African scholar: developed countries send expired vaccines to Africa really do not face

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African scholar: developed countries send expired vaccines to Africa really do not face

2022-01-21 06:06:08 38 ℃

[Compilation / Observer Network Li Huanyu] In December last year, African Dagani Nigeria destroyed 1 million more donated by Europe, but later expired Aslikin new crown vaccine revealed the "donation" treated iceberg. In January of this year, UNICEF revealed that due to the nearing shelf life, the number of new crown vaccines rejected in developing countries has reached more than 100 million.

On January 17, the Kenya International Relations scholar Adale Cavince issued a statement, and developed countries sent expired vaccines to Africa as a shameful behavior. He suggested that African countries have considering cooperation with China, because China will help them establish vaccine production capacity, which helps the industrial and health systems in African countries.

Kenz's article published in Kenya, high-income, high-income, welcome, private media, Capitalfm. The article says that many African countries are now more and more concerned about new crown vaccines donated in developed countries because they have been approaching the shelf life, waiting until distributing inoculation has expired.

Today, poor countries simply refuse to accept this vaccine. According to the Data of the UNICEF, developing countries rejected more than 100 million polysheets last year will expire the new crown vaccine at the end of the year. In 10, 11 months, developing countries also refused to have about 15 million vaccines donated by the EU. The "Indonesian Business Daily" also reported that the country has 121 million consecutive Aslikang, Pfizer and Modena vaccine due to too many quantities, and the Indonesian government has no longer receives expired vaccine.

This is not to say that these countries do not need vaccines. In fact, developing countries, especially African countries, are still facing huge vaccine gaps. Tan Dersse, Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that 85% of people in Africa did not play. The proportion of the vaccination of the contained vaccination is only 8%, and the most difficult country is like Burundi to only 0.07% of people vaccinated.

However, donation expiration vaccines cannot alleviate this situation. First, many African countries have no rapid distribution and vaccination capabilities; secondly, due to lack of this ability, the vaccine has expired, and African countries have to put their extremely limited resources to expired vaccine instead of buying more Vaccine; Finally, a large number of expired vaccines have enabled African public opinion fields, and many people are worried that they will have expired vaccine.

In the end, all kinds of affected have enabled a large number of donated vaccines donated to developed countries to help the African countries. The African Union has made a strong appeal to the countries that wish to donate new crown vaccines in Africa, and hope that they will announce donations in advance, including the necessary donors. In addition, the shelf life of donations should not be less than three months in order to make African countries have enough time to distribute and manage vaccines.

Nigeria destroyed expired new crown vaccine picture Source: Xinhua News Agency

K Wers pointed out that due to the hit of new crown pneumonia epidemic, many resource scarcity economies regard vaccines as an important means of getting rid of trouble. However, wealthy economies can book vaccines billions of agents, most African poor countries have almost can't buy. The calls for these countries, WHO and the African Union require fairly distribution, but the epidemic intensity has increased in terms of contagious novel variants.

He believes that it is necessary to ensure that African countries can obtain vaccines needed to protect their nationals, the only sustainable way is to encourage vaccines in Africa. However, developed countries do not support the leading by WTO, the temporary exemption procedure for new crown vaccines, test reagents, medical equipment intellectual property rights, but more tend to provide tertiary health products to poor countries.

He suggested that Africa can consider cooperating with countries such as China. China has previously announced at the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum. China will provide 1 billion new crown vaccine to African countries, of which 600 million is unpaid assistance, 400 million people with joint production of Chinese companies and related African countries. Way it is provided. This will not only increase the opportunity to get new crown pneumonia vaccines in Africa, but will also strengthen industrial capacity and health system construction in Africa.

Considering the importance of vaccination on the prevention and control of neogignitis, Kvs is finally written, and the developed economy should cooperate with the same boat in all countries, and jointly respond to the global health crisis. Expired vaccines do not work in this process.

When I responded to Nigeria's forced to destroy 1060,000 deposited Aslikang vaccine, Zhao Lie, said that the US CDC data showed that the US CDC data shows that March to September this year, the United States waste At least 151 million vaccine. More American media reports that the number of vaccines in the United States far exceeds the number of vaccinated vaccination in developing countries.

Zhao Lijian said that China adheres to the vaccine as a global public product, providing vaccines to the world, especially developing countries. At present, the epidemic is still delayed, and it is hoped that the relevant countries have effectively fulfilled their commitments, providing more safe and effective vaccines to developing countries, including Africa, bridge the global immunization gap, and truly contribute to human beings.