Beauty is facing out of control, the American Chinese flocks to grab the high price ticket "Go back to the hometown", the attitude is disappointing

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Beauty is facing out of control, the American Chinese flocks to grab the high price ticket "Go back to the hometown", the attitude is disappointing

2022-01-20 00:04:58 55 ℃

The epidemic has been present for two years, and almost every country has been disturbed by an epidemic. But in the face of the attitude of the epidemic per country, it is entirely different, which exactly shows the advantages and disadvantages of each country's ruling strategy. The United States's epidemic has even reached the uncontrollable point. Some people have given up the confrontation with the epidemic. At this time, there is a Chinese people who want to flee back to China, the reason is to visit relatives.

American epidemic is raging, the situation is critical

The current number of people in the United States has reached more than 66 million, and the number of diagnosed people in the week is new. The current epidemic prevention materials shortage, but "Okock" has not easily letting these people, which is undoubtedly snow in the United States. The worst is the previous Americans blindly resist the new crown vaccine, causing many people who have no vaccination, the most critical barrier is refused by themselves.

Previously, the leaders promised to expel the epidemic from the country and did not harm the US economy. The actual situation is under his "effort", the epidemic is more serious. In this critical juncture, he lets go, and push the responsibility to the state governor, the American people are deeply disappointed.

China-US traffic blocked

Due to the serious American epidemic, China has become the best "safe port" in China. Some American Chinese people have to go back to China, but there are too many people, and the number of tickets has skyrocketed. " It is difficult to take off from the United States to return flights in Russia, and the US will push responsibility to China.

It means that China's epidemic prevention policy prohibits the plane from returning to China, and some people respond, it is simply a blessing. Of course, there are many Chinese students who study abroad. At that time, I blindly worship the United States. I have to go to the United States to study abroad. Nowadays, I am going to think about my motherland. Especially some American Chinese, I have obtained American nationality, and I want to be a Chinese.

Crisis juncture, attitude is disappointing

Although it is in a critical situation, everyone's first reaction is escape. However, the attitude from it is disappointing, and the Chinese epidemic is the most serious. These Chinese American people have not said that they are returning to the country. Instead, I accuse the epidemic in China with the Americans. It is hateful.

Now the US epidemic prevention policy is not right, and it is facing out of control. In order to survive, I remember China. Going home to probe is indeed their right, but the real intention is the real intention. In particular, the US epidemic is serious. If you have not known whether you have a virus, you will go home if you have a lot of life.