"Tower official: pay back as soon as possible, stay away from China!"

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"Tower official: pay back as soon as possible, stay away from China!"

2022-01-19 12:08:47 57 ℃

China is known as the "Foundation Relve", and in the development of its own infrastructure, it also helps many developing countries to build a lot of infrastructure facilities, which is a good thing for those countries. But for those anti-Chinese countries, it is a very gladed thing.

Under the penetration of Western public opinion, Tajikistan's public opinion has been brought, and the voice of dissatisfaction with China has emerged. Many politicians are inciting the people and ask the government to pay attention to China's loans as soon as possible, and stay away from China. The abnormal movement really makes many people feel that it is a lot of help after all, and now it actually chose to vastly.

"China's harmful Tajikistan" is a mistake

Many politicians in Tajikistan said when they were interviewed by the media, the government should do their utmost to pay tribute to China as soon as possible, after still finishing the money, it will be classified with China, otherwise it will fall to China's careful planning " Debt traps, in passive situation. China has made this statement clearly that China believes this is a mistake. China has never thought of harming Tajikistan. This kind of statement does not have any facts, and China does not understand.

In fact, as long as you understand the cooperation projects of China Tower, you will understand that this statement of the Tower party is completely a rumor, deliberately displaced China's international image. As a small country in Central Asia, Tajikistan can cooperate with China. It is indeed a good thing. Since the cooperation, China has continuously increased its investment, and its infrastructure facilities have also been further improved.

China is especially important for Tajikistan

After many years of cooperation, the two sides have benefited a lot, and now China has become the first major investment in the country, and the fourth largest trading partner. With the help of China, its economy is not small. Progress. During the cooperation, China has always fulfilled its own obligations, never have a phenomenon of weakness, willing to give up a lot of interests and lead it together.

However, China's mutual benefit of mutual benefit is a huge threat in the eyes of Western countries. In order to curb China's influence in the international community, they came up with a "debt trap" approach, buckled on the head of China, Attempt to launch China. Of course, China has witnessed, many countries have been visible, and many countries have been well developed with help, Tajikistan is no exception, and after cooperation with China, it has got a lot of benefits. As for "recommendations" from Western countries, I believe it should make the correct choice.

Some news Source: Qinghai Radio and TV