve as the job.

Also, since Andrew and Harry prince lost the rank and the royal sponsor, this is how many important positions they still have, but now this identity will be deprived. There is a British netizen to evaluate this. If they are really dismissed, they will be completely abandoned by the royal family.

The royal sources confirmed that Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were still two in four stategress.

However, in the former, they were deeply invaded, and the latter continued to make the heart of the queen, the royal family was trying to revoke their identity.

According to British media, this position is distinguished and important. According to the rules detailed on the Royal Official Website, the "State Council" will replace the Queen when the Queen cannot perform duties due to illness or overseas.

They will be authorized to implement most of the official officials of the monarch, including signing important documents, participating in the conference of the pivoty, and receiving new national ambassadors in the UK.

At present, four royal members are designated as the "State Council", except Andrew and Harry prince, the other two are Prince Charles and Prince William.

A royal news said: "The royal family is really seeking to solve this problem. You can imagine that when the Queen of Queen, the Duke of Wales and Cambridge has to sign the official documentation of the official documentation of York?"

"It is not exaggerated, which may make the monarch to be destroyed once."

For this news, Bucking Han Palace spokesperson refused to comment, but the sources said that I would like to deprive Andrew and Harry prince's state counsel, the parliament must pass through a bill.

Because who serves as a State Council, it is written in 1937. The legal provisions stipulate that the State Council is made by the list of monarch spouses, or the throne of the throne, and must be 21 years old. Therefore, if Andrew and Harry are dismissed, they will be replaced by Princess Anne and Camila.

The news also revealed that some things that may happen later this year will make the royal family to make this change. "The British media said that this is clearly the memoirs of Andrew Prince sexual invading and Harry. .

Indeed, these two princes have recently let Queen's heart.

Andrew may face sexual assaults later this year, and Harry, which was driven out of the royal family, has set off a new public opinion: the British government canceled its security measures to sue government.

In addition, the two princes have another common point: will lose the opportunity to be awarded the medal of Platinum.

It is reported that the medal of Platinum has a special symbolic significance. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the queue, the Queen awarded the medal of armed forces, police, fire, emergency and prison service staff to represent the country. Thank you.

The medal of the immortal was a long history, and the Elizabeth II was awarded three times, respectively, in the 1977 Queen Yinjun, 2002, 2002, and 2012 diamonds.

This year's posting ceremony is expected to be held on February 6, but the medal is only awarded in service soldiers. In addition to the George Cross Medal or the Victorian Cross Medal, all veterans are not qualified to obtain the medal.

Harry and Andrew have been deprived of military titles, which means they will be as treated with retired soldiers.

The English media said that after the Prince Andrew and the prince of Harry were rumored, he humiliated again. Especially for Harry, because of its service experience, it is very important to honor the military.

It is also said that the prince Andrew and the prince of Harry were shame not for reasons. Their previous move can be described as letting the queen hurt the heart.

After the Harry plans to sue the British government, there are British media that this will be a royal family to file a lawsuit against the government during the Queen in place, and this move will make the Queen to have a heartbreaking, because the queen may never see their own Zeng Sun. Female.

Harry emphasized many times in the statement that if they did not have the protection of the British police during the interviewment, they could not go home, because the UK is not safe.

In this regard, the royal family Phil Dan Pimir believes that Harry does not want to win this case, because recovering to his security measures are unprecedented. The lawsuit just did not return to the UK to participate in the best excuses of Bucking.

Dan Pree said that at the love of family, Harry will eventually return to the UK, but this gives Meggen's absence and excuses who don't bring their children. This may lead to the Queen Never see her granddaughter.

The voice just fell, and a message exposed yesterday, a message exposed to the royal family could not agglomerate.

According to the "Daily Mirror" report, Prince Charles invited Harry prince and his family lived with him in the UK. I hope to meet his grandson to Lily Bet.

It is said that the prince of Charles proposed this request before Christmas, and the two sides conducted many friendly calls. This will be the first time that Harry and Megan decided to resign to the royal family.

But Harry and Meggen refused, they said that if there is no security guarantee for the British police, they will not return to the UK. When this news came out, Platinum Han Palace was planning Platinum's celebrations to commemorate the Queen's 70th anniversary.

But Harry and family contradictions were retraced back to the spotlight, which will undoubtedly give a shadow to the royal family and the queen.

What makes the queen is more painful, a wave is not flat, a wave of work. The security dispute in Harry has not been solved, and the other prince is exposed.

According to the knowledge of the people, the Prince Andrew will order the servant every night, and five teddy bear and plush toys are placed in the specific location of his bed. If the servant is not completely placed in his way, he will "yell" ".

The brokerage is the former royal bodyguard Paul Page. He worked in the Royal Protection Command in 1998 to 2004, so you can enter the owner of the prince.

In an interview with the ITV documentary "Guslin, Prince Prince of Andrew and Love", he shaked out this anecdote from the Prince Andrew.

In addition to the former police, others also said that the Prince Andrew's special preference to Teddy bear's toys.

Elizabeth, the royal family, said that she went to Buckingham Palace in 2019, she evaluated that "as an adult Andrui will like Teddy bear, very surprising."

Even someone informative servants draw a map of these toys and "Label Guide".

This sketch shows that there are 5 plush toys in different locations in the Prince Andrew, one of which is a teddy bear. There are three mats in the middle of the bed, named "Dad" and "Duck" and "Prince".

The insider said that there is another big-written word on the bed guide, "Don't take the teddy bear and the mat."

For this hobby, in fact, Andrew prince has generously admitted. He said in 2010. "When I serve in the navy, I will buy a small tilie bear every place, so I have a collection of collections from all over the world."

The behavioral psychologist Joe Hemmings said that adults retain one or two childhood toys for emotional needs are completely acceptable. But if there is a set of collections in the bed, it may hinted that he is a person who has not yet been away from childhood.

He believes that relying on plush toys may imply that he has problems with good emotional contacts with people. Especially when they sit in bed instead of placing them on the shelf, this shows that he still treats himself as a child and lacks the sense of responsibility of adults.

Joe Torism also analyzed that Andrew prince did not feel angry with Teddy bear, may indicate his obsessive disorder, and the strong desire for order, and a sense of superiority.

The evaluation of British media said that for a public figure like Prince Andrew, it is inevitable that it is inevitable at this time.

But the most sad may be the Queen. At the 70th anniversary of the queen, the Buckingham Palace plans to celebrate this good day, but the two princes have repeatedly mounted the English media because of black materials and disputes.