Three things happened in India on January 19!Moti or was attacked by terror; China has become an example

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Three things happened in India on January 19!Moti or was attacked by terror; China has become an example

2022-01-19 12:08:35 54 ℃

Not long ago, the Indian government made a correct and important decision, that is, "not to send officials to attend the Beijing Olympic Winter Games."

After a lapse of several days, when the world's eyes are focused on the Russian-US negotiations, when Tonga volcanic eruptions, India took place in three things, each piece is worthy of special attention.

The first thing was to attack the Prime Minister of India? Modi is not the only or the "victim."

18 on the day, according to Indian media reports, Indian intelligence agencies revealed a nine-page intelligence document, which has a display of information about the terrorist attack, Indian Prime Minister Modi will be attacked.

Indian intelligence agencies say the attack is likely to occur in January 26th, which is India's first 73 "Republic Day." That time, "some organizations" likely through drone attacks, etc., caused by the murder of senior politicians or mass riots.

Needless to say, such a course will alert the Government of India on high alert, this year's "Republic Day" How to strengthen the security can not be overemphasized. Do not forget, India is too serious "political vendetta" incident in 2021, the economic center of Mumbai city mayor also received a "death threat letter."

Anyway, at least the following three reasons, prompting Modi government must be playing the spirit of twelfth, pay full attention to the life and limb of this intelligence.

First, the "Republic Day" is one of three National Day of India, will hold a grand celebration every year, including a military parade and mass demonstrations. Therefore, once the vicious attacks, not just hapless individual politicians, but a large number of innocent people.

Second, in addition to Prime Minister Modi should attend activities outside of India to invite the leaders of the five countries of Central Asia will visit the site as a guest, in addition to representatives of several countries. If an accident occurs, the international impact can be okay? After his country's politicians would be willing to visit India do?

More to the point, the five countries of Central Asia jointly dignitaries visit to India, of course, there are important matters to discuss. Wrecked summit, is the real "Zuimotaiyan."

Moreover, the "Republic Day" is celebrated festival in India current constitution came into force, on this day of the terrorist attacks, India's current constitution indicate whether unpopular? This media speculation, it makes the surface embarrass the government of India.

Third, we should note that when Modi January 5 this year, to go out to participate in activities, its fleet was stuck in a peasant protesters on the bridge. In this regard, the Supreme Court of India has found serious security vulnerabilities Prime Minister Modi side, which led to the disclosure of its travel.

Today, less than a month's time, Modi will usher in a security test, its close security loopholes if it can not be repaired as soon as possible, is likely to bring a fatal blow in the "Republic Day" that day to Modi.

After all, since Modi came to power, carrying out populist and Hindu supremacists, resulting in India's increasingly intense religious conflict, extremists have long hated him.

In this regard, Modi had better be psychologically prepared.

The second thing, cross the river by feeling the Chinese? The Indian government ambition is commendable, but there are many difficulties.

Local 17, the Indian Atomic Energy and Space Development Minister Manmohan Singh announced that India will be built India's first space station in 2030, and the launch of India's first manned space program, "added Gan Yang" spacecraft this year.

For this ambitious space program, the Indian media is very optimistic view on the grounds that they think: Now that China can build "full body" of the Chinese space station in 2024, then in accordance with the "laws of history", also built in India by 2030 Indian Space station.

In this regard, India's "Eurasian Times" editor lists a series of numbers: Compared to China, India's first nuclear test 10 years later, the first lunar mission a year later, the first night of the 12 anti-satellite mission year.

With these data, the Indian media of course confident, claiming that India could quickly catch up with the "Asian giant." But for this idea, it is necessary to share views on three points.

First, I must thank the Indian media affirmation of China's space industry. After all, the Chinese aerospace deemed to catch up with the target, as evidenced by this great achievements my country's aerospace industry, China as a "space powers" affordable Indian envy.

Second, India's aerospace strength is indeed remarkable.

For example, in 2014, India became the world's fourth, the first Asian country successful Mars exploration. Although the Mars probe designed to be very "normal" it is entirely a product based on Indian politicians utilitarian heart.

But still can be said that India hopes to build an independent space station, after all, the opportunity to participate in India's "international space cooperation" more.

But it also needs to be pointed out that India can ensure progress level of the space program, in fact, is doubtful. Do not forget, India's manned space program has been postponed several times, but still has a long construction process of the Indian aircraft carrier as a warning.

Third, when it comes to space development, of course, the ideal state is national co-operated for the benefit of all mankind the common struggle. Unfortunately, this idea in the face of complex reality, only as a basic good vision.

For its part, the goal of course is sea stars, since it has opened a new journey of building space powers, and may wish to NASA, the European Space Agency and more learn learn, we have this confidence.

The third thing, the Indian epidemic continues to worsen, a number so users can "break defense."

On the 18th, the Indian National Children's Rights Protection Committee notified that nearly 150,000 children in India lost their parents or parents during the new crown epidemic.It is reported that there are 13.69,100 children to lose single prince, and another 19,500 children become orphans, and 488 children are abandoned.

This number is just the number of the official statistics of India.According to the universal consensus of the international community, the actual number of new crown infections in India is at least 20 to 30 times the number of people reported by the print. According to the latest research reported by the US Broadcasting Company, Indian new crown has exceeded 6 million.

In these people, how much is children, and how much is children's parents, I am afraid that no one can give an answer.

As of January 18, the total number of people confirmed by India exceeded 37.61 million, and the total number of deaths was over 480,000.Under the strong invasion of Okeck, the number of people in India has been more than 200,000 in a row.

In this regard, I can only wish the Indian epidemic, and Indian people don't have to experience the suffering of injuries because of the epidemic.