The US Government is called: "Entry with customs! China must purchase 16 billion merchandise!"

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The US Government is called: "Entry with customs! China must purchase 16 billion merchandise!"

2022-01-20 12:02:53 46 ℃

Since the Baiden Government came to the stage, the Trump period has continued the Trump period since the Trump period. A set of American government faces, and the trick behind the trick has already been seen, while pressing, smashing China, thinking about cooperation with China.

US Agriculture Minister Wilsack has expressed his disclosure, "China must purchase $ 16 billion merchandise", so it is necessary to complete the obligation of Sino-US economic and trade agreements. This is not forbidden, and the United States three times will repent, and it is actually a dedication to China.

During the epidemic, the United States has a state of development, and severe inflation and social contradictions, the US government can't wait to take China's "knife". The United States actually dare to press China, emphasized the obligation of China's performance in the economic and trade agreement, but ignored China's legitimate rights and interests. You know, the reason why the United States will receive large procurement in China, in that the US has promised to cancel the duty of all China's imported products.

In fact, as early as January to June 2020, the United States is open to the commitment, re-recovering the duty. When the domestic epidemic faces out of control, when the economic crisis broke out, I didn't think about how to easily reach tight relationships with China. Instead, I will put it in China, starting from many sensitive topics, provocating China, and developing manufacturing to China, and The United States will pay a painful cost for its wrong behavior.

The United States has increased tariffs equivalent to China 's implementation of economic sanctions, and China has to take counter-resistance. Therefore, China and the United States have signed the economic and trade agreement. If the US has reasonable tariffs on China's products, China will import the United States 200 billion products in the next two years.

The economic and trade agreement is favorable in China and the United States, but the United States unilaterally destroyed the agreement, and there is no unreasonable requirement China to continue to fulfill its obligations, such shameless behavior makes people falling. In the final analysis, the trade between China and the United States cannot normalize is caused by the United States. If it is not the US economic sanctions China, frequent interception China's internal affairs, Sino-US relations will not be increasingly worse.

For China, it is better to solve the problem through peaceful way, but there is no way if the United States does not cooperate. It is not realized that the US is now in the case of Hua Jurzu, it is only a difficult to bring to China. The US government is to see the situation, and its series of wrong behaviors made to China is very unwise. It can be described as "one thousand, self-loss, 800", in this, what is the reason for continuing?

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