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Ming Cheic | Inbound UK does not need nucleic acid detection?

2022-01-20 12:02:25 44 ℃

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--Network news said that "UK from January 7th will cancel the inspection requirements for nucleic acid detection", which is a misleading interpretation of the new regulations of the British government. This situation is only applicable to the full vaccination of passengers, and the Government of Scotland, Wales and the Northern Ireland region is slightly different from England's policies to England, and cannot be terminated.

- After December 15 last year, the British government cleared the "Red List" country. "Red List" is updated every 3 weeks, and the next update is 1 week later. Travelers passing through the "Red List" will face strict entry inspections.

Event background

Recently, a screenshot was circulated in the WeChat group. Change to a cheap and convenient LFT. "

Nucleic acid detection, also known as polymerase chain reaction, referred to as PCR, requires acquisition of samples from nasopharyngeal swabs, and determines whether the tester infects viruses by detecting whether there is a new crown virus RNA genetic material. The principle of late fluid detection (LFT) is a protein that is a special protein that is looking for a virus surface. Compared to nucleic acid detection, the lateral flow detection operation is simpler and does not require laboratory analysis, so it is more efficient and the price is even more low.


Viewing Wayback Machine, view the government provisions before January 7, which can be found that the network transmission is indeed a track. On January 5, the British government (Gov.uk) web page shows that "If you have eligible to England, you will arrive in England after 4:00 on Friday, January 7, you don't need: New crown test before going to England After the arrival of England. "

There are two key points in this news that readers pay special attention, namely "England", and "fully inoculated". In other words, this new regulation is directed only in the England region of the United Kingdom, and does not apply to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; in addition, passengers who are not vaccinated will still accept row test and may face isolation after entering.

It can be seen that the network news news has a certain basis, but its application range is limited, and should not be expanded to all situations, so it is misleading information.

Britain consists of four regions such as England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and regional governments have some subtleties for new crown inspection policies in the development and landing, it is much similar.

First, the British government's "Red List" policy is equally applicable to its four regions. The British government has enumerating countries with high risk factors in the United Biosafety Center, and passengers from these countries will face more stringent restrictions.

According to the Times Times, the British government introduced this policy in February 2021. In the initial iteration, most of South America and Central America, and most of the southern Africa are included in the "Red List". "Red List" is flow, every 3 weeks will be updated once, and the next update time is 1 week. In the release of October 28, last October 28, the "Red List" first cleared; at the end of November, in order to cope with the influence of new variants, African countries in the south and central Africa were rejoined to the "Red List".

Only (a) British / Ireland citizens, or (b) people with the right of British residency can enter the country from the "Red List".

On December 14, last year, the Minister of Traffic Matters announced that the "Red List" will be cleared again from the next day, but at the same time, Shaphs also said that it may "apply new) when necessary Limit to protect public health.

The British government official website shows that passengers passing within 10 days or from the "Red List" countries must be in the United Kingdom or Ireland, or have the right of British residency. In addition, passengers need to provide new crown detection negative proven in 48 hours before boarding, from the 7 airport ports approved by the government in England. These 7 airports include Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Birmingham, Bristol, Farnborough, and Big Biggin Hill. After entering the country, passengers need 10 days of self-isolation in the government approval, and they receive twice during the period.

Second, the four places of the UK will be distinguished according to passenger vaccination status. The government has reached a consensus on the definition of "fully inoculation". The so-called "fully vaccination" refers to completing the last needle inoculation of the designated vaccine, and has been in the past 14 days. At present, there are 8 vaccines recognized by the British government, which is Covaxin, Modner, Janshan, Novavax, Oxford / Aslikang ( Oxford / Astrazeneca, Pfizer Biontech, as well as two Chinese vaccine, national medicine. Passengers who have not completed vaccination will be required to provide negative test reports before flight, and will be placed under more stringent management after entering the country. This is the same regardless of England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Taking England as an example, passengers who are not vaccinated are more complex and more sensitive than horizontal flow before entering the country.

England's invocile entry requirements

Only passengers completely vaccinated and from non-"red list" countries can enjoy loose entry conditions in the network news.

The Wales government's requirements for the pre-line detection, the passengers must meet one of the conditions: (a) from the UK or the British overseas territory, (b) complete vaccination, (c) under 18 years old, (d) Special circumstances in medical care, or (e) engage in certain special occupations.

A number of media reports is affected by the shortage of new crown test agents worldwide. The nucleic acid detection packages and horizontal flow detection packages in the UK have been insufficient. On December 13 last year, a BBC reported that some user reagents or user reagents that were ordered online have been sold. In this paper, the words of the lakeide pharaces "Pharmacist SuDel Sehrawat said that some pharmacies were restricted, and only 54 test agents can only be ordered one day," but 54 reagents After the hour was sold. " "Due to large demand, the Wales Government encourages people to use the lateral flow detection packs that have been purchased before ordering."

BBC related report screenshots.

The British media ITV said in an article published on December 29 last year that people during Christmas have increased significantly on new crown tests. The British Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) said it provides a daily 900,000 testing kits during the holidays, reaching twice the next December 18. Nicola Sturge announced Nicola Sturgeon, announced that Scotland will prioritize public service staff due to the pressure of supply and production.

ITV report title screenshot: "New Crown: Health Secretary admits that the Britain feels the influence of" world-wide landscape detection "

In summary, the network news report said "UK on January 7th, the nucleic acid testing requirements for cancel the entry personnel" is a misleading interpretation of the new rules of the British government. This situation is only applicable to the full vaccination of passengers, and the Policy of the Northern Ireland in Scotland, the Northern Ireland government is slightly different from England, and cannot be generalized. After December 15 last year, the British government cleared the "Red List" country, and the "red list" will be updated again after 1 week. Travelers passing through the "Red List" will face strict entry inspections.