I emphasized what conveyed the governance speech that stabilized the coastal field?

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I emphasized what conveyed the governance speech that stabilized the coastal field?

2022-01-19 06:04:17 44 ℃

On January 17th, Japanese Prime Minister Tian Wenxiong published its first policy address, focusing, climate change, diplomacy, etc. afterwards in the newly opened Congress. This year is the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China and Japan, and how the Cabinet, the cabinet, will implement the policies, and trigger all parties concerns.

Common agency reported that on the issue of China's relationship, the shore field said that it will be blind to China and insist on what should be advocated. He also said: "The two countries will celebrate the 50th anniversary of normalization of relations this year, and we want to create a constructive, stable bilateral relationship."

China National Governance Test Speech

The outside world noted that there was no mention of the issue of Wan, Hong Kong and Taiwan issues in the speech.

Liu Qingbin, director of the Beijing Center of Yokohama National University, is not surprising, because soon, the shorefield has left the pressure to reject Abe, the high-city early spring, etc., the so-called Chinese condemnion resolutions.

The shoot field claimed to be in the case of the Chinese conversation, this is the position of the Japanese Prime Minister, and emphasizes that the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China and Japan, it is necessary to stabilize the bilateral relations, which is equivalent to the shooting field China.

As we all know, the political creed of the land of the landfield is "coordinated from division". Liu Qingbin believes that under the dual pressure of the United States and the domestic conservative, the shore field has made a "new era realist diplomacy", emphasizing the so-called values, paying attention to the US security alliance, and the relationship between China, just like him Before interviewed by reporters: "China is an internationally important existence in the economic level and security level, so Japan must judge how to deal with China in accordance with realism."

Does the Sanada emphasizes the "realism" to China?

At the beginning of the New Year, "Japan's Nursing News" and the Tokyo TV station announced the results of the poll, but the expenses of the epidemic cooled, the support rate of the first-phase shore field is as high as 65%, and the highest public opinion supported since 200 February February. Japanese media comment: "The day-to-the-shore Tian Wendiong support is high, and you will be different from the pair of midpoints of Abe and Nabiwei."

In Liu Qingbin, the keywords of the shore field to China is "executive" and "balance". Despite the pre-political conflict, in the state of the public opinion, there is more than a good idea to release a certain degree of goodness to China.

The outside world noted that the day-day defense at the end of last year once again call again, and the two sides expressed the risk of co-controlling. After the Japanese government announced that the cabinet ministers did not send the cabinet ministerial officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, whether the media guess "Follow the US diplomatic boycott", the Japanese interpretation is because the epidemic prevention and control is not attended. In this regard, Sichuan Island True Professor, Tokyo pointed out: "Board fields have shown consideration and respect the position of China, I hope that China can understand. Japan is quite cautious in this matter, no I hope it is anger China. "

In the view of Liu Qingbin, recently, the sore field emphasizes "realism" in China, and there are more considerations to the China-Japanese economic relations and inject "stabilizers" into the relationship between the two countries. On January 1 this year, the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP) officially entered into force, the first time the bilateral self-trade relationship between China and Japan, achieving greatly cutting, exempting tariffs. The Japanese government estimates that RCEP may push up to 2.7% in the future of Japan's actual domestic product.

However, experts from Japan also pointed out that in the economic sector should not think that China is the largest trading partner in Japan, Japan will have unconditionally supported economic cooperation between the two countries. So far, the shooting field emphasizes Japan's "new capitalism" to fight against the "powerful challenge of the national capitalist economic system". To this end, Japan has established "economic security to serve as the minister".

Not long ago, the Japanese and American governments are discussing the development of high-tech exports to China's high-tech export control, and consider adding European countries that have the same will "to join in the history of the Soviet Union. The "Paris Commission" is established.

Wang Jizhou's observation is that from the expression of the land of the field and Japan, it is strengthened in the general field to restrict in the field of high-tech, meaning that Japan will adopt "soft and hard" practice in the face of Sino-Japanese economic cooperation.

The "Security Partnership" Forum was held for the first time

Boarda hopes to develop stable relationship with China, but the tree is quiet and the wind is.

On January 18th, the Japanese General Vice Little Minister Tian Yun Yuming and the former Defense Deputy Minister Zhongshan Taixiu, with video methods participated in the so-called "Taiwan Security Partnership Forum", and many people in the office of the DPD participated in the meeting rooms in Taiwan Legislative Administration Dialogue. In August last year, the Taiwan Day established the so-called "dialogue between the ruling party".

According to the report, Zhongshan Show is disclosed at the meeting that the self-owned party has already formed a so-called "Taiwan Relations Law" discussion group, in research and negotiate whether to follow the "Taiwan Relations Law" in the United States, formulate relevant laws. He also encouraged Japanese officials to communicate in depth in Taiwan, and vigorously supported Taiwan to participate in international organizations such as WHO to ensure semiconductor supply chain security.

In Liu Qingbin, Zhongshan Thai Xiu is already a decision of Members, and the form of dialogue performance between the two parties is greater than the substantive content. It is impossible to affect the China Policy of the Bore Tudi.However, it is worth alert to the flashes behind, in order to bring the soil on the political altar, and the US is politically carried out on the Type of China.Recently, some important people in Japan have continuously rubbed the side ball on the Taiwan issue, step by step to erode the middle bottom line.China has given a clear warning. If the Japanese insisted on playing with "Taiwan brand", it will endanger the overall situation of the Sino-Japanese relationship.

Liu Qingbin pointed out that there is no time to test the "color" of China's policy to China, because 3 days, the main video calls should be held with Biden, the Chinese topic is bound to be one of the focus of the call, and this summer is the Summer CabinetIt is necessary to face the "big test" of the Senate, "the realism" of the shore field to China has to bear multiple tests.