Otkek has not solved it yet, inflation is again in the United States.

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Otkek has not solved it yet, inflation is again in the United States.

2022-01-20 12:02:19 50 ℃

According to Beiqing.com, Okeki is spread in the United States, which has caused more people infections in the country, and the number of new cases in the country will break the record.

However, in this issue, it has not been resolved at a critical moment, another tricky problem, the United States, and 300 million Americans can't hide, that is, the issue of national inflation rates. Under the influence of national inflation, the basic life of Americans has been affected, which will be a disaster for the whole country.

Another tricky problem is coming to the United States

The emergence of variant strains is a disaster for countries. It is undoubtedly a snow in the United States for the United States. Recently, the world is paying attention to the country, because there is a lot of new increments a day, there are few countries to do.

This situation also makes the country's medical staff is very desperate. The country's medical care has not stopped working in these two years, because the country's epidemic has been reversed. This time, the epidemic rebounded, it really made them more collapsed, after all, there is already a lot of beautiful medical care has been diagnosed or killed, and it is also very psychological pressure.

However, O'Kron's problem has not been resolved, another tricky problem comes to the country, that is, the country's inflation rate continues to rise, and the issue of inflation directly affects 300 million Americans, no one can escape. . This means that people need more funds to maintain their own lives in their daily lives, which will greatly enhance people's living costs and bring great economic pressure.

Due to new crown epidemics, the American society has not been fully recovered, and there are a large number of people in unemployment, which means they don't have enough economic income. After the price continues to rise, they have no way to maintain life.

You know, the United States is a consumer country. The country is basically there is no deposit, and they need to repay credit cards even every month, which is the American family's lifestyle. Under normal circumstances, this lifestyle does not have much problem, because people have enough economic income to make up for the previous consumption, but after unemployment, they will not only have a way to consume, there is no way to make up for the consumption. Cave.

The US government did give people a certain economic subsidy, but in the face of huge credit card debt, and the price of a national market in prices, people's lives are still very difficult. On the contrary, due to a large number of people in the United States, the national economy has entered a new dilemma.

In such cases, the crime rate of the country will continue to soar, and there are several parts of the United States have entered the super-robbery, and some robbers even directly robbed the freight rail or trucks.

For example, in Los Angeles, such a situation often happens, the local freight rail container has been robbed, the money is already taken away, and the remaining is some small things, but there are also many local residents will go. Take something needed to go home.

Such a situation is not to mention the loss of the people and related companies, and for the national image of the United States, it is also a great blow, no one can imagine, this situation will happen in the United States.

All in all, the issue of inflation rate is one of the most difficult problems in the United States. If the country is unable to solve this problem, the country will fall into a more confusing situation, and the national life will be completely chaos. This will even directly affect the development of the United States, and the consequences will be unbearable, of course, if the United States can control the epidemic, I believe that everything will return to the right track.