Ben Laden is the most worrying thing: Russian and American negotiations, the more stiff, Putin takes the President Iran

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Ben Laden is the most worrying thing: Russian and American negotiations, the more stiff, Putin takes the President Iran

2022-01-21 06:02:00 32 ℃

Ze Lingski has just met with Burnlin, and Putin is with Laijo.

On January 19, Iranian President Leich was invited by Putin to visit Russia for two days. This is the first visit to Russia after Lec, and President Iran is once again visited Russia again in five years. It is significant.

These two is a difficult brother brother who is poor in the disease. It is facing the pressure of Western sanctions, the impact of new crown epidemic, although the world of life, in the complex international situation, both parties are also normal.

The careful readers may find that this visit is Putin's initiative, and the time point is also very subtle, happens to talk about the Russian three rounds of negotiations. And Iran has not too much involvement in the Russian, why will Putin choose this critical moment?

If you want to answer this question, you have to say that the Russian wonderful geographical pattern. Although Russia is large, it is easy to attack, other countries either there are mountains, or there are sea, the surrounding of the core area of ​​the Russia, there is no, once the line is weakened, it is not difficult to tear a mouth.

That's why Russia's defending battle, can't rely on the geographical advantage, can only rely on the old days to enjoy the rice, using the bad climate conditions to expense the enemy's logistics, Napoleon and Hitler are planted in the weather. However, this kind of "killing a thousand, self-loss eight hundred" play, the victory is also tragic.

Therefore, for Russia, the best defense is offense. As long as you lay down the Haikou and Alpine, you can master the strategic initianess. The hatred of Russia and the surrounding countries is this, and the small country is directly dominated.

On the surface, Russia's expansion is quite effective, and the Soviet period has even income half of Germany, but the interior differences brought by the expansion are objective, and how it will be sweet.

To put it bluntly, Russia passed the expansion, converting external competition into internal stress, not only to fight both sides of the things, but also have to pay attention to internal insurgents. If the tough centralized centralized system, regional disintegration and security issues will break out.

A series of difficulties in the Soviet Union is the best proof, Russia retains the southern grassland and Siberian plains, but I lost the most important Ukraine and Eastern European buffers (Poland, Baltic Sea 3 countries), and there is no Gaocau Mountain and Central Asia. From the world's only big country, downgrade to the land country.

In order to eliminate the possibility of the rise of the empire, NATO violates the agreement with Gorbachev, no bottom, eastward expansion. Now, Ukraine is also in jeopardy. Once the detention, it is equivalent to Russian soft small belly to NATO, so Putin will say that "Russia has not retired."

Nowadays, there is a new turn. First, Iran's highest spiritual leader Hamenei, release the simulation animation of "assassination Trump", vow to be a revenge for Sulemanni, dying to the United States. Another is that Iranian negotiations have been engaged in critical, but the United States is still unreasonable on the issue of Iranian sanctions.

Iranian Iran is sancted for more than 40 years, it is difficult to continue to maintain the regional national The only way is to take the initiative to get rid of the exterior of the West, master the initiative of diplomacy. To this end, Iran put forward the "East" policy, one is the relationship between development and China, while also including partnerships and Russian partnerships.

Lai Xi visited Russia at this time, but also wanted to get a bigger support in Russia before talking, effectively preventing the US overburge actuated and single sanctions, striving for more chips on the negotiation table.

For Russia, Danish, Baltic Sea Three Kingdoms and Turkey belong to NATO, Russia is always unsafe in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, let alone Crimea, the Black Sea, just a few years. Afghan is "Imperial Cemetery", the Soviet Union and the United States have not been played, Putin is more impossible to take risks to this hard bones, penetrate to the Indian ocean.

In this way, the only hopes have the Haikou, leaving only Iran's controlled Persian Gulf. In addition, since Putin has built Syria in Putin, the Middle East has become a "Qiao Squi" important stage. It is obviously the same as the same, the same, the same, the same, compared to dryness, and cooperation.

To put it up, Putin is really good to thank Trump, or Sichuan Tao wants to close the door to play, shrink the Middle East strategy, Russia really does not necessarily have an opportunity to enter.

In the political field, the parties are more concerned about whether the two sides will reach long-term cooperation? Some media revealed that after China and Iran signed a "comprehensive cooperation program", the two countries of Russia also hoped to formulate a road map and can achieve long-term cooperation in various fields.

In this regard, the Iranian ambassador responded in the Russian, and the two sides did this, Iran has already made a draft, Russia has to consider it, can be sure that Lei President is not signed during the visit.

As for the economic sector, the expansion of the two countries can deepen the development of cooperation is too small. It is also the energy big country. Who is not lack of oil, the previous cooperation is mostly the signing energy exchange agreement, Russia's oil and gas transports through the North Lijiang Pipeline To Iran, Iran will transport natural gas to Russia through the southern pipe.

Don't ask why your own things are also imported, Ask is Iran, the Russian area is too large, and the country's energy transportation cost is much higher than import. There are also experts to propose, and the eyes are in a long time. Don't just stare at trade cooperation. Since Russia is also kicked out of the "Swift" international settlement system, you can consider connecting to the banking network, settlement with your own currency, can also reduce Dependence on the dollar.

Besides, Lizh is not intended to buy $ 10 billion in Russian weaponry, it is best to use it. Let's say that ideal is very beautiful, but it should not be realized.

At the end of the root, the cooperation between the two countries of Russia, or to hit the group to warm, jointly improve the influence of the big country.

The US strategic focus on the Middle East, and the regional countries Iran are the happiest. Previously, Iranian Foreign Ministers visited China and Oman, and three Iranian diplomats have also landed in Saudi, trying to play a role in the Islamic cooperation.

Russia took the opportunity to build a "ON Partnership" and expand its friends circle. The Organization has launched the procedures accepted by Iran, and also actively absorbs Saudi, Qatar, Egypt as a dialogue partner, and puts energy supply big country and consumer countries in one, together with the oil monopoly of the US dollar settlement.

In the first two days, China and Russian three countries announced that they will hold a joint military exercise in the Persian Bay, and it is more stable for the region. Some people say that China and Russia are giving up, the international order is unable, then the China Russia is teamed up to defeat US hegemony? And let us wait and see.