"China aggression!" They shouted ...

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"China aggression!" They shouted ...

2022-01-21 06:02:37 30 ℃

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Two days in this day, the bilateral meetings of the three "received attention" were staged.

Regardless of the information involved in the country or release, they all have China as "focus", and the anti-China concentration is different but it is quite high.

Australian strengthening defense link is a key ring of anti-China aggression attitude. "

"Aggression", yes, you didn't look wrong. It is already in Canberra's British Foreign Minister Tras, and there is no such an interview with the "Australian News".

The Foreign Minister of the Australian Australia "2 + 2" talks will be held tomorrow, but now it has released full of malics.

Also on the 21st, the Japanese and Japanese head meeting will also be staged in the day of the Japanese "long-awaited". Although it is held in a video manner, the two sides have created a strong anti-China atmosphere beforehand, and the spearhead is also against China.

In addition to the two tomorrow's talks, the "2 + 2" talks held today, and also stuffed the Temple of China, South China Sea, etc., focusing on "China 's increasingly active" China.

Three meetings, there are or dark American factors behind them. They have been staged, and they are in the meaning of Washington, and the anti-China topics are quite lively.

But can this be "successful" in Washington to the allies?


Tras is accused of China and Russia.

She said: "Russia and China have become more aggressive."

Tras believes that Russia has increased the number of tanks to the Ukrainian border, and also launched a number of cyber attacks. China is engaged in "economic coercion", "especially when dealing with Lithuania and Australia."

"Economic Stress" is a hat that is buckled in the United States, Australia. The spokesperson in China has already responded to many times. Just day, Zhao Lijian also emphasized that China resolutely opposes any form of political and diplomatic stress, and will never treat him with economic stress.

In fact, whether it is neutral relationship, or a Central Australian relationship, which is not unconscious.

Lithuania insisted on "Taiwan" is the name of "Taiwan", naked naked to create "one middle one", seriously violating a Chinese principle.

As for Australia, the difficult situation in China and Australia is completely caused by the Australian relationship. It is Canberra, and has an endless set of cooperation between the two countries; it is also Canberra, but also in the "victim", pair in the middle.

Tras and further said that "many countries have unhealthy strategic fragility". In her eyes, Europe's dependence on Russia, and the Asia-Pacific region's "growing economic dependence" in China is the so-called "unhealthy strategic fragility".

Seeing this interview in Tras, no one will doubt, this Australian "2 + 2" is China.

Although the relevant statement of the British Foreign Ministry did not smoke the window paper: Tras' use her trip to pay attention to economic, security and technical interests, and standing against malicious aggressors. "

But when Tras stepped on the Australian territory, sitting in front of the Australian media, she didn't want to hide their hostility to China and Russia.

Tslas is doing this, apparently has her intention.

One, she was originally commented on China.

Before the foreign minister, Tras served as the International Trade Minister of the UK, and she had high-profile calling on the government to treat China in the field of trade.

Tras opposes that China is defined as "developing countries", but also expressed dissatisfaction with China's "unfair subsidy state".

Two, it is the time.

The British National Affairs Bureau is tight. "Party Door" scandal continues to ferment, Johnson's prime minister is in the wind and rain. If Johnson is forced to step down, many people think that it is most likely to be the prime minister, it is Tslas.

Australia, the epidemic is not eased. 77 cases of new deaths in the 18th were the one day of the Australian dye death since the outbreak of the epidemic.

At this time, Tras and the British anti-length two cabinets are far from Australia, and the "2 + 2" of Australia and the foreign minister will not cover Australia and promote the philosophy of the so-called "free network".

You see, after Cue Russia and China, Tras will pay close to the value: "Some countries use economic pressure, safety pressure, and scientific power, try to erode freedom and democracy."

What freedom, what democracy, is a scorpion of anyone. However, Tangning Street 10 I want to make bad in India, so that the "global British" landed, the image of the big country is superior.

Tras is challenging.

However, London is probably forgotten, and the sea outside the Atlantic is not a scene of the "Japanese Infair Empire" period.


On the same day on the same day, Japanese and Japanese video meetings will also be staged on the same day. Based on the information beforehand, the spearhead is also against China.

The Japanese media said that this will be the first official Japanese and American head dialogue after the start of the shore field. Prior to this, the Boatada has been looking forward to meeting the face-to-face meeting as soon as possible, and I have visited the United States before the end of last year, but I have not been able to travel.

The reasons given in the Japanese side are because the O'Kek mutant strains are coming. However, there is a US media, "It is believed to be due to the White House needs to concentrate on promoting major bills and failed to be implemented in the year." In other words, the shooting field is very anxious, but Biden did not see him. Now talking on the line, the theme is still the set.

The White House has been repeated in 5 days ago. The two sides will confirm the policy of strengthening the Japanese-US alliance. Through the United States and Japan and India, the four-party safety dialogue mechanism promotes "free open India" vision, discussing the joint should be a new technology, the cooperative research and development technology, etc. :

After a set of "Strengthening the Japanese League" rhetoric, "It is expected to discuss security and cooperation for China", which is immediately explaining the true content and points of talks.

If the White House "Preview" is not straightforward, then a report on the 17th of Japan, it gives a more detailed reference, which is the Japanese and Japanese buddy, "should be further discussed on the basis of 2 + 2 meetings. ".

Japan's 2 + 2 conference on January 7th?

That talks are also conducted through a video mode. On the day of the Japanese community, the beginning of the day was champions: the two sides are "focus on China", confirming the strengthening of the Japanese-US union deterrent.

During the talks, US Customary Buffin said, "China's provocative actions are exacerbating the tensions of the Taiwan Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea." Japan's foreign affected Lin Fang is attacked, saying "Japanese and American unity and leadership is very important to the region."

Based on the unreasonable interference and smearing attack, the day and foreign ministers and anti-corporate discussions, including space, network, electromagnetic waves, etc., to "respond to China's rapidly enhanced arms" .

The Voice of America has later had a general complementary supplement:

At this 2 + 2 conference, Japan, "to strengthen the Japanese-US military alliance, respond to the military threats in Taiwan, including the joint use, expansion, and restructuring of US military support and strengthen the self-defense team in Southwest China. War preparations in the islands and other regions.

Boarding and Biden "First Formal Dialogue" Based on these contents, toning can also be imagined.


The Japanese New Year's Eve video talk has not been staged, and it has been filled with strong orthodox flavors. In today's day-to-law, foreign ministers, 2 + 2 talks, also released similar mothers.

The United States and other draft declarations such as the Japanese media exposure, in addition to talking to the nuclear issue, both sides will focus on "military activities are increasingly active" China.

The draft content shows that both sides will express "serious concerns" on the situation in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and stated strongly opposing the status quo of unilateral changes. In addition, it is expected that both parties will also emphasize the importance of "Taiwan Strait Peace and Stability".

The security field will implement some specific cooperation.

For example, regular military exercises will continue later in the confirmation to improve synergy. Also, the possibility of "reciprocal access agreement" is concluded. This agreement has caused attention when he reached the previous day. It will greatly facilitate the visit to the other country.

Since last year, Japan has jumped, the more jump on the stage, and hugs the American thigh.

This is a factor in the United States to apply and, but it is also intertwined with Japan's domestic political right color, and Tokyo tries to introduce the domain power to help it compensate in China's "big strategy".

Early analysts pointed out that Japan did this, no spread in Asia Pacific, East Asia, "wolf into the room", and its own style is not said, and it will bring huge damage to the region.

Of course, there are two days of bilateral meetings in the past two days, and there are or dark American factors behind them.

Country meetings involved in the United States and their allies. Among them, Japan Australia is a hardcore in the US "small circle". They sell hard together with Washington, and the anti-China topics are very lively.

Despite this, Jin Guorong, a professor of Renmin University of Renmin, still believes that the Biden government is not successful in the League friends.

The United States originally organized a "anti-China small group", including "five eye alliance", Japan, etc., Lithuania and other "new European" countries are also there. But except for these "hardcore", there is no more countries to follow the United States.

Some of the other allies or Washington ports, such as old European countries, ASEAN and South Korea, maintain subtle balances in the direction of China. In the United States, many countries simply maintain their attitude towards the provocation and game in the United States.

Can this be "victorious" in the United States?

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