Arrested more than 5,800 people overnight, Wang Yi's statement!

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Arrested more than 5,800 people overnight, Wang Yi's statement!

2022-01-20 12:02:41 45 ℃

At the beginning of the New Year, the world is not calm, Turkey air strikes Syria, the first day of the United States, the first day of the New Year, the Russian border issue is once again fallen into a deadlocity ... and the Kazakhstan in Central Asia has just experienced a failure. However, the real cause of riots and behind the scenes are concerned.

Kazakhstan arrested more than 5,800 people overnight, many of which were foreigners

Kazakhstan's recent parade, the cause is only the price of domestic natural gas, but when the government compromises agree to adjust the natural gas price, the parade team has grown up, and their goals become the government's administrative building, the purpose is no longer simple, natural gas price reduction But it is asked to step down the government. Think care, Kazakhstan is not likely just because of natural gas prices asking the entire government team, there must be other forces.

Subsequent evidence suggests that this organized riot is behind the scenes, and President Happ will quickly calm the riots after the request of Ji'an organizes, 5,800 people arrested overnight, many foreigners. At the same time, there were some unidentified vehicles that provided weapons in the parade, which made people think about anti-governmental organizations developed around the world. This time it is likely to be a coup, but this color revolution. Finally ended in failure.

Wang Yi, foreign minister, Kazakhstan to eat a fixed pill

The President Kazakhstan has expressed his thanks to China and Russia. The United States may not think that this whole can not only reach the purpose, but causing Kazakhstan to trust in China and Russia. On the fourth day after the end of the riots, Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi passed the phone, and Wang Yi said, "Wang Yi said" as the permanent comprehensive strategic partner of Kazakhstan ". At the critical moment of the destiny of the trip, China is willing to express a firm support for Harfang-dimensional storm. "Harbin president said heightally and will combat China to jointly combat" three forces ".

During the call to Russian Foreign Minister Ruff Rov, Ravov revealed the latest assessment of the Ai'an Organization, Russia and Kazakhstan, including the President, and believe this is a courage to plan an external forces. . The so-called external forces are naturally self-evident, the United States not only does the true purpose of "Typo", not only the meaning of "TYPO", but also sees the true purpose of Russia to Kazakhstan, probably the violence is too fast. Americans are very disappointed.